Enderal: Console Commands 2021

In the world of video games there are titles so complete and successful that we could hardly find something better; however, there are some exceptions . This is the case that we bring today with one of the most important mods in The Elder of Scroll V as It is Enderal . One so big and complete that it is considered an expansion of the game and, as such, brings a series of special tricks . So in HDGamers we were forced to bring all the Enderal console commands .

With them we can achieve something that seemed impossible; find something that makes a game better that, by itself, was already quite complete. Therefore, it is very difficult not to be tempted to enjoy a unique gaming experience in the role-playing genre.

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What is Enderal?

At this point it is important to remember that The Elder of Scroll is one of the most iconic sagas in the genre of role-playing video games. A quality that allows you to boast of having a series of mods spectacular.

This is where we find a mod as particular as Enderal . What makes this file so special is its extensive and varied content that gives the impression of being a true expansion of the game itself.

What are Enderal console commands?

Beyond having new caves and missions for The Elder of Scroll , this mod type expansion brings us new console commands < / strong> exclusive from Enderal . A trait that makes it one of the most important and popular in the entire series.

Previously, at HDGamers , we have discussed some cheats from previous versions of this game. So the concept of these commands is not alien to this mod .

In this sense, we can see them as a series of cheat codes that are only executable within the mod in the game; that is, if you do not have Enderal installed, you will not be able to execute these tricks.

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How do I use the Enderal console commands?

That said, in order to enjoy all the Enderal console commands it will be enough to learn how to open the developer console and start writing them . To do this, it is as simple as pressing the Tilde key.

As in the original game and previous versions, a dialog window will open where you will have to type these tricks and press Enter to start running.

comandos de consola de Enderal

The Enderal console commands

After knowing the concept and how to activate the Enderal console commands , it is the ideal moment to discover what these tricks will be that will make our trip an adventure full of mysteries and fun.

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AddShout (Shoud ID)

If you want to add the selected scream from the list of skills ID of the player character enable this code.

AdvSkill (((((Skill) skill)) | skill))) (#)

Enabling this code gives the player character the specified # of skill-based experience points. The amount varies depending on the skills selected.


You need to change the field of view use this instruction.

ModAV carryweight (#)

Activate this key if you need to set the transport weight of the player character to the specified number #.

player.additem 0000000f & amp; Value; # 8220 & # 8221;

Enable this command to add an amount # of Added Gold Value.

player.additem 0000000f & amp; Value; # 8220 & amp; # 8221

If you open this code add a # value to lockpicks.

Player.AddItem (item ID) (#)

With the activation of this command, the quantity # of the selected object is added to the inventory of the player’s character.

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player.additem 0000000f X

Activate this command to receive the X amount of money or gold you want.

Player.AddItem 0000000a X

Redeem this instruction to get locks by substituting the X for the number of locks you want to receive.

Player.AddPerk (perk ID)

This comando grants the specified perk to the player character.

Player.PlaceAtMe (Item / NPC ID) (#)

By activating this key, the item or NPC (Item ID) is generated near the player character and in the quantity # selected.


You require fully restored health to activate this key.

Player.SetLevel (#)

With the application of this key the level of the player character is modified to the specified number #. It does not grant the equivalent XP.

Player.sqs (mission id)

By activating this key, all the screens of a mission are discovered, it is the same as the previous one but without the objective number.


Apply this key if you need to remove all objects.

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You need to resurrect an NPC. Activate this code after opening the console you must click on the NPC.

Set PlayerExp to X

This command is used for adding X amount of experience points to the player character.

SetStage (mission id) X

If you enable this command you can skip the screen of the selected mission (mission id) and replace X with the objective.


If you need a gender change, enable this command.

sucsm & amp; Value; # 8220 & # 8221;

By applying this code, the speed # of camera movement is set.


Applying this trick you can neutralize all the NPCs in the game but remember that you write it once to activate it and once to deactivate it.


You need to walk through walls with the application of this key you will activate / deactivate Ghost mode.


You want to switch to free camera for an authentic gaming experience or screenshots you must enable this command.

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Enabling this command will eliminate the grass and with its reactivation the grass returns.


Use it to alternately enable / disable God mode, that is, you will be invincible plus you will have infinite energy and mana.


Activated this command will make you immortal, like the previous one, but without energy and infinite mana.


If you need to remove the trees, apply this code and if you want the trees, activate it again by typing tt.


Using this key the water is opened / closed.


Use this command to release locked doors and chests.

Latest recommendations

Now that you know all the Enderal console commands you might think that you already have a strong ally on your journey; however, it is not entirely true. This is because they keep a dark secret that you must know.

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The point is that overuse of these tricks can cause a catastrophic error in the game code . A situation that can lead to continuous errors that generate the abrupt closure of the program.

On the other hand, these commands are only available on the PC platform . So it will be practically impossible to use them on the console. A real bonus for computer gamers.

To finish with this guide on the Enderal console commands , we recommend to continuously backup your game . Only in this way will you be able to protect your progress from the possible failures that we already discussed. In addition, you will have an incredible story of how you traveled throughout the fantasy world of The Elder of Scroll and enjoy a high-level adventure.

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