Stardew Valley Console Commands – Updated 2023

The life of a gamer can be seen as one where contact with the environment is very limited. This is possibly why there are games like Stardew Valley that transport us to a more country setting. But do not be careless with this stereotype as this is a really complicated game where your administrative skills will be constantly tested. Therefore, HDGamers brings you all Stardew Valley Console Commands so that you can manage your farm without problems.

After all, the most important thing is to survive no matter how difficult or questionable the graphics of a game are. Its true value lies in the challenge it represents and the history it offers us and this is where Stardew Valley has a lot to say.

What is Stardew Valley?

We may have a stereotype that life in the country is laborious and somewhat boring. However, with Stardew Valley we will realize that much of these stereotypes are real. And not because it is a subject of extreme difficulty; But it does have much more to do with the dedication that running a farm requires to survive.

Therefore, when we talk about Stardew Valley we refer to a simulation game in real time where the objective will be to manage an inherited farm until it becomes a prosperous and highly productive environment.

For this, we will have a series of missions and skills that will help us achieve this goal ; however, inherent obstacles will be the order of the day. Consequently, Stardew Valley is an extraordinary offer from the gamer world for those looking to live a different adventure that will not require many resources from your computer to enjoy this incredible story.

What are Stardew Valley Console Commands?

It should be noted that in many areas of the game we will find ourselves in really complicated situations. These can range from when we urgently need a harvest but don’t have enough energy or the necessary inventory space to store it; among many others. It is for these cases that we will need a series of tools that facilitate our walk through the game.

Therefore, over the years a series of tricks emerged that we threatenly call the Stardew Valley commandos that little by little lighten the burden of being the only one in charge of this great project.

In this sense, we can describe these commands as a series of tricks that will give us access to a world of possibilities as beneficial as productive within Stardew Valley. All this in order to facilitate our work and improve our production levels quickly with the least amount of effort required.

But the benefits of these Stardew Valley Console Commands do not stop there since, as we told you before, they make up a complex and extensive set of opportunities that we invite you to try each and every one of them for the simple fact that there is one for each problem or context within the game.

How do I activate the Stardew Valley Console Commands?

Now that we know a little about what Stardew Valley and its commands are about, we can start exploring everything related to these very beneficial tricks for our game. To do this, we must begin by understanding the procedure to execute them correctly and minimize the risk of generating an error with any of them.

First of all, we must learn how to call the game console where we will enter all the Stardew Valley Console Commands that we want to execute. The truth is that this is a fairly simple task, only if you have the correct configuration. If you keep the game in its original version, follow the steps that HDGamers will describe for you.

  • First, you have to download and install a file called SMAPI. It is a mod loader that comes by default which will open the developer’s console.
  • Next, install the Chat Commands mod.

With all this, you will already have a window enabled in the upper left corner of your screen every time you start the game. This is where you have to type each and every Stardew Valley command that you want to run whenever you want. Just remember to do Enter after entering them so that it begins its execution.

comandos de Stardew Valley

The Stardew Valley Console Commands

At this point we find what is possibly the most important section of this post since from now on you will know each and every one of the Stardew Valley Console Commands that we have been discussing so far.

Just remember to run the game console correctly since without it you will not be able to do anything with these tricks. Likewise, it is important to know that for the same extent of them, we have decided to categorize them based on the benefit they provide to the player.

In this way we were able to build a guide whose navigation is much more fluid and practical to know in which contexts you can use these Stardew Valley Console Commands depending on what you need.

Object Commands

To begin our tour of the very varied Stardew Valley Console Commands we have decided to start with one of the most important areas of the game. In this way, in this first part of the guide you will know all the tricks that will give you objects such as tools, weapons, accessories and everything you can carry in your inventory to facilitate day-to-day tasks.

itemnamed (< Item ID >) (Quantity)

Use it for when you want to attach the specified item (s) to your inventory.


When you activate it, you vacate the wallet.

