Ark: Console Commands

The biggest advantage that video games have over the rest of the world is the ability to feel stories so complete and incredible that they easily catch us . From epic battles to survival challenges like those presented by games like Ark that have been marveling the world in recent years. That is why today we bring you the Ark Console Commands .

All this in order to prepare them for a lonely odyssey where you can put all your instincts to the test to survive an island full of creatures and obstacles that will try to annihilate you . Without a doubt, a story that you have to try.

What is Ark?

Before going into the Ark Console Commands matter, it is important for those who do not yet know this great game to know what it is about. In this sense, we can define it as a role-playing game, or RPG, where you will start with a completely naked character with the sole objective of surviving the dangers of ARCA, the lost island.

To do this, you can enjoy a huge variety of resources that are endowed by the same terrain. Therefore, the best weapon you will have will be your imagination and intellect with which you can build tools to collect materials, cultivate, build shelters and, obviously, protect yourself from the dangers of flora and fauna as well as hunt your own food.

On the other hand, you will have the possibility to join servers for a multiplayer mode. In this way, you can share an incredible experience with other players where they have to organize themselves in such a way that they can properly manage their resources. After all, they all have the same goal to survive this infamous island.

What are Ark Console Commands?

Now that you know what this incredible game is about, you can give yourself an idea of ​​how practical Ark Console Commands end up being in order to survive. If you still do not understand their size, we can start by saying that it is a series of commands that will help you unlock practically any tool, skill or object of great utility for the game.

On the other hand, when talking about Ark Console Commands , mention is made of a so-called God mode. This is because by using them you will have the opportunity to make the whole world and the environment always be in your favor.

What are these Ark Console Commands for?

It may not always be possible to coincide with the use of tricks or cheats in games and their enormous capacity to demoralize the spirits of their users by making them “too easy” to overcome. However, in the case of Ark Console Commands we can say that they have a particular appeal.

In this vein, when expressing the importance of these commands for the game, we can only focus on the ability to make it easier for you to play a video game that is quite complex by itself.

So, in many cases, using the Ark Console Commands ends up facilitating the understanding and development of the players within this incredible story that the gamer universe brings us.

How are Ark Console Commands activated?

After having done this little tour of the basic concepts of the game as well as a brief definition of what the Ark Console Commands deals with as well as their importance. It is time to start walking the path that will lead us to these commands that, without a doubt, will greatly facilitate life on ARCA island.

In this sense, the first thing we have to know is how to activate the Ark Console Commands once we are in the game . The truth is that it is a fairly simple process that consists of opening the Ark console by pressing the Tab key, or Tab as it is commonly known.

Once inside it, we just need to start writing all the tricks that we want to activate and press the Enter key to activate them and press the Tab key again to close the console. If you want to deactivate its effect, repeat the same procedure and with this you will be able to do all the commands that you will know below.

Ark tricks

The Ark Console Commands

Before talking about the Ark Console Commands it is important to make a small note that we overlook. It is that within this guide we decided to append some Ar codesk: Genesis as it shares all the cheat commands that you will see below. The difference is that in that space you will see only exclusive tricks from that server because it is one of the most popular in the game.

Without further ado, it’s time to get to know all the Ark Console Commands that will help us survive and experience a unique adventure of its kind.

Ark Console Commands: Functional




Function </ td>
GodToggle god mode, protects you from all damage (except drowning).
InfiniteStatsRecharge health, stamina, oxygen, food and water.
GMBuffGodmode plus infinitestats and additional experience points.
EnemyInvisibleAll creatures ignore you, even when they attack you.
LeaveMeAloneCombine the God, InfiniteStats and EnemyInvisible cheats.
ChangeSize valueChange your size by this multiplier, the default is 1.
FlyUse ‘Walk’.
GhostActivate noclip mode.

Use ‘Walk’ to disable.

GiveEngramsUnlock all crafting recipes.
GiveEngramsTekOnlyProvides all engrams.
GiveColorsGive an amount to each dye
DoTameDinosaur headed tames (if tame).
ForceTameTames dino directed,

and dino is mountable even without a saddle.

ForceTameAOE RadiusTell us in the specified radius (default is 2000).

Ark Console Commands: Armors

There is actually only one command that calls out the various armor available in the game. However, it is important to know the correct way to use this particular trick and more so because it is one of the most important in the game.




GiveArmorSet Tier QualitySupply a setfull armor for the specified level.

Rebar codes





2Metal or Flak
N / AHide


GiveWeaponSet Tier QualitySupplies all weapons at the specified level.
GiveItemSet TierProvides all items at the specified level.

