Overwatch: Tier List – June 2023 (Complete List)

The Gamer era that we are living in recent years has led to the appearance of phenomena such as FIFA or Fornite . But, there are titles that have gradually been gaining popularity, such as Overwatch . A game so large and complex that the Overwatch tier list that HDGamers brings you will be useful.

What is Overwath?

The Blizzard Entertainment phenomenon that has been one of the most popular games in the last 4 years continues to give people something to talk about.

And it is that Overwatch never ceases to amaze us day by day. But, if you still don’t know what this incredible and popular game is about; this is the time to hear from him.

In short, we can define Overwatch as a multiplayer first-person shooter. In which you can access endless characters with incredible abilities.

In addition, it will give you the possibility of dueling on maps that defy imagination and, as if that were not enough, the survival skills of each of its users. Without a doubt, attributes that have positioned it as one of the favorites among gamers around the world, to the point of being one of the most important eSports today.

What is the Overwatch tier list?

In terms of everything we have discussed so far, when we talk about the Overwatch tier list we refer to a basic tool in any game.

The main reason for this is that a tier list consists of a set of data and options that will allow you to know in depth the strengths and weaknesses of each character within the game.

In this sense, the Overwatch tier list meets the same definition. Therefore, here we present the most important characteristics of the heroes that give life to one of the games that is causing a sensation around the world.

What is the usefulness of the Overwatch tier list?

Therefore, talking about the Overwatch tier list is referring to a guide that will allow you, based on the knowledge of the abilities and characteristics of each hero, to devise a game strategy.

Likewise, she will give you the foundations to create your style of combat within a world like Overwatch where the main objective is to survive. And for this it is that it will be really useful to know everything that this guide brings for you.

 Overwatch tier list

The Overwatch tier list

Before starting with the Overwatch tier list it is important to let you know a little information that characterizes this fantastic game. It is one that resembles it to role-playing games and there will be 3 major factions from which to choose your character, precisely based on the role they play in each game.

Consequently, in Overwatch you will come across characters dedicated only to do damage, others where they are responsible for supporting enemy attacks and, finally, a small group dedicated to taking care of each of the members of the equipment.

Also, depending on their grade or ability, each hero will be located within a large group called levels. In which, Overwatch has 3 of them. Therefore, in this guide we have dedicated ourselves to introducing you to the characters that play each role within each level.

First level

Here we will introduce you to the top-level Overwatch characters. It should be noted that they are the best and that this guide was designed in descending order.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to doing the damage in the enemy ranks.


Despite constant drops in performance for Echo , a character who was listed in season 21 as the best DPS hero. It’s still really competitive in that regard.


Like Echo at the time, Ashe is the last member of the top tier hero guild dedicated to damage. So, in a nutshell, it is the one that will wreak the most havoc on your enemies with its incredible power.

However, it is really slow to move. So make sure you train with him enough as he will be an easy target at the point.


A traditional element in every shooter that could not be missing in this Overwatch tier list is the sniper character.

In this sense, we have Widowmaker with his powerful shield that closely resembles un tank character. However, try to practice a lot with it since ranged combat is not easy. And more when you can face another more experienced shooter.


Continuing with our Overwatch tier list it is time to talk about hand-to-hand combat that, believe us, they will use it on many occasions within the game.

For him, McCree is the best option and not only because he belongs to this first level. But for being an expert in close-range dueling. But that doesn’t limit their role within a squad.

In this sense, it has a small surprise in its Flashbang grenade , ideal for cornering enemies and dealing enormous collective damage. A great advantage considering that its mobility is really limited.


To speak of Genji in recent months is to mention who is perhaps the most balanced character in every way. And we are not just talking about his mental state.

Simply put, he is a hero who will provide you with an incredible balance between mobility and attack precision. Ideal for any Overwatch fighter.


Hanzo has higher skills than others you find in his specific category. His stabbing ability makes him really have a strong movement ability, coupled with Storm Arrow’s high DPS , he can be fatal.

His excellent wall-climbing ability allows him to hit some empty positions, but once he’s in position, he needs to choose his approach carefully and then finish quickly.


Although still good at taking out those nasty turrets and forts, both the fortress and Tobyjon . To speak of Tracer is to mention a very nervous heroine who has won the affection of players for her versatility, especially with her rapid repositioning abilities.

