Mass Effect 2: Console Commands 2021

Space was always humanity’s next frontier in its ambition to expand its mighty empire. That is why it is common to find so many stories where we illustrate a hypothetical future on the next scale of human evolution . That is why today we bring you the Mass Effect 2 Console Commands so you can enjoy one of the great intergalactic adventures that the gamer dimension can offer you.

As long as you remember that in this imaginary future we will live in harmony with other species with which we share the immense cosmos. Which will also give rise to terrible threats that will seek to disturb the peace for their own benefit.

What are Mass Effect 2 Console Commands?

In this vein, as protectors of interstellar peace, we will deal with dangers that will represent various levels of difficulty. Therefore, with the passing of the years and thanks to the continuous research of an extraordinary team of programmers who share our love for space games, it is that we find some tramaps that will help us in our goal of safeguarding order and peace. .

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It is here where we will get to know the Mass Effect 2 Console Commands which are nothing more than a series of codes that will give us access to new weapons, tools, and highly useful knowledge to fulfill each of our missions.

How do I activate Mass Effect 2 Console Commands?

Now that we know the origin of these Mass Effect 2 Console Commands as well as their importance, it is time to start traveling along the path of knowing these tricks. To do this, the first thing we are going to present is the correct way to run them.

Like many other games, here we will need to enable the developer’s console in order to use its tricks. However, unlike other games, Mass Effect 2 has many ways to invoke it.

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In this sense, we will find 3 different ways to do it.

  • First of all, we point out that you have to install the above mentioned DLL patching tool simultaneously enable the console on the engine. After that, you will only need to press the TAB or Tilde keys on your keyboard to activate the console.
  • Another way is to automatically patch the main game configuration file (SFXGame.pcc) to remove the game-based console crash.
  • The last method is to manually patch the MassEffect2.exe using the HEX editor. It should be noted that the latter will require a series of programming skills so it is only recommended that a true expert do it.
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comandos de Mass Effect 2

Mass Effect 2 Console Commands

When you finish assimilating all the information that we previously presented to you and find the ideal way to activate your console within the game, you will be able to start writing and executing each and every Mass Effect 2 Console Commands that you we will present below.

At / Open string value

Use this code if you want to Teleport to the level.

ce hench_picksquad

This command displays the squad selection screen (note: after using this command, the dialogue and music may be disabled until you close and reopen the game).


Redeem it to set power cooldown.

Exec filename

Apply it to run a file in the Binaries folder (type commands inside and the game will run them)

Europa Universalis 4: Console Commands

FOV int fovDegrees

When you want to modify the field of view (override each FOV change initiated by the game (sprint, scenes) until the loading screen) you must redeem it.


Enable it to give a specific item to the target.

GivePower target power

Temporarily power up the target, does not persist through loading screens.


By activating this code you get 99999 clip of ammo and increase the damage.


Use it alternately to provide or remove talent points.

GiveXP (#)

If you want to supply experience you must redeem this code.


Enabling it togglesr God way.

InitAmmo (#)

You must redeem it to obtain the amount of ammunition that you specify.

InitFuel (#)

Specifies the amount of fuel when activated.

InitCredits (#)

By enabling it you will be able to acquire the amount you want of the credits.

Doom: Console Commands 2021

0InitEezo (#)

Set zero item numbers just by redeeming it.

InitIridium (#)

Opening it decrees the amount of iridium.

InitMedigel (#)

Medi-gel set

InitPalladium (#)

Sets the amount of palladium

InitPlatinum (#)

Implant the amount of platinum

InitProbes (#)

Sets the number of probes

KillEnemies (#)

Kill all enemies


Assassinate minions

KillSelf / Suicide

Kill the player


Eliminate the target under the reticle

PlayersOnly / TogglePlayersOnly

Freeze the game

Profile anim

Displays animation data for the destination

Profile camera

Expose camera data for the target

Profile combat

Reveal combat data for the target

Profile none

Clear the profile data screen

Profile power

Displays power data for the target

Profile tech

Reveal update data

Profile vehicle

Exposes vehicle data


Remove a power from the target

Hearts of Iron 4: Console Commands


Set Boolean variable history


Instaura boolean variable

SetParagon (#)

Set paragon points

SetRank target power int Rank

Implants the target’s power range

SetRenegade (#)

Set renegade points


Implement integer variable you must use to unlock updates.


Take screenshot

ShowHUD / ToggleHUD

Toggles most parts of the HUD

Show Scaleform

Toggles Scaleform elements, these are all related to the texts, quick slots of the buttons and other commands related to the game buttons.

SloMo float multiplier

Change game speed


Freeze minions

Stat FPS

Toggle display of frame rate


Take the screenshot many times the screen resolution


Toggle free camera mode


Unlock any achievement you specify.

Latest recommendations on Mass Effect 2 Console Commands

Now that we have known all the secrets related to Mass Effect 2 Console Commands it is time to make some recommendations to be able to enjoy this great adventure without problems.

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The first one is that you try to back up your game continuously when you decide to start using these codes regularly. This is because, in some cases, excessive use of them may cause an in-game error .

On the other hand, it is just as important that you remember that some of the Mass Effect 2 Console Commands will ask you for a character id that you can get with the display codes described in this guide.

To finish with this guide on the Mass Effect 2 Console Commands that in HDGamers we have prepared for our readers, we only have to invite them to enjoy an extraordinary space adventure by following these tips. After all, here we will be the protectors of intergalactic peace.

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