Ark tricks

Ark Console Commands: Dinosaurs

A great attraction of Ark is the possibility of living with dinosaurs at all times. With the codes that you will see in this segment, you will have the possibility of manipulating some options related to them.




Summon typeSpawn a specified creature at your location.
SummonTamed typeSpawn a tamed creature at your location.
GMSummon “type” levelSpawn a tamed creature of a set level
GiveDinoSet type quantitySpawn set of dinos with saddles.

As you could see, you will need some kind of identification codes to be able to take full advantage of these Ark Console Commands . It should be noted that you will see them in the next table. Not without first clarifying that in the part where it says “type” you have to enter the number to identify the kind of creature you want to invoke. However, you can enter the word or name to be more specific.

Number Word
Say it
Rex with Tek Saddle
Tapejara with Tek Saddle
Mek3 Meks, one with each module.
Cannon Shell (Extinction):
Snow Owl

Ark tricks

Ark Console Commands : Tele Transportation

With these commands you can quickly travel to any place on the island.




TPCoords Lat Lon AltitudeMoves you to a specified location instantly.
TeleportationIt moves you forward until you collide with something.
TeleportPlayerIDToMe PlayerIDMove a specified player towards you.
TeleportPlayerNameToMe PlayerNameMove a specified player to you.
TeleportToPlayer PlayerIDMoves you to a specified player.

Ark Console Commands: Creative mode

A series of Ark Console Commands quite practical are those that give you the opportunity to enable creative mode. With it, you will be able to eliminate all material weight restrictions and manufacturing requirements among many other important benefits.

Command Achievement
GiveCreativeModeSets you in creative mode.
GiveCreativeModeToTargetToggle creative mode for the players you target.
GiveCreativeModeToPlayer PlayerIDToggle a player’s creative mode with their ID.

Dinosaurs of Genesis

Here are the Ark Console Commands in Genesis to unlock new creatures to ride and breed.

Commands Active
shapeshifter_small_character_bp_cLittle ferox
shapeshifter_small_character_bp_cSmall Ferox
shapeshifter_large_character_bp_cLarge Ferox
insectswarmchar_bp_cInsect Swarm

Items in Genesis

In addition to incredible dinosaurs, the Ark Console Commands in Genesis that HDGamers will present to you next will give you great objects of great value.