< objectname >

You must put the name of the object without spaces and their quantity.


Enable it to get weapon.

< fillbackpack >

If you use it, your inventory will be filled with random items.

< removeobjetcs >

To remove objects.

< removedebris >

Open it to erase remains.

< museumloot >

When you enable it, minerals are added automatically and the artifacts will be marked until you fill your inventory.


By opening it you get a pair of scissors for your inventory.


Enable it without requiring a pick for your inventory.


By opening it you get a bamboo stick for your inventory


By writing it you will get a slingshot for your inventory.


Activate it if you want a return center for your inventory.


With this code you will get a watering can for the inventory.


The copper tray is useful and you get them for your inventory by opening this command.


You must activate it if you need a Hoe and keep it in your inventory.


By using it you will get an ax for your inventory.


If you want a bucket of milk for your inventory you must activate it.

< skullkey >

Enable it so that you have a skull key in your inventory.

< darktalisman >

In addition to adding the Dark Talisman, it also makes the Witch’s Hut accessible. Note that this command clears all mail and flags.

< tv >

If you want to have a television in your inventory, redeem this code and you will get it.

< gold >

If you want to get 1 million Gold for your inventory you must activate it.

weapon (Weapon ID)

By enabling it you get a specified weapon.

money (Value)

You need a specific amount of money you must exchange it to get it.

Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Console Commands: Skills

Another aspect of great value in the game is the development of your character’s skills. With them you will be able to cultivate faster, with greater efficiency or, you will be less tired when executing any work. Likewise, you have another great variety of capabilities that with the Stardew Valley Console Commands that you will see below you will be able to improve them or even learn new ones.

fishing < # >

Sets the character’s fishing skill to the specified level <#>.


Use it so that your character achieves maximum health.

speed < # >

Use it when you want to increase or decrease your walking speed by the amount < # & gt ;.


You want to be an expert cook when you press it you getyou learn all the cooking recipes.


By enabling it, you achieve that your energy is at the maximum of its power.


With this command the character’s health is put to a minimum or it kills him, it is very useful when you are stuck.


It enables all the special conditions of access to real sites, which include a special charm. These include:

  • The Skull Cave.
  • Disco.
  • Sewers.
  • Dwarves.
  • Huts.
  • Witches’ Hut.


If you enable it, you can learn the recipes of the slime incubator and the slime egg press.

levelup (Skill) (Level)

Command by which you reach the specified level and skill.

comandos de Stardew Valley

Farm Commands

What would this game be without the farm? Possibly it would be nothing. That is why Stardew Valley commandos dedicated to building and caring for your workspace and home are crucial to improving performance in all aspects of the game. After all, remember that the goal of Stardew Valley is to create a prosperous farm with high levels of performance and profitability.

minigame setupfarm

Various Gifts -: You receive various rewards, money, facilities, items, etc.

house, houseupgrade, hu <#: LVL>

If you want to improve your house and increase its level by the indicated amount (#) and indicated level (LVL), you must activate it.

growcrops < #: AMT >

Enable it to have more advanced crops in the specified amount (#) and day (AMT).

upgradebarn, barn

With this command increases 1 level of the barn.

coop, upgradecoop

When you activate it, you can increase the chicken coop by 1 level.

horse <#: X> < #: Y >

If you are a horse lover, enable it and the number (#) of horses will appear and place them on the map, in X and Y.


Activate it and an owl will appear in your inventory.

minigame cowboy

Enable it to start the journey of the prairie king.


Redemption sets the current animal friendship level at 1000, within a barn or chicken coop.

comandos de Stardew Valley

NPC commands

You will need to enable it for anything that has to do with NPCs. This includes cloning, teleportation, and more.

clone (NPC)

Spawns a clone of the specified NPC (doesn’t work for the clone farmer, which crashes the game for some reason).

faceDirection (NPC)

By applying this code, an NPC face is conceived to conform to the specified direction.

minigame makeEx (NPC)

If enabled, divorce from the specified NPC is obtained.

marry (NPC)

Makes your character marry the specified NPC (It will crash if your house is not upgraded as that is what unlocks the ability to marry someone in the first place).

friendship (NPC) (Value)

This command sets the friendship level between you and the specified NPC.


