Xcom 2 Console Commands – Updated 2023

War has always marked the history of humanity, but what would happen if instead of fighting each other we had to join forces against a force from another world? Sounds like science fiction or the idea of ​​any movie of the cinema, but it is precisely what makes the Xcom video game saga so popular. Therefore, to help you emerge as one of the last bastions of the human race, HDGamers brings you all the Xcom 2 Console Commands.

With them you can have access to a universe of unique possibilities with which you will increase your chances of surviving an invasion where the target will always be the human race. Without a doubt, a war adventure that you have to live.

What is XCom 2?

Before starting the war meeting to discuss the best strategy to overcome the alien threat that haunts us with the Xcom 2 commandos, it is important to know more about the battlefield in order to devise the best plan.

In this sense, when we talk about this game we mention the sequel to the XCom saga. It should be remembered that in the first part, the planet was the victim of an invasion from space, which led to a huge war. For this, an army was formed with the best soldiers that the world could provide and thus the XCom force was created.

Therefore, in XCom2 we will transport ourselves to a future where that war was lost and now there are only small foci of that great force converted into points of resistance. Basically the last pillar that keeps the human race alive from its complete annihilation.

Consequently, we are talking about an open world role-playing and strategy video game in the third person where we can move, shoot, control some troops and much more. So it has all the necessary elements to become a story that you have to live from beginning to end. And if we add to that a refined trap with high-level graphics, we are in the presence of a video game that will give you long hours of action and fun.

What are Xcom 2 Console Commands?

As you could see in the previous segment, in this new edition of the saga we will have a higher responsibility since, in short, we will represent the last hope of humanity to live one more day.

That is why we will need all the possible help and what better ally for the fight than the Xcom 2 Console Commands with which we can modify the game, and the battlefield, always in our favor. After all, we don’t have a technological advance so great as to consider it to be a fair fight.

Consequently, the Xcom 2 Console Commands are nothing more than a series of tricks that will provide us with a series of incredible benefits with which each mission will represent one less obstacle in our struggle to survive.

How to activate the Xcom 2 Console Commands?

Now that you know a little about the responsibility and the objective of the game as well as the importance that Xcom 2 Console Commands have for him, it is time to start talking about these great tricks. And for this, we must start by telling you how to execute them in an ideal way.

For this, it is important that you know that the Xcom 2 console is not enabled by default. Therefore, we will have to go to the options menu of the platform where we download it and select the following path: properties-general-launch parameters and add . After doing this, it will ask you to enter a command, this has to be -allowconsole -log –autodebug .

After doing this step, you will already have the necessary permissions to enter the game console directly from it. From this point on it is a fairly easy process since you will only have to log in to Xcom 2, go to a safe area as a recommendation that we make in HDGamers, and < strong> press the tilde (°) key on your keyboard.

With this, a black box will open where you will have to start typing all the Xcom 2 Console Commands that you want to use and Enter to execute them. Then, when you finish entering all the tricks, you just have to press the Esc key to close the game console and be able to enjoy the great benefits that these incredible tricks bring you.

comandos de Xcom 2

Xcom 2 Console Commands

Continuing with our tour of this guide full of all the Xcom 2 Console Commands it was time to begin to expose each and every one of these tricks that will help us to exile the invaders of our world and repel, once again in gamer history, the end of the human race.


Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly obtain the item you want, from healing kits to ammunition. As long as you know the ID of these supplies.

additem alienalloy #

This cheat has the same function as the previous one, with the difference that with it you will only get the amount of the alien alloy that you specify in your inventory. Ideal for the manufacture of equipment more resistant to invasive technology.

additem eleriumcore #

Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly get the quantity you want of this material in your inventory.

additem eleriumdust #

Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly get the quantity you want of this material in your inventory.

additem intel #

Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly obtain the quantity you want of this material in your inventory.

additem supplies #

Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly get the quantity you want of this material in your inventory.


With this trick you can unite, or expel, two elements of your battalion.


At this point it is important to comment that the game, by itself, does not accept the use of the Impr Paint button, so you will not be able to take screenshots of your game in the traditional way. To do this, we find this simple command with which you will be able to make a record of your game and it will be saved, by default, in Documents / Mygames / XCOM2 / XComGame.


It will print a list of the most recent changes to the game in the console log.


By executing this command you will be able to bring a building with the ID you want to the position you want.

It should be noted that you have to make sure that it is a clean terrain and that there is no type of construction or debris on it since the trick will not work and you run the risk of freezing the game.


With this trick you can end any combat with victory without spending ammunition or supplies.

