Half Life 2: Console Commands 2021

It is difficult to imagine a gamer world without the presence of such iconic games as Counter Strike . A title that for most users represents the most important shooter of all. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are new adaptations like the one we see in Half Life that offers us a different vision of this classic saga . That is why at HDGamers we gave ourselves the task of bringing you all the Half Life 2 Console Commands .

Our goal is for you to enjoy a great action-packed story and, of course, plenty of shots worthy of belonging to the Counter Strike family. It is here where you will feel like a true soldier in search of a cause.

What are Half Life 2 Console Commands?

At this point, it is unnecessary to comment on the nature of the game since it is very difficult for someone to ignore the theme of Counter Strike . What is worth it is to talk about some tricks that will make our adventure a game full of emotion.

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Therefore, when the topic of Half Life 2 Console Commands comes into the conversation, it is because they are referring to a series of codes, considered as traps, that inhabit the game.

With them we can access a world of benefits so extensive that it is frankly difficult not to consider them daily. Also, why do they exist if they are not legal? It is part of the questions that we can never answer about commands in games.

How do I use the Half Life 2 Console Commands?

Now that we know a little about what the Half Life 2 Console Commands are about and you have made the decision to use them frequently in your games, it is the ideal time to discuss how to use them.

To do this, the most important thing you have to do is enable the Half Life 2 developer console. To do this, you just have to follow these steps:

  • First, you have to find the game executable ( HL2 by default ) .
  • Once you find it, you have to right click on it and select Properties .
  • Here you will have to go to the destination field and add –console.
  • It should look like this: C: -Program Files-Half-Life 2-hl2.exe “-console).
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Once you complete these steps, you only have to run the game as an administrator. Start or continue a game and press the tilde key on your keyboard to open the game console.

It should be noted that it is a dialog box where you can start typing each and every Half Life 2 command that you want to execute. To finish, just hit enter and the benefit of the selected cheat will be activated.

comandos de Half Life 2

The Half Life 2 Console Commands

Continuing with the theme of Half Life 2 Console Commands , it is the turn of the main guest of the conversation. From this moment, after having gone through all the information that we have previously exposed, you will know each and every one of the tricks of this incredible game.


You want to be immortal, you must activate this key to reach God mode.


Enabling this code makes enemies ignore you.


Open this command to be without clipping mode.

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If you need to get an item, redeem this key.


Activate this command to be a Damage player.

impulse 101

This command gives away all weapons.

impulse 102

If you need to get skulls, please enable this code.

impulse 76

Grunts are achieved by activating this key.

impulse 82

Enabling this command generates a Jeep.

impulse 83

If you need a Spawn Airboat you must activate this key.


You want to reduce health you need to enable this command.


To display the list maps you must activate this command.


By enabling this code all NPCs in the area are Killed.


Use this key to create an NPC.


Opening this command spawns an NPC pointing away from the player.

hud_quickhelp / text1/0

You need to get / not get the crosshairs, alternately turn this key on / off.


Enabled this code you get a Spawn Airboat.


This command opens a specific map.

cl_drawhud 0/1

If you apply this key alternately the HUD screen is deactivated / activated.

cl_enablehud 0/1

Successively the HUD screen is deactivated / activated if you enable this command.

cl_showfps 0/1

Opening this code exposes the FPS rate.

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With this command it is possible to move the player to the specified origin.

sv_gravity #

Used to set severity based on the # number set.

sv_stopspeed #

You need to implement the minimum ground speed, this command must be applied indicating the amount # needed.

sv_friction #

Placing the quantity # required when this command is activated will set the world friction.

sv_bounce #

By enabling this key and putting the amount # you want set in the bounce multiplier for physical object collisions.

sv_maxvelocity #

Implement this command if you need to achieve the maximum speed of the object in a # of movement.

sv_waterdist #

You must enable this key to set the vertical view to a certain amount #, when the eyes are close to the water plane.

air_density #

If you need to modify the air density by a certain value #, this command must be activated.

comandos de Half Life 2

Half Life 2 Console Commands: Weapons and Supplies

In addition to all these tricks that we have presented, there are some Half Life 2 Console Commands that will give us access to objects and, above all, weapons for the game; however, these bring an additional condition.

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In this sense, all Half-Life 2 cheats for weapons and items must be entered in the form of the following:

  • For weapons:
    • weapon_ [weapon_name]
  • For object:
    • item_ [item_name].

That said, below you will learn all the Half Life 2 Console Commands to unlock supplies and weapons for your fight.


give item_healthkit

Unlock a health kit.

give item_healthvial

Allows for wholesomeness.

give item_box_buckshot

Unlock the box of buckshot.

give item_box_mrounds

Activate the mrounds box.

give item_box_sniper_rounds

You conquer a few box sniper rounds.

give item_box_srounds

You get a box srounds.

give item_battery

You get a Battery.

give weapon_binoculars

You get some binoculars.

give weapon_brickbat

You get a piece of brick.

give weapon_bugbait

You get the bug bait.

give weapon_crowbar

You get a lever.

give weapon_cubemap

You get a map of the cube.

give weapon_extinguisher

You get a fire extinguisher.

give item_suit

You buy a suit.

give weapon_hopwire

Wire jump.

give weapon_immolator

You get yourself an immolator.


give item_ml_grenade

ml pomegranate.

give item_ar2_grenade

ar2 grenade.

give weapon_alyxgun

You hit an alyx pistol.

give weapon_ar1


give weapon_ar2


give weapon_crossbow

You acquire a crossbow.

give weapon_flaregun

You reach for a flare gun.

give weapon_frag


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give weapon_gauss


give weapon_hmg1


give weapon_iceaxe

Ice axe.

give weapon_irifle

You get a rifle.

give weapon_manhack


give weapon_ml


give weapon_molotov

You get Molotov.

give weapon_physcannon

Open the physcannon.

give weapon_physgun

Unlock the fish.

give weapon_pistol

You need a gun, activate it.

give weapon_rollerwand

Open you get a scooter wall.

give weapon_rpg


give weapon_shotgun

Activated you get a shotgun.

give weapon_slam


give weapon_smg1


give weapon_smg2


give weapon_sniperrifle

Open it to get a sniper rifle.

give weapon_stickylauncher

Unlocking it gives you a sticky launcher.

give weapon_stunstick


give weapon_thumper


Latest recommendations on Half Life 2 Console Commands

This segment keeps the flag of victory at the end of the road; however, it does not mean that it is the last you will see about Half Life 2 Console Commands . Primarily because there are some ideas that we overlook during the development of the guide.

The first one is that you have to remember that since they are some tricks that configure the game, excessive use of them could cause an error in it that leads to a crash or a malfunction . Therefore, it is advisable to back up your game continuously.

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Likewise, it is relevant to tell you that the Half Life 2 Console Commands will only give you one or another ability. The success or failure of your game, at the end of the day, will depend on your skills as a player . To do this, there is no code or cheats and the only thing you can do is practice and improve. So, finally, in HDGamers we only have to invite you to enjoy one of the most striking and interesting installments of the Counter Strike saga that you will find.

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