Command Description
cheater gfi fishingnet 1 0 0To generate a fishing net
cheat gfi claw 1 0 0Claws tek
cheat gfi cruise 1 0 0Tek Cruise Missile
cheat gfi ShoulderCannon 1 0 0Tek Shoulder Cannon
cheat gfi TekAlarm 1 0 0Tek Alarm System
cheat gfi TurtleShell 1 1 0Shell Fragment
cheat gfi Flag_EelBoss 1 1 0Moeder Fang
cheat gfi Flag_VRBoss 1 1 0VR Boss Fang
cheat gfi Ambergris 1 1 0Ambergris
cheat gfi GoldenNugget 1 1 0Golden Nugget
cheat gfi HighQualityPollen 1 1 0High quality pollen
cheat gfi RetrieveMegTooth 1 1 0Golden Striped Megalodon Tooth
cheat gfi TrikeSkullHelmet_Retrieve 1 1 0Alpha X-Trike Skull
cheat gfi Egg_Para_Fertilized_Bog 1 1 0Fertilized X-Parasaur Egg
cheat gfi Egg_Raptor_Fertilized_Bog 1 1 0X-Raptor Click egg
cheat gfi Egg_Spino_Fertilized_Bog 1 1 0Corferico X-Spino egg
cheat gfi Egg_Tapejara_Fertilized_Bog 1 1 0Fertilized X-Tapejara egg
cheat gfi Egg_Argent_Fertilized_Snow 1 1 0Fertilized X-Argentavis Egg
cheat gfi Egg_Yuty_Fertilized_Snow 1 1 0X fertilized -Yutyrannus Egg
cheat gfi Egg_Allo_Fertilized_Volcano 1 1 0X-Allosaurus fertilized egg
cheat gfi Egg_Ankylo_Fertilized_Volcano 1 1 0X-Ankylosaurus fertilized egg
cheat gfi Egg_Rex_Fertilized_Volcano 1 1 0Fertilized X-Rex egg
cheat gfi Egg_Trike_Fertilized_Volcano 1 1 0Fertilized X-Trike Egg
cheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_BogSpider 1 1 0Bloodstalker Egg
cheat gfi Egg_BogSpider_Fertilized 1 1 0Fertilized Bloodstalker Egg
cheat gfi PrimalItemConsumable_Egg_GiantTurtle 1 1 0Megachelon Egg
cheat gfi Egg_GiantTurtle_Fertilized 1 1 0Fertilized Megachelon egg
gfi Egg_Cherufe_Retrieve 1 1 0Magmasaur Egg
cheat gfi SpaceWhaleSaddle_Tek 1 1 0Astrocetus Tek Chair
cheat gfi CherufeSaddle 1 1 0Magmasaur chair
cheat gfi GiantTurtleSaddle 1 1 0Megachelon Chair platform
cheat gfi Gen1AvatartBoots 1 0 0Avatar boots damaged
cheat gfi Gen1AvatarGloves 1 0 0Damaged avatar gloves
cheat gfi Gen1AvatarHelmet 1 0 0Avatar helmet damaged
cheat gfi Gen1AvatarPants 1 0 0Avatar pants damaged
cheat gfi Gen1AvatarShirt 1 0 0Corrupted Avatar Shirt
cheat gfu OceanPlatform 1 0 0Metal Ocean Platform
cheat gfi Wood_OceanPlatform 1 1 0Wooden Ocean Platform
cheat gfi PressurePlate 1 0 0Pressure plate
cheat gfi PrimalItemTrophy_EelBoss 1 1 0Moeder Trophy
cheat gfi EelBoss_Alpha 1 1 0Alpha Moeder Trophy
cheat gfi EelBoss_Beta 1 1 0Beta Moeder Trophy
cheat gfi EelBoss_Gamma 1 1 0Gamma Moeder Trophy
cheat gfi PrimalItemTrophy_MasterController 1 1 0Master Controller Trophy
cheat gfi Lootcrate_lvl1 1 1 0Lootcrate level 1
cheat gfi Lootcrate_lvl2 1 1 0Tier 2 Lootcrate
cheat gfi Lootcrate_lvl3 1 1 0Tier 3 Lootcrate
cheat GFI MiniHLNA 1 0 0Mini-HLNA
cheat gfi MasterControllerHelmet 1 1 0Master Controller Helmet
cheat GFI Drill 1 0 0Mining Drill
cheat gfi WeaponBow_Gauntlet 1 1 0Glove bow
cheat gfi ChainSaw_Gauntlet 1 1 0chainsaw gauntlet
cheat gfi WeaponClusterGrenade_Gauntlet 1 1 0gauntlet cluster grenade
cheat gfi WeaponCompoundBow_Gauntlet 1 1 0arc compound gauntlet
cheat gfi WeaponMachinedPistol_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Manufactured Gun
cheat gfi WeaponMachinedSniper_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Fabricated Sniper
cheat gfi WeaponBow_Flame_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Flame Arc
cheat gfi WeaponCrossbow_Flame_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Flame Crossbow
cheat gfi WeaponSpear_Flame_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Flame Spear
cheat gfi WeapFlamethrower_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Flamethrower
cheat gfi WeaponGrenade_Gauntlet 1 1 0gauntlet granada
cheat gfi WeaponOneShotRifle_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Longneck Rifle
cheat gfi WeaponMetalHatchet_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Metal Hatchet
cheat gfi WeaponSword_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Metal Sword
cheat gfi WeaponPike_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Pike
cheat gfi WeaponMachinedShotgun_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Pump Shotgun
cheat gfi WeaponRocketLauncher_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Rocket Launcher
cheat gfi WeaponMachinedPistol_Holosight_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Sighted Fabricated Pistol
cheat gfi WeaponGun_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Simple Pistol
cheat gfi WeaponSpear_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Spear
cheat gfi WeaponTekClaws_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Tek Claws
cheat gfi WeaponTekGrenadeLauncher_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Tek Grenade Launcher:
cheat gfi TekRifle_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Tek Rifle
cheat gfi TekSniper_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Tek Sniper
cheat gfi WeaponTekSword_Gauntlet 1 1 0Gauntlet Tek Sword

Latest observations

To end this extensive tour where we met the entire world of Ark Console Commands and their various variants, you may consider that we have already become a kind of experts on them. But the truth is that we leave some tips for last.

With the sole purpose of improving your experience enjoying this great game, to finish with this guide on the Ark Console Commands we have the duty to warn you that these commands are only valid for the solo game mode. However, if you are in multiplayer mode, you will have to be the server administrator for them to work. Otherwise, you run the risk of the game crashing and crashing suddenly.

In addition, you can not worry about entering a code in upper or lower case since the game does not distinguish between them. A huge advantage to be able to enjoy Ark without major problems with these commands.

Consequently, if you follow these recommendations about the Ark Console Commands to the letter, you will be able to enjoy a unique survival experience of its kind and you will find a game that will put each and every one of your skills to the test to the max.

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