Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands – Updated 2023

For a game to be successful, too many factors must influence that end up satisfying the demands of gamers in the world. Possibly, few sequels have the success of Divinity Original Sin 2 as a game that ends up offering a unique opportunity to live an incredible adventure. That is why at HDGamers we took on the task of bringing you the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands to improve this experience.

With them you will be able to access a new dimension of possibilities that will only enrich the missions and experiences that you will have to Divinity Original Sin 2, no matter how you play it.

What are Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands?

When we talk about the commands of Divinity Original Sin 2, we must start from the knowledge of the game. In this sense, we are within a quite interesting proposal of the role-playing genre that involves, to a great extent, other aspects such as survival and logic games.

All these elements contribute their best attributes in the construction of a story so complete that it is a real challenge for any player; however, there are some shortcuts that will help you lessen your problems.

It is at this point where the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands appear as a series of codes that will enable all the cheats, hidden in the game, that will tip the balance of power in your favor. Basically they are a vitally important tool to overcome any obstacle that wants to prevent you from advancing in the plot.

How do I use the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands?

Now that you know a little more about the commands of Divinity Original Sin 2, you may feel motivated to implement all its benefits in each adventure you have. In this case, you have to learn how to use them.

To do this, all you have to do is know how to open the game developer’s console; however, the only way to do this is by using ReCon, an external program that you can attach within Divinity Original Sin 2 or, in some editions of the game, it is already installed by default.

So, in order to open the game console through it, you will have to follow the following steps:

  • First, go to where ReCon is installed. The address will depend on the platform from where you downloaded the game.
  • If it was for Steam: C: \ Program Files (x86) \ Steam \ steamapps \ common \ The Divinity Engine 2
  • If it was by GOG: C: \ GOG Games \ Editor
  • Once you locate the application, run it as administrator.
  • This will display a console, similar to a chat window, where you will have various tools.

Now, all you have to do is write each of the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands that you want to use or, in this case, click on the list that you will have at your disposal and then press Enter to start enjoying its great benefits. Next, we will show you an image of each of the components of the game console.

comandos de Divinity Original Sin 2

The Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands

Now that you know what the commands of Divinity Original Sin 2 are as well as the correct way to execute them, it is time to start discovering all those tricks that will shape an adventure that you will want to repeat.

It should be noted that we have decided to divide each of these commands according to the benefit they offer and the context in which they can be used. All this with the aim of facilitating your navigation through the guide that we have developed in HDGamers.

Combat Commands


  • Activate this code to kill all enemies in the current combat.

peace on / off

  • By exchanging this function the peace mode is turned on / off.


  • With this trick you can activate


  • Use this cheat to resurrect the selected character.


  • By redeeming this key, cooldowns are eliminated.


  • If you enable this feature, the actions will cost 0 AP.


  • Activating this command will have more than 9000 memory.

think on / off

  • This trick enables / disables AI character / element scripts except the player.

setHPPercentage & lt; percentage & gt;

  • Redeem this feature sets the HP of a character character to the selected percentage amount.

charm% character or item name%

  • Enabling this key makes the currently selected character distinguishable by the character / element in the parameter.

setCanFight% true / false%

  • This trick enables / disables the CanFight option of the selected entity (it will still join the battle, but will not rotate).

setCanJoinCombat% true / false%

  • Use this function to allow, or not, the CanJoinCombat option of the chosen entity.

setAlignment% alignmentID%

  • Activating this trick modifies the alignment of the indicated entities.


  • This code sets the HP of the currently selected character to 1.


  • Enabling this cheat sets the selected character’s physical and magic armor to 0.

Commands to manage groups

spawnitem GLO_QA_Debug_Item

  • With the redemption of this code a debugging book is generated, it starts with the user configuration in Act 2.

levelup #

  • Use this key to update the whole group through level #.


  • Activating this cheat unlocks all abilities.


  • By enabling this command, it is possible to obtain 27 levels and maximize statistics.

gold% amount%

  • By redeeming this code you get half, in%, of gold coins to both players.

givetreasure% table_name% addExp% amount%

  • Enable this key to get the number of selected characters% xp.


  • By redeeming this cheat the maximum amount of origin points for this character is reached.

givetreasure CheatBooks (element)

  • If this code is activated, specifying the respective element, will produce all the skill books of that element
  • For example. CheatBooksAir, CheatBooksEarth, CheatBooksNecromancy.

comandos de Divinity Original Sin 2

Generic function commands


  • With the exchange of this function the tension in the game is increased.


  • Enabling this code removes all crimes committed and clears your criminal record, which reduces tension.

setWalkSpeedMultiplier% multiplier%

  • Use this code to multiply the walking and running speed by the specified% value.

loadlevel (levelname)

  • By activating this key the load level Cyseal is reached.

oe (command)

  • If you enable this function, you send the Osirs TextEventSet event with the command chosen as a parameter.

teleport (target)

  • With the activation of this key, and according to the specified objective, you manage to teleport to a specific character, object or shoot in the current level.

goto x y

  • Use this function to transfer the player to the x y coordinates of the current level.

rps win

  • By redeeming this key, the player wins a CIR match.

rps lose

  • If you activate this code, the player loses a CIR confrontation.

shroud% on / off%

  • By applying this command it is possible to open / close the shroud or fog of war.


  • If you need to reload the scripts you must enable this trick.


  • Use this key to reload Osiris.

statusapply (status) (duration)

  • When activating this command, the status and duration of the effect must be specified. Selecting a duration – 1 establishes a permanent identity.

statusremove (status) autoidentify% on / off%

  • Use this function when you need to see all the magic items.

think% on / off%

  • Enabling this cheat does or does not provide AI for all NPCs.

give (objectname)

  • Activating this key moves a chosen item from a location in the game to your inventory.

Note: Can only be local, mission, and global elements.

create (statname)

  • Activating this function creates an instance of the statistics object in your manifest.

setOffstage (characterName | itemName | characterUUID | itemUUID)

  • Enabling this function removes or raises the OFFSTAGE flag based on the specified characters or elements.

charAmbientLight (on | off)

  • Enable or disable ambient light for the selected player character.

SetCaptureScale% amount%

  • Activate this command to set the scale for screen capture and video capture resolution.

SetVideoCaptureFPS% amount%

  • Redeem this key creates the target FPS to capture screenshots for video capture mode.

fps% amount%

  • Redeem this command sets the client’s FPS to the specified number.

show projectiles (optional)

  • Activating this cheat exposes the debug information of the projectile-optional: client (client only); server (server only); time% (display time).

hide projectiles

  • With this command you can hide the debugging information of the projectile.

show crimes (optional)

  • Activating this function displays the debugging information for the crime-optional.

hide crimes

  • Enabling this key hides the debug information for crimes.

Latest recommendations on Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands

When you reach this point in our guide on the commands of Divinity Original Sin 2 you can already consider yourself in conditions to embark on an adventure that will amaze you. But, to avoid going through unpleasant surprises, it is convenient to remember some aspects.

The first one is that you shouldn’t use the Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands so excessively. This is because an excessive use of them could cause a fatal error in the game that leads to a malfunction of it.

On the other hand, some commands will only be applied to the currently selected object ( that is, with CTRL SHIFT Click ). With this key combination, you can assign the effect of the commands of the form% name% to the object of your choice.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Divinity Original Sin 2 Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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