Portal 2 Console Commands – Updated 2023

We did not have to wait until the 22nd century to be a technologically dependent society. What we must do is calmly await what surprises a future holds for us that the only thing we are sure of is that, for better or for worse, it will be linked to it as we see it in games like Portal 2.  It is in this world subject to imagination that an enormous variety of dangers await us for which we will have the Portal 2 console commands in our favor.

Basically because it is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. They are so powerful that they can be considered as traps due to the enormous diversity of benefits that they will give us once we learn to use them wisely.. To do this, in HDGamers we bring you this guide on the tricks of Portal 2 that will make you a true expert in the field.

What are Portal 2 console commands?

As we discussed previously, when we talk about the Portal 2 console commands we make mention of a series of codes, which do belong to the game, which will give us the keys to a world of possibilities so big that they will allow us to overcome obstacles that are almost impossible to overcome.

In addition, it is important to emphasize that since it is a game that combines, in a masterful way, the genre of puzzles and logic with that of shooting, the difficulty of its challenges and levels will be a real challenge for any user. So it is not a bad idea to have an ally like the Portal 2 console commands to help us balance the game.

First recommendations about Portal 2 console commands

Before entering fully with everything that corresponds to the Portal 2 console commands, it is important to remember that the game as such is available for PC, PlayStation 4 and 5 as well as for XBOX ; however, these tricks can only be used for computer users.

A real shame for those who enjoy it on console as they will not be able to enjoy these tricks. But, looking on the bright side, going without them can be a challenge of self-improvement that, in a way, also makes a lot of sense for a gamer’s pride.

How are Portal 2 console commands activated?

Now that you know a little more about what the Portal 2 console commands are about, it’s time to get down to business. To do this, we must start with an extremely important issue such as the correct way to execute them.

In this sense, we are talking about a fairly simple process but that requires some considerations that we will show you below:

Before opening the game

  • Find the folder where the game is installed.
  • Once inside it, you have to look for the Portal 2 folder.
  • Now you will have to locate the cfg folder.
  • Within it, it only remains to find the file config_default.cfg and open it with notepad.
  • Once inside it, look for the toggleconsole option and assign the key that suits you best.
  • Once you have selected it, just save the changes, close the notepad and proceed to open the game as administrator.


  • In the start menu, go to keyboard-options/mouse.
  • Here we are going to go to the option that says Edit keys / buttons.
  • Then, look at the end for the segment Varios and you will find Enable / disable developer console.
  • Once inside it, you will have to place the same key that you previously assigned in the notepad.
  • Finally, go back to the keyboard options and activate the permission to open the developer console.

After completing all these steps, you will be able to start your game both alone and in cooperative mode and open the console by simply pressing the chosen key. This will display a dialog box where you will have to type each and every Portal 2 console command that we will present below.

Portal 2 console commands

After considering all the preconditions as well as what is necessary to abrr the game console, you are ready to start enjoying all the Portal 2 console commands that you will see from now on.

It should be noted that we have created a series of categories to facilitate your navigation through our guide. That said, now we leave you in the company of all these tricks that you are sure to enjoy daily.

Functional commands

sv_cheats 0/1

  • This is possibly the most important Portal 2 console command since it is the one who will allow you to enable the rest of them. To use them, you only have to indicate one of the following values:
    • 0 = The effect of the cheat will be disabled (by default, it will appear this way whenever you start the game).
    • 1 = With this value you will already have this trick working.

portal_draw_ghosting 0/1

  • When activating this trick will or will not change the visible outline on the portal through the walls.

mat_fastspecular 0/1

  • Redeem this key adjusts or not to improve the quality of the specular reflections.

r_portal_use_dlights 0/1

  • Enabling this command creates a dynamic light where the portals are placed.

r_waterforcereflectentities 0/1

  • Activating this cheat will force the water to reflect everything.

gameinstructor_enable 0/1

  • Redeem this key changes or not the pop-up prompts found throughout the game.

sv_player_funnel_into_portals 0/1

  • With its enablement, it is replaced or not if players are attracted to the portal.

sv_props_funnel_into_portals 0/1

  • The exchange of this code causes the alternation between smoking or not the objects in the portals.

sv_enableholdrotation 0/1

  • If this key is enabled / disabled, the portal device can be used to freely rotate the object while maintaining auxiliary firepower.