However, due to the focus on high HP tanks, shields, and lots of dizziness, her overall health has been weak. She is currently at level one. However, with enough practice, skilled players can still shine with it, albeit for some time.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to taking damage from the enemy ranks.


It is the newest member of the game and is difficult to play and master. But it provides very strong defensive and offensive abilities. Additionally, her shield is easily repositioned at the correct angle and her proliferation combines her main shooting abilities.

Which is an ability that allows players to deal a certain degree of damage compared to the heroes described in the previous segment. In the correct position, he is an incredible hero.


Every Overwatch player should be able to see the importance of their shiny shield and the need to hide behind it, but generally their shield is more important than Orissa’s shield.

His crazy and powerful defensive role should be obvious to everyone who plays him. But we recommend that you spend some time practicing the charging skill.

Only then will you feel heavy after activating it and want to make sure you hit the target.


To speak of D.Va is to mention one of the most beloved and practical heroes in his defensive role. Mainly because it is a character that is quite balanced both in defense and attack. So it is ideal for any squad.


It is actually very good at defeating the enemy team, because its deterrence is very powerful and it has a large amount of health.

Furthermore, its size and regeneration ability give it the ability to stay by your side for a long period of time, pushing or shoving opponents to quickly hit them. It is a very solid tank, with a high level of performance, enough to be one of the few Overwatch heroes who can decide a fight on his own.


A particular case of the characters that fulfill the role of tank in the Overwatch tier list is that of Orisa. He’s basically a pretty good character and very easy to handle.

However, it is usually very different in classifications. A negative trait that usually makes him one of those characters that constantly move through the ranks.


In this Overwatch tier list group you will find characters dedicated to caring for your battle companions.


The fact that Baptiste is located in this position within our Overwatch tier list is nots chance. Since throughout the year it has demonstrated to its users the excellent character quality that it can become in its support role.

While, like the vast majority of heroes who play this role. It is quite weak if it is directly engaged in combat. But it has a series of auras that will allow its allies to fight without problems and be a truly competitive team.


Like Baptiste , the case of Brigitte is similar. However, she will need a higher level of practice on the part of users to be truly useful in battle. Primarily to know and properly master its well-nourished catalog of skills.


She is a highly rated hero who relies on shooting abilities to heal. But if you play well and master the skills, you will get very generous reward and therefore generous reward.

Overwatch tier list

Second level

Here we will introduce you to the second level characters of Overwatch . In case you cannot choose one of the higher level, these will give you a series of fairly balanced alternatives with which you can compete with dignity.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to causing damage in the enemy ranks.


He is a character that you can take full advantage of in the KOTH maps. You can also exterminate a large number of opponents with a single hit thanks to its powerful Rocket Punch ability.

On the other hand, Doomfist will offer you two abilities with which you can connect and disconnect from your team at will. Which makes him one of the most balanced heroes of this entire level.


To talk about Junkrat is to mention a hero so complete in his abilities that he deserves to be in the first level of the Overwatch tier list.

However, the fact that his own life will depend on the team he has, makes him a character that requires a higher investment than any other of those that we have already discussed. However, it is arguably worth it and more when you don’t have a top-tier hero in your squad.


One of the user favorites is Reaper thanks to his incredible teleportation ability. Which allows you to hide and escape from danger no matter how far away you are from your target.

However, its close-range attack power is incredible and surpassed by very few. Much more when he uses Wraith Form making him a more than worthy contender in melee.


A character who has his own scrolls to belong to the second level of the Overwatch tier list is Mei .

Not just for having a huge amount of crowd control, which can frustrate your enemies. But it can also summon a huge wall of ice.

Thanks to him, he can force his adversaries to face a really complicated challenge before he can reach it.


Pharah’s ‘s absolute ability is to destroy his opponent from the air with ridiculous damage, making him reliable on certain maps.

His extreme maneuverability allowed him to observe the situation from above and then prioritize the biggest threat to his teammates. A couple of the latest Nerf patches made her more vulnerable than in the past, but she’s still a great contender who has her well-earned spot on this Overwatch tier list.