However, you have to make sure it is a quest match for it to work properly.


With this code you will be able to complete your missions where you have to search for a particular objective instantly.

However, be sure to use Endbattle simultaneously for this XCom2 command to work correctly.


This is possibly one of the most important tricks that you can use in combat since with it you make sure that every hit that any member of your unit, including your character, deals with a critical effect.

That is, you can amplify the damage exerted by each of your attacks, which represents a huge advantage, especially when you have to face generals and bosses.


Use this XCom2 command to add 100 Talent Charges to all your skills, even those of your Tutor class.

However, there have been reports that using this cheat can cause a bug in the game. Therefore, make sure you constantly save your game so as not to lose it.

GiveActionPoints #

Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly get the number of units you want.


Use this Xcom 2 command to quickly get the amount of bonus you want to have.

GiveEngineer #

With this trick you can get an engineer of the level you specify in your current position. However, remember that you can only summon one at a time.


Use this cheat to quickly get a soldier from each faction in the War of the Chosen.


With this command mission XCom2 you can assign the reward of hack with the specified ID.


This trick is very similar to the additem that we saw previously since it complies with the samea function of adding the quantity of the specified resource to your inventory. However, with it you have to make sure you have at least one unit of this material so that the command can work correctly.

GiveScientist #

Awards a scientist of the # specified level.

Note that you can only have one scientist at a time, so this will replace your existing scientist.



This could be considered as the spy cheat of the game as it will allow you to investigate the technology with the specified ID.


Use this command to regenerate the health of all the refugee soldiers in the barracks completely. Ideal for quickly counting troops on high-level missions.


It details all the sound files that are currently loaded by the game.

LevelUpBarracks #

Activating it will level up all soldiers in your barracks by the specified # number of levels.


It is used to list all the texture files that the game currently loads.


This instruction sets the class of the soldier with the specified name.

Note that this will demote your soldier to squad rank, and that you should save before using this console command, as some classes may crash your game.


With this command you can pause and resume the game as many times as you want. The truth is that it can be a bit impractical since, with the correct configuration you keys, you can do it with Esc.


This can be the XCom2 command most practical and versatile in combat since it activates God mode in your squad, less in the elements controlled by the AI.

When you are in this mode you will get infinite ammunition, health and action points so, in a nutshell, they will be invincible.


This command removes the specified amount of fatality from the Avatar project.


This command will restart your current mission. Ideal when you fail at some point in it since it will not count in your statistics.


Activating it will restart your current mission with the same seed with which it was generated.

This means that all the random aspects of the game (for example, respawn locations) will be exactly the same as when you started.


It will set the statistic of the specified solid to the specified value.


This console command causes the AI ​​to skip a spin (i.e. this will end the AI’s spin and make it their turn).


This instruction will advance or slow down the game, that is, it will change the speed at which the game runs.

A multiplier of 2 would make everything in the game twice as fast, a multiplier of 0.5 would make the game run in slow motion, half as fast as it normally would.


This command enables and disables infinite health. It is only valid within a mission.


Use it to teleport all units to the location on the map where the mouse cursor has ended.


Alternately enables and disables Fog of War.


Use this trick, within a mission, if you want a sunny or rainy landscape.


This is one of the XCom2 commands weirdest and most confusing to handle. In essence, it will make your squad’s position a secret. However, if some rival or foreign element (outside of him) knows it, the trick will stop working.


Using this command you can set the use of a limit for the action points that both the AI ​​and your character can use. Just remember that you can use this cheat during a mission and on your game turn.


When you use this command, your entire squad will have infinite ammo. Even AI controlled items.

However, we recommend activating it at the beginning of your turn and turning it off when it ends, otherwise it will also have its effect on enemy AI.


It will teleport the currently selected unit to the location in the game where the mouse cursor has ended.


This cheat will grant you infinite movesitos.

Latest recommendations on the Xcom 2 Console Commands

As we were able to appreciate throughout this extensive guide on the XCom2 commands, they are not exactly few and it is a series of varied tricks with great benefits. So it does not hurt to have some recommendations to make the most of its use.

We can start this last segment of the guide by saying that in each of the commands with the ending #, you will have to replace that character with a numerical value between 0 and 100. Likewise, in most cases of the XCom 2 commands that ask for an ID, you can enter it immediately after the hack.

Hey, before you go check this other console commands:

Finally, it is important that you always save your game to avoid any errors and loss of your game since by entering any of these XCom 2 commands you run that risk. Of the rest, we can only invite you to be part of the resistance that will make our race last for many more years in the incredible world of XCom2.



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