  • Use this code to set the desired field of view.


  • You want the progress of the Cave Johnson dialogue in the Permanent Test Plan to be restored, you must activate this code.

Miscellaneous commands

bind & lt; key & gt; “& lt; command & gt;”

  • Enable this command to bind the key to the command.

unbind & lt; key & gt;

  • By activating this cheat you can unlink the key.

kill / explode

  • This command grants you suicide.


  • With this trick you can take a screenshot in JPEG format.

jpeg_quality #

  • Enabled this command is used to control the quality level of the generated screenshots.


  • If you need a screenshot in TGA format with the opening of this trick, you will do it.

r_drawviewmodel 0/1

  • By exchanging this key you alternately activate and deactivate the view models


  • With the application of this command, the search function is activated, which shows all the commands with the search term.

net_graph & lt; 1-6 & gt;

  • Depending on the input value between 1 – 6 used to enable this code, different amounts of information will be displayed, such as ping, fps, lerp, packet loss, etc.

changelevel & lt; mapname & gt;

  • Use this key to change the map without restarting the server.


This command displays the complete list of cvars.


  • Enable this code to View.


  • Use this key to run the configuration file.

map & lt; mapname & gt;

  • Activating this command changes the map and restarts the server.


  • Enabled the map is used to get a complete list.

Portal 2 console commands to capture your game in image or video


  • Use this code to register a demo.


  • By activating this key it is possible to stop the recording of the presentation.

startmovie & lt; moviename & gt;

  • Enable this command to get an open source recorder during demo playback and allow high quality recording.


  • Used to stop recording to image or AVI.

Note: Videos with a file size of more than 2GB will be corrupted and cannot be viewed. Please use a lower resolution before recording or record with the original picture and sound.

host_framerate & lt; number & gt;

  • By enabling this code, it is possible to tell the source recorder to record at a constant frame rate

host_timescale & lt; number & gt;

  • Triggering this command is done in conjunction with host_framerate to produce smooth video output.

comandos de consola de Portal 2

Commands to generate the cube


  • If this trick is activated, the companion cube is produced.


  • Redeem this key creates the original weighted storage cube.


  • Use this command to make a reflector cube for lasers.


  • Enabling this trick forms the 1900 version of the weighted storage cube (from the chapter “ The crash “.


  • Apply this trick to make a weighted sphere.

npc_create npc_portal_turret_floor

  • By activating this key a turret is conceived.

ent_create prop_monster_box

  • Redeem this command to get a Frankenturret token.

ent_create npc_personality_core

  • Enabling this code achieves Whitley’s Spawn.

prop_dynamic_create npcs / glados / glados_animation

  • By activating this command you get the artificially superintelligent computer system GLADOS.


  • You apply this trick, it shoots water from your face.


  • When this command is activated, blue repulsion gel is fired towards the face.


  • Enabled this cheat shoots orange propulsion gel towards the face.


  • By redeeming the key you will be able to remove the white conversion gel from your face.


  • If you need rockets you must activate this code.


  • By redeeming this command you get a Beta Energy Pellet or beta energy ball.

give prop_testchamber_door

  • Used to activate the doors.

ent_create env_portal_laser

  • With this key you get thermal discouragement beams.

ent_create prop_tractor_beam

  • If you require an excursion funnel emitter (without funnel) you need to redeem this trick.

ent_create npc_security_camera

  • This command creates a mounted security camera for you.

ent_create prop_button

  • This trick is to use the foot button.

ent_create prop_dynamic

  • Sr you need to find the error, activate this code.

