Kingdom Come Deliverance: Console Commands 2021

History is possibly one of the most complex topics to explain to future generations. But, thanks to video games, a possibility opens up to relate great events that marked humanity . It is here that we find the war in Bohemia in the year 1403 as the time where Kingdome Come Deliverance is situated. And as you contemplate a time as conflictive and complicated as a war for territory in the distant 15th century, HDGamers brings you Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands to survive and tell your story.

What a great way to study history! With a video game that will make you feel and enjoy, in a certain way, the scourges of a world so different where a small piece of land could mean the life or death of thousands of men. Without a doubt, Kingdome Come Deliverance is a game you have to try .

What are Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands?

It should be noted that Kingdome Come Deliverance is a role-playing video game with a historical plot where you will have to take advantage of every resource you find in order to keep your faction alive.

To do this, you will need everything that may be useful and in this discussion the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands stand out. These are nothing more than a series of codes that will allow you to access a wide variety of benefits for your character .

So when we talk about these commands, we mean a really useful ally in your search for freedom and life itself. So you can not stop taking advantage of them every time you need them.

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How do I use Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands?

Now that we know a little more about the history of our society and about the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands that will help us rewrite it, in a certain way, it is time to start explaining how they are used.

The truth is that it is something quite simple since, to execute the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands , you will only need to open the game developer console. No matter what name it has, it is not necessary to have a great knowledge in the area of ​​programming.

In this sense, to enter this blessed console, just press the tilde key on our keyboard . This will open a dialog box where you can enter each of the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands that we will present below. Once they are in it, you will only have to step on enter for them to start running and you can enjoy their incredible benefits.

comandos de Kingdome Come Delicerance

The Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands

After understanding how fascinating it is to study history through a video game and how to use the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands to improve your experience, it is time to start learning about each of these tricks that will make our crossed an unforgettable adventure.

Commands b Basic


Activated adds all inventory items to the player.

cheat_add_all_perks (true / false)

If you enable it, it provides all the advantages to the player.

cheat_add_buff (id)

Redeem this key to add the benefit given to the player.

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Use this command to stop bleeding, remove injuries, and restore all health, stamina, hunger, and escape.


Redeeming this key, improvements are added so that the player becomes immortal.


Activating this combination kills the player.


Use it to extend an invisible buff to the player and set the prestige to zero.


Activating this command removes the player’s benefits.

cheat_add_item (id #)

Once you write this code you must add the desired element identified as id and mark the desired number # of the element.

cheat_add_money (#)

If you enable it, it adds the given amount # of groschen to the player’s inventory.

cheat_add_perk (id)

Activated todictates the advantage given to the player.

cheat_add_stat_xp (stat), (xp)

Used to add XP to one of the player’s stats.

cheat_damage_all_items (health)

Enabled damages all weapons and armor in your inventory, dislodging items, so don’t do this in combat.


If you need to run the given Lua code you have to enable this key. This is not a trick used for testing and debugging.


You need to know all the enhancers that match the given token you must activate this command.


Open this key discovers and shows the statistics of the horses.


On tracks all items that match the specified token .

cheat_find_npc (token)

You activate it to search and display information about an NPC and it only works if the NPC has been loaded into the world.


Used to find out all the advantages that match the given token .


You need to get all the skills that match the given token you should redeem this key.

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Used to record information about the time of the game.

cheat_kill_npc [token]

If you wish to find and eliminate all the NPCs that can be killed within the given radius of the player change the code.


This command removes the target entity using F4 or the cheat_target_entity command.


If you want to know the world location of the player, apply this key.


If you enable this command, display the following codes: cheat_no_stash_lockpicking and cheat_no_door_lockpicking.

  • cheat_no_stash_lockpicking
    • Use it to disable the stash lock mini-game and automatically open the stash for looting. Restarting the game reverts this effect.
  • cheat_no_door_lockpicking
    • This key deactivates the mini game lock on the doors and automatically opens the door and if you restart the game it reverses this effect.


This code disables the pickpocket mini game and automatically opens the person’s inventory to loot. If you want to reverse this process, you must restart the game.


If you want to become the owner of all stolen items in your inventory, redeem this key to remove the stolen mark from the item.


  • Use the F1 key to alternately turn the mouse on and off.
  • At the same time, this code uses physics to push the player up slightly by pressing the F2 key.


  • Use the F2 key to turn keystroke on and off successively.
  • This code uses physics to push the player forward just by pressing the F1 key.

cheat_phys_sprint (1/0)

Press the F3 key to alternately enable and disable sprinting and you will get the player to be pushed forward by rubbing.

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Activated removes all benefits from the player.


By enabling this command you will discard all the elements of the player’s inventory and even your own, so that this does not happen you must move the elements of your inventory to the hiding place you want.


Activating it removes all advantages from the player.