Enabling it will form between 8 or 10 all the hearts of the NPCs if you are dating them.


Open this command for your current spouse’s divorce (only applies after one night).


You want to remember the wedding scene, you must press it.

whereis (NPC)

You need to open it to get the location of a specific NPC.

hurry (NPC)

It is very useful for teleporting the specified NPC to its current target point.

warpCharacter (NPC)

Redeem it to teleport to the specified NPC.

killNPC (NPC)

If you want to eliminate the NPC you have to activate it.

jump (NPC) (Value)

Enabling it makes the NPC jump with the specified speed.


this command indicates the number of characters that are currently on the map.


You divorce your current spouse (only applies after one night).

Stardew Valley commands

World Commands

There is a possibility that these are the Stardew Valley commandos least valued in the game since they do not have as much influence on its development. However, when you consider that many of the crops depend on the climate or the state in which the nearby land is located. We can begin to value these tricks since they will allow us to control these aspects in our favor.


Open it if you want to vary the climate to “Windy”.


To change the weather to “Rain” redeem this code.

dayUpdate (Value)

If you need to advance the time by one day or by the specified number of days in the Value section, activate it.

day (Day)

Very useful redeem it to set the value of the day on the specified day.

time (Time)

Enabling it sets the game time in a 24 hour format.


If you want to remove all terrain features in the vicinity, trade it in.


Tapping it excludes all objects in the current location.


To erase all the debris and even the fallen elements you must activate it.

quest (Quest ID)

this command adds the specified mission ID.

completequest (Quest ID)

Marks the specified mission as completed.

bundle (Bundle ID)

Marks the specified package as complete.


Enabling it establishes the bridge that separates the different sections of the beach.


Toggle automatic save.

growCrops (Value)

Advances all crops at their current location by the specified value of days.

fenceDecay (Value)

Sets the speed with which the fences break down.

MISC commands

Various commands of a miscellaneous nature.

event (Location) (Event)

Activate it to start the specified event.


When enabled, the current event restarts again.


Alternatively enable or disable automatic game saving.


Prints the number of characters that are present in the current map.


Upgrade all tools to iridium, till certain patches of dirt, add 20K of money, and much more.


Tills all the tillable dirt that is tillled and unoccupied.


Until all arable dirt, but it also destroys all your crops.

levelup (Skill) (Level)

Levels above the specified skill.


If you want a train to pass through the Stardew Valley, activate it.

minigame minecart

Enable it if you want to start a Junimo Kart game.

Minigame grandpa

Used to jump into the scene early in the game.

minigame blastoff

It shows the scene of 10 hearts from Maru.


Disable light effects.


Turn off light glow textures.


Sets the default ambient light.


Move the pet to the farm (unless it rains).


enable it to remove all furniture.

craftingrecipe (Recipe)

Add the specified recipe to your known items.

hairColor (R) (G) (B)

Set your character’s hair color to red, green, and blue values.

Latest recommendations on Stardew Valley Console Commands

Upon reaching the last segment of our guide where we explore all the secrets of the Stardew Valley commandos we might think that everything has already been said; however, there is always something else to comment on. And there are some recommendations that we need to give you so that you can improve your experience in the game.

The first of these is that you try to continuously backup your game since, in some cases, the excessive application of the commands can cause an error in the game that causes it to be lost due to complete your progress.

Likewise, it is important that you always check the identification codes of some products since, as you may have noticed in the guide, many of the commands are usedto order. Therefore, try to save them each time you get one to improve your performance.

Before you finish, remember to visit some of our most read articles:

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Stardew Valley Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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