Commands to modify the environment


  • Activate this cheat to change gravity whose default value # is 600.

ent_fire! picker ignite

  • If you need to burn objects, exchange this key.


  • Enable this command when you need to remove objects taking care not to crash the game.

ent_fire prop_portal fizzle

  • By means of this password all the portals will be eliminated.

changelevel “map name”

  • Use this trick to modify the name of the map.


  • Activating this key drives the excursion funnel emitter.

ent_fire! picker addoutput “spawnflags512”

  • This trick mobilizes the target cameras of the turrets.

sv_portal_placement_never_fail (1/0)

  • By enabling this command you can create or remove portals anywhere.

ent_fire! picker color “r, g, b”

  • By applying this trick, the colors can be changed by selecting r if the color is red, g if the color is green or b if the color is blue.

sv_monster_turreo_velocity #

  • Use this command to change the speed of the Frankenturret monster whose default # value is 100.

host_timescale #

  • Apply this key to modify the speed of the game. 0.1 = 10% of normal speed, 2 = double.

portals_resizeall (w, h)

  • This code varies the size of the portal (w is width, height is h) and the default value is (33, 55).

Commands to modify the character


  • If you activate this key, the turrets will not fire at you.


  • With the opening of this trick you get to kill yourself.

kill “partner’s name”

  • Enable this command to assassinate the partner whose name you write next to it.


  • If you want to be invincible, use this code to activate God mode.


  • Enable this command to allow you to go through walls and fly around.

ent_teleport blue

  • With this trick you get the teleportation atlas.

ent_teleport red

  • Enable this key to achieve a teleport P body.

impulse 100

  • If you require a flashlight apply this command.

impulse 200

  • Use this trick to eliminate the portal gun.


  • With this trick you get the basic pistol of the Regain Portal Gun.


  • Activated this code you get Papa’s portal gun.


  • Applying this key moves the portal gun to the left / right.


  • Activating this cheat moves the portal gun forward / backward.


  • Enabling this command raises or lowers the portal gun.


  • Use this trick to change your point of view to first person.


  • With this command you modify the point of view to third person.


  • Use this trick to achieve third-person shoulder view.

cl_showfp #

  • Applying this key exposes the application’s FPS, knowing that with the # equal to:
    • 0 is overridden.
    • 1 you have the fps.
    • 2 fps is smooth.
    • 3 is the server MS.
    • 4 is the fps and record in file.

Other Portal 2 console commands

sv_gravity # (600 = normal)

  • Use this cheat and you can control gravity at your convenience.


  • Players will be damaged but will not die.

cl_showfps 1/0

  • Show or hide the FPS rate.

sv_speed_paint_acceleration (default = 500.0f)

  • Change the acceleration of the speed gel

sv_speed_paint_max (default = 800.0f)

  • Change the maximum speed obtained from the speed gel.

portalgun_held_button_fire_fire_delay (default = 0.5)

  • Change the minimum speed (in seconds) at which the portal cannon fires when held down.

portalgun_fire_delay (default = 0.20)

  • Cambia the minimum speed (in seconds) at which a portal gun can be fired.

cl_showpos 1 (change 1 to 0 to deactivate)

  • Used to see your position and speed.

To facilitate your understanding of how to open the console and enter the Portal 2 console commands, here is a video where this procedure is highly exemplified.

Latest recommendations on Portal 2 console commands

To end our tour of the fascinating world of Portal 2 console commands, it is convenient to do so with some recommendations.

Basically they are related to the fact that you regulate the use of these cheats since, in short, excessive use of them can cause an error in the game that prevents you from enjoying it.

In addition, it is recommended that you set the mouse sensitivity to a minimum since, as you can see, many of these tricks offer their benefits close to your position and you will need to see them.

Before you finish, remember to visit some of our most read articles:

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Portal 2 Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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