Grand Summoners: Tier List – March 2023 (Complete List)

The video game industry is constantly evolving and in recent months it has been seen how it has grown in the small universe of mobile devices. In this sense, every day there are more offers such as Grand Summoners with which gamers everyone is hooked. That is why today we bring the Grand Summoners tier list.

What is Grand Summoners?

When we talk about Grand Summoners we refer to one of the most popular RPGs for mobiles that exist today in the Gamer market.

Despite having 2D graphics and a style that resembles the 80s. It is a turn-based team fighting game where you will have to level up to access more and more powerful new characters.

It should be noted that the combat mode is that of an Idle Game . That is, one where the characters will act on their own with the exception of special abilities. Which will be your responsibility to know how to manage them correctly.

Therefore, if you are one of the fans of role-playing and fantasy games, Grand Summoners is an option that you cannot miss.

How to level up in Grand Summoners?

As we mentioned previously in this guide on the Grand Summoners tier list , the main objective of the game is to level up.

To do this, you have different methods to achieve this end. However, here we will give you some recommendations to achieve it easily.


It is the classic PvP of any role-playing game where you will have to face a series of squads in a series of combats over several rounds.

The most important thing about this is that for each one of them you will find gold coins that are the resources with which you can enter the caves and do the quest of the game.


Once you have these gold coins from the battles in the arena. You can set sail to the outside world and explore the mysteries that he brings to you in Grand Summoners .

But you have to be attentive to the call of some characters with special missions for you. We recommend that you do them since they will give you gems that, in a nutshell, are the ones with which you buy new characters for your legion of heroes.

Consequently, if you manage to constantly survive the various battles that will be presented to you in both game modes. Experience will be rewarded with new level ranks and, of course, much greater potential each time you evolve.

Grand Summoners tier list

What is the Grand Summoners tier list?

However, one of the goals of the game is to gain ownership of the largest number of characters that make life in it. That is why it will be very useful to have a tool like the Grand Summoners tier list that HDGamers brings for you.

With it you will not only know the name of the legends that shape this incredible world. You will also be able to know their level and how to make your equipment in a way that you can maximize their skills.

The Grand Summoners tier list

Before starting with the Grand Summoners tier list it is important to mention that as it is a game that barely has a year of existence. It is a list that is constantly updated.

In this sense, the one you will see below consists of the last update of June 2, 2020. Therefore, it is the most updated to date.

Another point that you should know before reading the Grand Summoners tier list is that in this case, the levels do present a huge difference from one another. Unlike other RPGs, here if you have a top level it will be very difficult for you to come out with defeat.

On the other hand, the Grand Summoners tier list that we have prepared for HDGamers readers consists of the following categorization of their levels.

SS level

  • Berwick.
  • Thetris.
  • Vox.
  • Mako.

Level S +

  • Cestina.
  • Norn.
  • Rimiry.
  • Asirpa.
  • Priestess.
  • Dark Fen.

Level S

  • Sword Berwick.
  • Fen.
  • Rosette.
  • Weaver.
  • Dark Celia.

Level S-

  • Kurama.
  • Melty.
  • Yusuke.
  • Sonije.
  • Ashe.
  • Rem.
  • Shuri.

Grand Summoners tier list

Level A +

  • Gerald.
  • Kisaragi.
  • Sanstone.
  • Favelle.
  • Riviera.
  • Sakura Mira.
  • Aristela.
  • Veronica.
  • Feena.
  • Arcana.
  • Dark Kane.

Level A

  • Hime.
  • Lian.
  • Lione.
  • Radak.
  • Tamae.
  • High Eif Archer.
  • Parlot.
  • Aqua Melia.
  • Amane.
  • Celia.
  • Marzex.
  • Naofimi.
  • Gourtney.
  • Dark Zeorg.
  • Hier.
  • Lygor.
  • Toguro.
  • Wargul.

Level A-

  • Benimaru.
  • They win.
  • Ifrit.
  • Millenia.
  • Milirn.
  • Tallis.
  • Aesis.
  • Fosly.
  • Alvina.
  • Diaz.
  • Lozze.
  • Mizuki.
  • Nies.
  • Platina.
  • Raphtalia.
  • Saitama.
  • Dark Marzes.
  • Ginzo.
  • Goblin Slayer.
  • Ragsherum.
  • Regulus.
  • Sonic.
  • Zenon.

Level B +

  • Badoul.ryuko.
  • Sugimoto.
  • Edge.
  • Louvet.
  • Terrible Tornado.
  • Corsair.
  • Est.
  • Selia.
  • Daki.
  • Freed.
  • Leone.
  • Duke.
  • Grohi.
  • Melia.

Grand Summoners tier list

Level B

  • Clyde.
  • Soul.
  • Kane.
  • Hellish Blizzard.
  • Lapleh.
  • Shadie.
  • Zeela.
  • Cathemilla.
  • Jack.
  • Kazuma.
  • Mixie.
  • Shiki.
  • Courage.
  • Garou.
  • Onfuan.
  • Number 2.
  • Rald.

Level B-

  • Big Brave.
  • Honoka.
  • Look.
  • Arth.
  • Jill.
  • Luda.
  • Mamon.
  • Saku.
  • Valhana.
  • Vogue.
  • Daisy.
  • Gaia.
  • Palamicia.
  • Quon.
  • Yomi.
  • Eden.
  • Edram.
  • Nogia.
  • Awoken Rhodia.
  • Lily.
  • Nier.

Level C

  • Anna.
  • Ragna.
  • Rishley.
  • Zoldes.
  • Ashe Toto.
  • Keit.
  • Nerim.
  • Olgeth.
  • Pola.
  • Herck.
  • Riana.
  • Roy.
  • Saar.
  • Satsuki.
  • Sly.
  • End.
  • Liese.
  • Reyon.
  • Zeorg.
  • Coco.
  • Genos.
  • Kayas.

Level F

  • Arosdea.
  • Dargeon.
  • Feld.
  • Rasaou.
  • Saleil.
  • Teriodos.
  • Voghan.
  • Caitlou.
  • Vaid.
  • Elmessio.
  • Alche.
  • Last.
  • Elfalla.
  • Iris.
  • Rhiothis.
  • Zechsia.
  • Abaddon.
  • Lion.
  • Keiones.
  • Mizyna.
  • Zecht.
  • Zoroas.

Latest recommendations

One of the ideas that we did not expose previously in this Grand Summoners tier list is the fact that you will always start from the lowest level.

In this sense, each new player will only have Level F characters. So it is often difficult to adapt a little to the game.

However, one of the great advantages of this game is that you will always be paired with other characters or players of the same level. In this way, the battles are usually even and without any advantage for either side.

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