Talking about Soldier can be as easy as saying that he is one of the most important characters in the game. Not only because it is one of the first you use when you enter the tutorial, but because it is such a well balanced hero that it is difficult not to use it.

Its great disadvantage is that it can only reach its full potential once it has learned an enormous number of skills. But trust us when we say this big man is worth investing in. For, simply put, it can be so influential as to be the difference between victory and defeat.


The case of Tobyjon within the Overwatch tier list is quite particular. He is a true specialist in turret combat. However, with the passage of time, players have realized how important it is tos try to remove it quickly.

A condition that they can easily achieve if they can get close enough, or if they have a good sniper. The reason for this is that Tobyjon is one of the worst balanced characters in the entire game. In this sense, he can deal great mass damage, but a single hit can spell the end of his participation on the battlefield.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to taking damage from the enemy ranks.

Wrecking Ball

Our next stop on our tour of the Overwatch tier list brings us to Wrecking Ball , one of the best tanks in the entire game, always and when you can learn to handle it.

Basically it is a character that with the right equipment, especially with protective covers like Reinhardt and Orisa can be quite useful.

However, the complex handling of his skills as well as the large number of accessories he needs to be competitive make him a bit annoying for players who do not want to spend some time on him. The truth is that it will take you much more time than you think to even learn how to handle it.

However, if you manage to overcome that small obstacle, he will be one of the most important characters within your legion of heroes.


As a mighty tank hero, Zarya is rock solid and provides a great obstacle for his enemy team. Everything she screamed for sheer survival, from a personal shield that provided great protection for her health, to a deployed shield that was used to keep teammates alive.

However, she relies on the team’s powerful main tankers to power through a friendly shield and create space for her damage. If your teammates can’t do this, you’ll be in big trouble.



Moira ‘s ability to quickly heal multiple teammates at once, coupled with her great maneuverability in low cooldowns, puts her well within any Overwatch tier list.

But she is in the second level for the simple fact that that single skill is the most outstanding thing she can bring to a team. But it is one of the best props you could choose.


But if we’re talking about a really worthwhile supporting character, Mercy has to come out into the discussion. The reason for this is that it has a series of abilities in the form of such interesting auras that will give an extra benefit to your team in any game.

To such an extent that if you can visualize it on your rival team, it has to be one of the first targets to eliminate if you want to have any chance of winning. Which should be easy considering its low defense. However, the real problem is in reaching it.

 Overwatch tier list

Third level

Here we will introduce you to the third level characters from Overwatch . Although they can become competitive characters, we do not recommend choosing them unless it is your only option.

Because they are really good only in the hands of experienced players and can still be detrimental to your game.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to doing the damage in the enemy ranks.


It requires extreme teamwork, which is not common in Solo Queue . It’s also going to take some crazy skills to shine on it, which is a bad combination overall.


The case of Symmetra in our Overwatch tier list is something particular. It is at such a low level despite having many interesting things as well as a redesign that the only thing it has done is give it the improvements it needed.

But, the main reason for being at level 3 is to have the lowest mobility of all the heroes who play an attack role. Also, its overall range with weapons isn’t very good.

However, it makes up for it with the ability to hit your enemies so hard that it will deal significant damage. In addition, it is one of the fastest to reload ammunition, ideal to wreak havoc once your enemy’s shields are down.


An opposite case of Symmetra is that of Bastion . With such a striking design and aredesign that really pleased fans, is very close to being rated by the Overwatch universe better.

And how not to give that special recognition to a character that does not need much to be effective. However, the lack of mobility and the dedication it takes to understand it end up placing it in a low zone. Something that could change in the following game updates.


In this group of the Overwatch tier list you will find the characters dedicated to taking damage from the enemy ranks.


This is a character that can hardly be important in his role, especially when there are some of the higher level in the field. However, it is useful in some situations where you need to solve quickly.


In this Overwatch tier list group you will find characters dedicated to caring for your battle companions.


He is one of Overwatch ‘s favorite heroes for being one of the most flexible and stable heroes in the entire game. However, it is one of those with the lowest defensive range as well as very poor precision of its attacks. More than enough reasons to continue belonging to level 3.


There is a high potential for damage between his discordant ball and his own damage, but it is not suitable for most games now. However, it is strong in some respects but has no overall stability.

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