The Sims 4 Console Commands – Updated 2023

Today, it is very difficult to meet someone who does not know the mythical video game saga of The Sims. One of the most popular life simulators in gamer history that has more than two decades in the market, fascinating millions of users ; However, we still find players who are completely unaware of the existence of The Sims 4 Console Commands.

That is why in HDGamers we undertook the task of exploring the immense universe of The Sims 4 to bring each and every one of the secrets of its commands to make your much more fruitful and fun life.

What are The Sims 4 Console Commands?

It is important to remember that The Sims 4 , like the rest of the installments in the saga, is a social simulation video game where the life of your character will depend on the decisions you make during the day a day.

Unlike real life, here we will have the possibility to live various situations without being in danger and, as the dream of many users, to have a house with all the luxuries and comforts you want </ strong>. A fact that made this fantastic saga one of the most popular among the first players of the digital age.

Likewise, was achieved with the need to speed up the process for obtaining and improving the characters. It is in this way that some tricks arose which, later, we know as frame codes or commands.

In this particular case, we will talk about The Sims 4 Console Commands which are nothing more than a series of codes that will give you access to a new dimension of possibilities within the game. Basically, they will make your dream life come true much faster or, failing that, they will allow you to live great adventures.

How do I activate The Sims 4 Console Commands?

Now that we know a little about what The Sims 4 Console Commands are about, it’s time to illustrate the correct way to use them. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open the game developer console.

The truth is that it is a fairly simple topic that will only depend on the computer or console where you are playing. Next, we will show you the various combinations of keys or buttons with which you will open the console.

PC: Ctrl + Shift + C

MAC: Cmd + Shift + C

PS4: L1 + L2 + R1 + R2

Xbox One: LB + LT + RB + RT

Once you enter the game console, you will only have to type each and every The Sims 4 Console Commands that we will present later, press Enter and start enjoying its great benefits.

comandos de The Sims 4

What conditions do The Sims 4 Console Commands keep?

Before we go crazy and start typing all the commands of The Sims 4 as you will see below, it is important that you know that there are some conditions that you must know in order to enjoy them without problems.

First, you will come across some tricks that require the testingcheats true or testingcheats on command to work. adequately.

In addition, you will have some cheats that will have the following endings:


When this indication appears in the codes, you must place either true or false alternately, as the case may be, next to the key, but without the symbols.


  • If this precept appears in the commands, on or off must be placed next to the code as the case may be, but without the symbols.


  • This instruction indicates that a number specifying the desired quantity should be placed next to the key.

The Sims 4 Console Commands

That said, since you know the correct way to open the console depending on where this fantastic saga plays, as well as the ideal way for all The Sims 4 Console Commands to work correctly. It’s time to start discovering these tricks that will make your life, or your Sims, much more enjoyable.

It is important to note that we have distributed the content of these commands based on the benefit they provide in order to facilitate navigation through our guide. Therefore, we leave you with the The Sims 4 Console Commands.

Comandos from The Sims 4: Basics

We will begin our tour of the The Sims 4 Console Commands with the tricks that will allow you to access the game settings and fix it to your liking.


  • Displays a list with all the commands available to the user in the console.

Death.Toggle (True / False)

  • By enabling this key all sims will be able to die. This is the default value. When disabled the sims will not die.


  • Enabling this key toggles the full screen mode in The Sims 4.

Headlineeffects (On / Off)

  • Code that disables “frontline” effects, including plumbobs, thought balloons, etc. in order not to obstruct the player’s vision.

Resetsim (First name) (Last name)

  • Use it to reset the sim with first and last name that is stuck.


  • Through this command you can edit:
    • The hospital grounds.
    • The police station.
    • The scientific laboratory


  • Activate debugging mode when in construction mode, unlocking additional items in the game, including collectibles.

Sims.Modify_Funds + (#)

  • If you want to add the amount # of funds to your family adding them to those they already have, it is suggested to open this key.

Sims.Modify_Funds – (#)

  • When this command is activated, the amount # of your family’s funds is subtracted.


