Hearts of Iron 4: Console Commands

The history of humanity was written with the blood and the results of the innumerable wars that have been writing it over the years. Despite being a terrible phenomenon, it is also an incredible source of inspiration for an immense amount of stories and, of course, video games like Hearts of Iron 4 . But it is important to remember how difficult it is to command an entire nation in an armed conflict, which is why HDGamers presents all the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands so you can write your own story.

And this is the magic of video games that we have discussed so much. The way in which we can learn from the story while having fun in the process and the various outcomes that a simple action so these Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands will be of great help to you.

What are the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands?

Remembering that when we talk about Hearts of Iron 4 we mention a war strategy game set in the years of the Second World War. In addition, has a wide variety of attributes that will make it a really difficult game to beat .

That is why here, as in wars, having any advantage is important to win and that is what these Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands represent. Beyond whether they can be considered as cheats or shortcuts, the truth is that they are a series of commands that will give you total control of the battlefield without taking the fun out of a game that is completely engaging.

How do I activate the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands?

Now that you know what the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands consists of, it is time to start getting into the subject. To do this, the first thing we have to know is how we are going to activate each of these codes that will help us in our campaign.

The reality is that it consists of a fairly simple process since you only have to press the tilde key on your keyboard. With this you can open the game console where you will have to write each of the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands that you want to activate. Later, by pressing enter after entering these commands, you will have them active and you will be able to enjoy their incredible benefits.

trucos de Hearts of Iron 4

Los Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands

Next we will present you all the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands that will make you always have the advantage on the battlefield.

Codes Description
tdebug Displays the debugging information, it will facilitate the use of commands.
ic / instantconstruction Activate instant build mode on HoI 4.
manpower [number] Add the indicated number of human resources (10,000,000, if you do not specify a number).

Military equipment can also be added.

pp [number] Increase your political power (999, if you do not indicate any number).
nu [number] Add the indicated unit number.
fow Deactivate the Fog of War (the entire map of Hearts of Iron 4 becomes visible).
delall / deleteallunits [country tag] Eliminate all armies and fleets of the chosen state.
fronts Activates the visibility of enemy fronts.
traderoutes Activate the visibility of trade routes in HoI 4.
adiplo / allowdiplo Diplomatic actions are carried out without limits.
ai_accept Other states always accept their claims because they are managed by AI.
ai_invasion Cheat code turns to AI fleets ability to conduct naval invasion on Hearts of Iron 4.
focus.autocomplete Activate national instant performance approaches.

It affects states managed by AI.

So pause the game please.

add_equipment [number] [equipment] It allows you to get an indicated number of a military equipment, which you need for army support in HoI 4.
debug_nuking Allows you to perform an atomic attack without checking conditions.
research all It allows you to instantly complete all branches of science.
research_on_icon Activate the investigator mod right after pressing the icon.
annex [country tag] It allows to initiate an annexation of the chosen state in Hearts of Iron 4.
winwars Set the indicated number of military points in your wars.
tag [country tag] Change control to any country.
add_opinion [country tag] [number] Improve relations with any country in the HoI 4 to whatever value you need.
add / remove_interest [country tag] Add / remove the chosen state outside of your interest list.
add / remove_core [ID province] Create / Cancel your country’s claims for the indicated lands.
xp [number] Add a specified amount of experience to your armies and fleets in Hearts of Iron 4.
wp [country tag] Lets make a white peace with the concrete state.
threat [number] Add an indicated threat number to your country (add 999, if the number is not indicated).
instant_prepare Allow your fleet to land instantly in HoI 4.
civil war [war type] [country tag] He agrees to start a civil war in the specific state.

Types of war: fascism, democratic communism.

add_party_popularity [ideology] [number] Increase the popularity of any political party.

Variants: f (fascism), d (democracy), c (communism), n (neutral).

set_ruling_party [ideology] Establish the ruling party in Hearts of Iron 4 (ideologies are similar to the previous command).
event political.18 Change the ideology of your country in fascism.
event political.19 He establishes communism as the ideology of his state.
event political.20 Change the ideology of your country in democracy.

trucos de Hearts of Iron 4

Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands: Military equipment

It should be noted that World War II represented one of the moments of greatest technological advance in the history of mankind . That is why in these Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands you will also find a series of commands that will provide you with all the military equipment for combat.

