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Space was always considered the next barrier to break in human evolution. All this thanks to technological advances that have allowed us to develop an enormous volume of scientific knowledge in recent years. And it was thanks to the phenomenon of the industrial revolution that we have achieved that and with games like Factorio we can learn more about it. But it is not an easy subject and for this reason is that in HDGamers we have prepared a list with all the Factorio console commands.

After all, in order to establish life on another planet we will need to plant the industrial bases that will allow us to form a new intergalactic society. Therefore, with the Factorio console commands you will be able to live a unique space adventure.

What are the Factorio console commands?

It is relevant to remember that when we speak of Factorio as a video game, mention is made of an industrial simulator where the objective is to create a fully operational factory on a strange planet ; however, you will meet the natives of the place who will not be very kind to you to take their resources for the benefit of the human race.

P or what the danger will be latent day by day to the point of feeling that you will not be able to handle the threat anymore. That is why you need an ally that allows you to have the advantage in a world that you know little about.

This is where the Factorio console commands appear as a series of trick tricks that will give you access to a new dimension of possibilities for the construction and development of a new industrial revolution.

How do I use the Factorio console commands?

Now that you start to get to grips with the notion of what Factorio console commands are as well as their importance, it’s time for you to start learning a little more about these little tricks of the game.

In this sense, we have an obligation to start the conversation by commenting on the correct way to execute them. The truth is that it is a really simple process but it has some other vitally important details.

Therefore, to activate the Factorio console commands you have to follow the steps that we will describe below:

  • Go to the pause menu.
  • Then go to game settings.
  • Check which key opens the console (By default it is the space bar).
  • Configure the keys to your liking.

After you do all these steps, just go back to the game and use the key you chose to open the game console. Then you just have to write each of the commands that we will present below and press Enter to execute them.

Factorio codes

Factorio console commands

Now that you know all about the Factorio console commands as well as the correct way to use them, it is time to present each and every one of these codes that will make your space adventure a pleasure trip and fun.

Before meeting them, we have to tell you that at HDGamers we have decided to separate them into two large groups since some will require you to be the server administrator. In this way we come to present the following game commands.

Factorio console commands: For users


  • Use this command to activate or deactivate all the alarms you select.


  • This command will list the names of the players who are administrators on the server.


  • This trick will allow you to delete all previous messages from the console.


  • This command will change the color of the map to the one you like.

Note: You can specify the color by name or RGBA value


  • If you want to know the alien evolution factor of your current game, just use this command and you will get all this information.


  • This trick does double duty:
    • If run without an argument (just ‘/ help’), it will send a list of all commands.
    • If you specify which argument or another command, it will show you all the detailed information about the specified trick.


  • Usethis command to ignore a player.


  • This command will send you a list of all the players that you have currently ignored.


  • This command will send you a list of all the players that are currently muted (online and offline).


  • When you use this cheat, you will be able to mute the game’s speaker.


  • This command can be used to print a list of all players online (‘online’) or view the number of players (number of players online) on the server (‘account’).


  • This command can be used to define the sample size of ticks for the average performance counter.
  • Always remember to indicate a numeric value for it.
  • In case you do not specify the quantity, the quantity of 100 units will be added by default.


  • Use this trick to reply to the most recent message you have received from a player.


  • This command can be used to automatically take and save a screenshot of your game with the GUI hidden.


  • Using this trick will print the initial seed of the current map.


  • With this trick you will be able to send a message to all the players on the server.


  • This trick will show you the statistics related to the map’s age / date / time.


  • With this command you can decide when to activate or deactivate the “rockets sent” that is shown in the upper left corner of the screen.


  • If you had a player on your ignore list that you want to reactivate, just use this cheat to get them off it.


  • With this trick you will be able to know which version of the game you are in.


  • Use this trick to send a private message to any player.
  • Consider that you have to indicate the ID of the recipient of the message.


  • With this trick you will be able to manage your whitelist of contacts.

comandos de consola de Factorio

Factorio console commands: For administrator


  • This command can be used to open the server permissions interface.


  • With it you can block the players you specify.


  • If you want to generate a complete list with all the players who are prohibited from accessing your server, use this command and you will be able to do it.


  • With this command you can view and adjust the game settings within your server.


  • This command will delete the blueprint library storage for the specified player (if they are offline), or all offline players if you use the command ‘/ delete-blueprint-library all commit’.


  • With this trick you can remove the administrator status of the specified player.


  • When a player does not comply with the rules of the game or the server, as an administrator you will have the duty to expel him and with this command you will be able to do so.


  • Use this trick to mute the player you specify. This way, you will not be able to generate any messages on the server.


  • With this trick you will be able to open or view the inventory of the specified player.


  • This command can be used to create a player manager.


  • This command can be used to remove all messages sent by a specific player from the chat log. This is useful if someone is spamming or sending a large number of inappropriate messages.


  • If you are against time and you cannot wait for the server to save itself. Use this command and you will do a kind of forced backup of it.


  • This command can be used to swap player characters.


  • This command can be used to enable / disable (toggle) logging of input actions in the console.


  • Its effect is useful for debugging desyncs.
  • When running, the game will slow down and multiplayer will not work.


  • This command will un-finish the specified player from the server.


  • This command removes a silence from the specified player.

Latest recommendations

When you get to this point you will have found the final segment of our guide on Factorio console commands. So it is important to give you some additional recommendations about them so that you can fully enjoy this game using the tricks you just learned.

In this way, it is important that you continuously backup your game to avoid any errors caused by these traps. In addition, it is important that you know that once you use them you will no longer be eligible to obtain titles for your file within the game.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Factorio Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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