  • When this command is enabled, the Sim’s current active aspiration milestone is completed.

careers.demote (career name)

  • Gives the Sim a demotion on the listed race.

careers.promote (career name)

  • Activated gives Sim a promotion on the list race.

careers.remove_career (career name)

  • Used to make a Sim quit the indicated race.


  • Enabled this command displays the complete sim character creation menu.


  • This key is very useful to decrease the amount of time required for manufacturing.


  • Redeem this code if you need to use the Sims’ money to pay your household bills automatically.

sims.give_satisfaction_points (number)

  • Grants the specified number of satisfaction points to the active Sim.

sims.modify_funds (number)

  • Activating it adds a user-defined amount of Simoleons to the current Sim’s account.

sims.spawnsimple (#)

  • If you want to generate a specific # amount of Sims this is the key to use.


  • Enable it to carry all the basic products of each Sim in the current household.

testingcheats (true / false)

  • Enable or disable cheats.


  • This command is very useful as it can automatically scroll through the dialog or “read” and take the dialog options.


  • M; shows the FPS the game performs at.
  • It is activated or deactivated by adding on / off at the end.

The Sims 4 Console Commands: Money

These are by far the commands in The Sims 4 most popular as they are the ones that will make you Simllonario overnight.


  • Get 1,000 Simoleons


  • Get 1,000 Simoleons


  • Grants the player 5,000 Simoleons.

sims.modify_funds (#)

  • With this command enabled, you can add or subtract the money you want if the amount # placed is positive or negative.

The Sims 4 Console Commands: Building

And if we have the money, the best we can do is invest it in n’s house.our dreams. To do this, there are a series of tricks that will allow you to have full control of all the houses in the game and much more.

FreeRealEstate on / off

  • When you use this code you can make all the houses in the neighborhood free or have a price.


  • If you want to make an object smaller or larger, you must redeem this code.

bb.moveobjects on / off

  • Activated, this command allows you to combine and move objects even to places that the game would not normally allow, in addition to modifying their size.
  • Press 9 to pick up an object while holding it
  • Press 0 to lower an object while holding it.

The Sims 4 Console Commands: Work

If you want to teach your Sim to earn an honest living, without tricks or shortcuts, there are a number of traps that will allow you to land your dream job. Relax, in The Sims everything is valid.


  • Activating this command unlocks career rewards.

careers.add_career (profession)

  • By enabling this code, the specified profession is achieved.

careers.demote (profession)

  • You will descend on the job described if you activate this key.

careers.promote (profession)

  • This command gives you a promotion in the specified profession.

careers.remove_career (profession)

  • When you need to demit from the assigned work you must enable this key.

careers.retire (profession)

  • Activate this password if you are retiring from work.

Note: In the last segment you will find the professions.

comandos de The Sims 4

The Sims 4 Console Commands: Personal Relationships

By showing off these tricks you can become the most loved or feared person in the entire neighborhood. Only you decide what to do with your relationships and these commands will help you to achieve it easily.

stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_conflictresolution N

  • Sets the Conflict Resolution level.

stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_emotionalcontrol N

  • Create the Self-Control level.

stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_empathy N

  • Create the level of Empathy.

stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_manners N

  • Sets the level of Education.

stats.set_stat lifeskillstatistic_responsability N

  • Form the level of Responsibility.
  • Once the Sim becomes an adult, he will have one or other characteristics according to the statistics in the five previous fields that we have just indicated. </ li>


  • Having a baby girl, this key should be activated just when the Sims are in full swing.


  • If you want to have a baby boy, you must enable this command in full swing of the Sims.

pregnancy.force_offspring_count (#)

  • When this code is enabled, the number # of babies that will give birth is chosen.

sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester1

  • If you want to have a false pregnancy in the first trimester, you must redeem this key.

sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester2

  • It is enabled to have a false pregnancy in the second trimester.

sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_trimester3

  • Redeem this key to achieve a false pregnancy in the third trimester.

sims.add_buff buff_pregnancy_inlabor

  • By activating this command you can choose the Sim that will be pregnant without being pregnant.