Teams Names
infantry Infantry team (0 to 3).
support Support team (1 only).
motorized Motorized battalions (only 1).
mechanized For infantry with armored vehicles (1 to 3).
amphibious_mechanized Marine Battalion Team (1 to 2).
anti_tank Anti-tank battalions (1 to 3).
anti_air Air Defense Teams (1 to 3).
artillery Artillery battalions (1 to 3).
rocket_artillery Rocket artillery (1 to 2).
motorized_rocket Motorized rocket artillery (1 only).
gw_tank Great War Tank Team (1 only).
light_tank Light tanks (1 to 3).
light_tank_destroyer Light tank destroyers (1 to 3).
light_tank_artillery Self-propelled light artillery (1 to 3).
light_tank_aa Light air defense vehicles (1 to 3).
medium_tank Medium tanks (1 to 3).
medium_tank_destroyer Medium Tank Destroyers (1 to 3).
medium_tank_artillery medium-sized self-propelled artillery (1 to 3).
medium_tank_aa Medium Air Defense Teams (1 to 3).
heavy_tank Heavy tanks (1 to 3).
heavy_tank_destroyer Heavy tank destroyers (1 to 3).
heavy_tank_artillery Strong self-propelled artillery (1 to 3).
heavy_tank_aa Heavy Air Defense (1 to 3).
super_heavy_tank Super heavy tanks (1 only).
super_heavy_tank_destroyer Heavy tank destroyers (1 only).
super_heavy_tank_artillery Heavy tank artillery (1 only).
super_heavy_tank_aa Super heavy anti-aircraft equipment (1 only).
modern_tank Modern tanks (1 only).
modern_tank_destroyer Modern tank destroyers (1 only).
modern_tank_artillery Modern self-propelled artillery (1 only).
modern_tank_aa Modern air defense equipment (1 only).
amphibious_tank Amphibious tanks (1 to 2).
fighter Combatants (0 to 3).
jet_fighter Jet fighters (1 to 2).
heavy_fighter Heavy fighters (1 to 3).
rocket_interceptor Missile interceptor (1 to 3).
rocket_suicide Kamikaze (1 only).
CAS Attack aircraft (1 to 3).
nav_bomber Naval bombers (1 to 3).
tac_bomber Tactical bombers (0 to 3).
jet_tac_bomber Jet bombers (1 to 2).
strat_bomber Strategic bombers (from 1 to 3).
jet_strat_bomber Strategic jet bombers (1 only).
transport_plane Transport aircraft (1 only).
cv_fighter Carrier-based fighters (0 to 3).
cv_CAS Deck attack aircraft (1 to 3).
cv_nav_bomber Deck Marine Bomber (1 to 3).
convoy Convoyes (1 only).

trucos de Hearts of Iron 4

Country codes

As you may have previously noticed, many of the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands will ask you to enter the code of the country on which you want to run them. That is why HDGamers brings you this list of identities of each of the nations available in the game.

Code Country
AFG Afghanistan.
ALB Albania.
ARG Argentina.
ARM Armenia.
AST Australia.
AUS Austria.
AZR Azerbaijan.
BEL Belgium.
BHU Bhutan.
BOL Bolivia.
BRA Brazil.
BUL Bulgaria.
CAM Cambodia.
CAN Canada.
CHI China.
CHL Chile.
COL Colombia.
COS Costa Rica.
CRO Croatia.
CUB Cuba.
CZE Czechoslovakia.
DDR East Germany.
DEN Denmark.
DOM Dominican Republic.
ECU Ecuador.
EGY Egypt.
ELS Salvador.
EST Estonia.
ETH Ethiopia.
END Finland.
FRA France.
GEO Georgia.
GER Germany.
GRE Greece.
GUA Guatemala.
GXC Guangxi.
HAI Haiti.
HOL Netherlands.
HON Honduras.
HUN Hungary.
ICE Iceland.
INS Indonesia.
IRE Ireland.
IRQ Iraq.
ISR Israel.
ITA Italy.
JAP Japan.
JOR Jordan.
KOR Korea.
LAO Laos.
LAT Latvia.
LBA Libya.
LEB Lebanon.
LIB Liberia.
LIT Lithuania.
LUX Luxembourg.
BAD Malaysia.
MEN Mengjiang.
MEX Mexico.
MNT Montenegro.
MON Mongolia.
NEP Nepal.
NIC Nicaragua.
NOR Norway.
NZL New Zealand.
OMA Oman.
PAL Palestine.
PAN Panama.
PAR Paraguay.
PER Iran / Persia.
PHI Philippines.
POL Poland.
BY Portugal.
PRC People’s Republic of China.
PRU Peru.
RAJ British India.
ROM Romania.
SAF South Africa.
SAU Saudi Arabia.
SER Serbia.
SHX Shanxi.
SIA Siam (Thailand).
SIK Xinjiang.
SLO Slovakia.
SOV Soviet Union.
SPR Spain.
SWE Sweden.
SWI Switzerland.
SYR Syria.
TAN Tannu-Tuva (Republic of Tuva).
TIB Tibet.
TUR Turkey.
UKR Ukraine.
URG Uruguay.
USA United States.
COME Venezuela.
VIN Vietnam.
WGR West Germany.
YEM ​​ Yemen.
YUG Yugoslavia.
YUN Yunnan.

Latest observations

In this last segment of our guide on the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands we have decided to reserve it to give you some final recommendations that will make you better enjoy using these commands without problems.

The first one is that they only work in solitaire mode . Therefore, if you use them in Ironman or multiplayer, you run the risk that they do not work or that they generate an error that will cause the program to close. On the other hand, activating the first Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands will lock all the achievements of the game. That is, you will not be able to save any title or medal that you obtain for achieving any of the objectives.

Although they are quite negative aspects, the use of the Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands ends up being quite practical when you want to unlock a game and, in one way or another, you will be able to learn what decisions to make when want to go into conflict with other playmates.

Before you finish, remember to visit some of our most read articles:

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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