This key cancels all stolen items from your inventory.

cheat_remove_buff (id)

You wish to remove the given benefit from the player you must redeem it.

cheat_remove_item (id)

Use it to remove items from the player’s inventory.

cheat_remove_perk (id)

Enabling this command overrides the player’s given advantage.


Use it to repair all damaged items in your inventory, don’t use it in combat do this in combat.


This command displays the entire map, that is, deleteto the fog of war.


Apply this key to instantly save your game with no item requirements or save limits.

cheat_set_all_merchants_fence (true / false)

This command flags all merchants to accept stolen goods if restarting the game reverses this effect.

cheat_set_bow_reticle (true / false)

Alternately on or off the arc grid is displayed. It will have no effect if the arc is drawn.

cheat_set_horse (id)

With this command the player’s horse is set.

cheat_set_regen (state), (enable)

Using this code regenerates the state of the given player over time; pulses once per second.

cheat_set_skill_level (level), (skill)

Used to implant one of the player’s abilities at the given level.

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cheat_set_stat_level (stat), (level)

If you wish to impose one of the player’s statistics on the given level, this key must be redeemed.

cheat_set_state (stat), (#)

Use it to create one of the player states at the given # value.

cheat_set_time (# hours)

Enable it to move time or forward the given # of hours.

cheat_set_time_speed (ratio)

Use it to set the speed of game time as a ratio between real time and game time.

cheat_set_wanted_level (level)

Sets or clears the desired player level, does not affect faction reputation.

cheat_set_weather (id)

It is applied to implant the time in the given time ID.

cheat_spawn (class)

Activated spawns bandits, cuman, or animals.

cheat_spawn_npc (token)

This command searches through the soul database and generates 1 NPC for each match.


Applying this key displays the list of souls that is in tables.pak.


If you have previously unlocked at least 1 stash, you can use this key to open the player’s stash.


Use it to keep track of the entity that the player is pointing to.


Activated washes all blood and dirt from both the player and his horse.

cl_fov (X)

Applying this key sets the field of view to X (the default is 60).

cl_showHUD (0/1)

This command alternately disables / enables the HUD.

e_MergedMeshesInstanceDist (X)

This key modifies the sight distance X for other floors. (The predetermined value is 20).


Activating it exposes the current time of day.

e_ViewDistRatio (X)

Redeem this resolution to modify the distance at which objects are rendered in the setup menu, but you cannot see the actual value. Replacing the X with a number (the default is 500) will allow you to wrap this with a specific value of your choice.

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e_ViewDistRatioVegetation (X)

Use this order to change the viewing distance only for trees, shrubs, and other vegetation.

Load (YourChoiceOfFileNameHere)

If you need to load a game, apply this command.

g_showHUD (0/1)

Enabling it will alternately turn off / on the HUD.

p_gravity_ (z, x)

Enable this key and indicate the z, x coordinates of the place where you want to modify the intensity of gravity (the default is -13).


If you want to go to the desktop (without saving) you must enable this instruction.

r_AntiAliasingMode (0/1)

Used to alternately disable / enable Anti Aliasing.

r_MotionBlur (0/1)

This code customarily disables / enables motion blur.

r_MotionBlur (X)

Use it to change motion blur in KCD.

r_ssdo (0/1)

Successively disable / enable SSAO by applying this instruction.

r_vsync (0/1)

Alternatively this command turns V-Sync on / off to potentially increase FPS.

wh_pl_showfirecursor (0/1)

When enabled, it consecutively closes / opens the bow crosshair.

comandos de Kingdome Come Delicerance

Teleportation commands

cheat_teleport (x), (y), (z)

Activated the Tele class transports the player to the given x, y, z coordinates. You can end up in the air or under the map. I suggest saving your game and activating immortality first.


This command will teleport your horse towards you.

cheat_teleport_npc_to_loc (token), (x), (y), (z)

On Teleports one or more NPCs to the given x, y, z coordinates.

cheat_teleport_npc_to_player (token)

Open Tele transports one or more NPCs to the player’s location.

cheat_teleport_to (place)

If you enable Tele you will transport the player to the indicated place.

Said supported places are:

  • Inn on the Glade.
  • Ledetchko.
  • Merhojed.
  • Monastery.
  • Neuhof.
  • Pribyslavitz.
  • Rattay.
  • Rovna.
  • Samopesh.
  • Sasau.
  • Skalitz.
  • Talmberg.
  • Uzhitz.
  • Vranik.

Latest recommendations

At this point in our guide the war may be far from over, or even beginning. But it is important to know some aspects about the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands that will make you enjoy the game.

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In this sense, you should know that once you start using them, you will no longer be able to access titles or achievements in the game . The truth is that it is not a topic of such relevance but it is good to know.

On the other hand, the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands that we have presented in this guide are already verified and all work correctly ; however, take great care of its excessive use since they can cause an error in the game which leads to a malfunction of it .

In this case, we recommend continually backing up your game to avoid losing your progress . To finish, we only have to invite you to enjoy a great adventure that with the Kingdom Come Deliverance Console Commands will be unique.

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