The Sims 4 Console Commands: Skills

A unique trait that Sims have that closely resemble real life is the need to learn and improve our skills. But, unlike reality, here it will only be enough to write a simple command to achieve it without so much effort.

It should be noted that the commands for the skills are characterized by being simple but they will depend, like the job, on the ability you want betterar. Likewise, it is important that you know that they are tricks that will ask for a numerical value to work and this has to be between 1 and 10. That said, we present you The Sims 4 Console Commands to improve the abilities.

set_skill_level Major_Fishing (#)

  • Improve your fishing skills.

stats.set_skill_level (Skills)

  • This command has the peculiarity of needing an additional command that specifies which skill you want to improve. Pillería: Major_Mischief (#).

The Sims 4 Console Commands: PC Exclusive


  • Meets the needs of a Sim.


  • Eliminate moods.


  • Add sims to your house according to the number that follows.


  • Meets the needs of the household.

money (#)

  • Get the money you want

Latest recommendations on The Sims 4 Console Commands

At this point in our guide on The Sims 4 Console Commands it could be considered that we have finished with the reading of the material; however, there is always something more to say to enhance our gaming experience.

For this, we have decided to show you some extensions of these commands that, as you may have noticed while browsing this guide, in the professions and skills you will need to specify in which area to exercise this trick. In this sense, we will proceed to give you the extensions for these commands.

Professions for adults


  • Your Sim will be a political activist.


  • Your Sim will be an actor.


  • Your Sim will be a gardener.


  • Your Sim will be an astronaut.


  • Your Sim will be an athlete.


  • Your Sim will be a businessman.


  • Your Sim will be a Critic.


  • Your Sim will be a conservationist


  • Your Sim becomes a criminal.


  • Your Sim will be a culinary worker.


  • Your Sim will be a detective.


  • Your Sim will be a doctor.


  • Your Sim will be an entertaining artist.


  • Your Sim will be a Tech Guru.


  • Your Sim will be a military man.


  • Your Sim will be a painter.


  • Your Sim will be a diver.


  • Your Sim will be a fisherman.


  • Your Sim will be a lifeguard.


  • Your Sim will be a scientist.


  • Your Sim will be a secret agent.


  • Your Sim will be a writer.

Community Manager

  • Your Sim will be a Socialmedia promoter.


  • Your Sim will be a style influencer.



  • Your Sim will be a kangaroo.


  • Your Sim will be a cafeteria employee.


  • Your Sim will be a fast food employee.


  • Your Sim will be a warehouse worker


  • Your Sim will be an e explorer.


  • Your Sim will be a vendor.

Sims Skills

Major_Guitar (#)

  • Your Sim increases his guitar skills. </ li>

Major_Gardening (#)

  • Your Sim increases his gardening skills. </ li>

Major_Programming (#)

  • Your Sim increases his abilities in programming.

Major_Comedy (#)

  • Your Sim increases his comedian skills.

Major_Comedy (#)

  • Your Sim increases his abilities in Charisma. </ li>

Major_Writing (#)

  • Your Sim increases their writing skills.

Major_VideoGaming (#)

  • Your Sim increases their Gamer skills.

Major_Violin (#)

  • Your Sim increases his violin playing skills.

Major_RocketScience (#)

  • Your Sim increases his abilities in rocket science.

Major_Painting (#)

Your Sim increases their painting skills.

Major_Piano (#)

  • Your Sim increases their piano playing skills.

Major_Logic (#)

  • Your Sim increases their logic skills.

Major_Handiness (#)

  • Your Sim increases their craft skills.

Major_HomestyleCooking (#)

  • Your Sim increases their cooking skills.

major_gourmetcooking (#)

  • Your Sim increases their gourmet cooking skills.

Major_Bartending (#)

  • Your Sim increases their bartending skills.

Skill_Fitness (#)

  • Your Sim increases their fitness abilities.

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