AFK Arena Artifacts: Complete Guide

They asked us for it and here we bring it to you, today we are going to talk about a detailed topic in AFK arena, the artifacts , all about them, the most complete guide you can find on the internet What are the best? Which heroes work best? What are the best combinations? If you are a fan of AFK arena you cannot miss this article.

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The artifacts in AFK arena are unique items that will empower your heroes more than other gear and give them special perks. They are a team that improves your characters in unique ways.

In this guide we will tell you everything you need to know about the most important artifacts. You will learn where you can find them, as well as a review to understand the capabilities of each and their possible combinations with your heroes.

Are you ready? We present to you the ultimate and updated AFK artifact guide in 2020. We will take your game to another level.

All AFK artifacts and where to find them:

The first thing we offer you is a list of all possible artifacts, exactly where to find them and what benefits they offer.

In total there are 7 different artifacts within the arena and you can only have a copy of each of them.

Dura’s Grace:

AFK GRACE Artifacts

He will summon a shield to prevent them from using mind control on any of your heroes. It is excellent to combine with the warriors you have in the first row, or with those who are more vulnerable. It will be the first artifact you get in the game and you can also combine it with a healer or a caster-style hero. To find it you will have to play within the Peaks of Time universe.

If you want to know exactly where to find it, here is an explanatory video:

Dura´s Eye:

Artefactos AFK Dura_eye

This is the second artifact that you can unlock in-game, it will boost both attack and speed as well as the possibility of doing critical damage.

You can combine it with any hero that is capable of doing a lot of damage and taking damage too.

To find Dura’s Eye you will have to go to the kingdom of “Secrets of the forest” in the Peaks of Time universe.

Dura’s call:

AFK Artifacts Dura_call

This peculiar artifact will give extra energy to the hero who wears it. The best use you can make of Dura’s call is to equip it with a hero who has a truly powerful and fearsome ultimate. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an ultimate that deals a lot of damage, it can simply be a special ability that interests you to load it as fast as possible to affect the enemy.

Think carefully about the hero combinations you can use before assigning this artifact to any of your characters.

You can find the Dura’s call at Rest in Peace, within the Peaks Of Time universe.

Dura’s Drape:

Artefactos AFK duras-drape

Equipping this artifact with a hero gives you additional health and also slowly recovers during combat.

One of the best uses for this artifact is to equip it for some tank hero in the second line of battle. Those in the former are better off having attack artifacts and speed.

You can find it in Far Frontier, within the Peaks Of Time universe.

Dura’s Blade:

AFK Dura_blade Artifacts

One of the most powerful equipment you can use. This artifact will raise the attack status of the hero who wears it every 3 seconds . Your hero’s attack stats will continue to climb steadily until the end of the battle, making this sword truly deadly when combined with heroes that do constant damage to your enemies.

It is an excellent artifact to combine with heroes like Brutus, Shemira or Gwyneth.

You can find the Dura’s blade inside Vipers Marsh in Peaks of Time.

Dura’s Chalice of Vitality:

Artefactos AFK Dura_chalice

This chalice will be the perfect match for your tank style hero. Will dramatically increase health in the first 45 seconds of battle.

You can find this artifact at Savage Waste within the Peaks of Time universe.

Dura’s Conviction:

AFK Dura_conviction Artifacts

As its name indicates, it gives conviction to your heroes, it will not only grant attack to the character who uses it, it will also allow them to ward off approaching heroes. It will be perfect if you combine it with characters that can do damage from a distance.

You can get this crown at Solar Planes, within Peaks of Time.

How to combine your heroes and artifacts in AFK arena:

Since artifacts are equipment you can only have once, you have to define a correct strategy to decide which hero to dress them with which artifact.

AFK artefactos

In We talk about Gamers we love you so much that we made a guide to which artifacts or artifact best suits each hero , yes each of the game’s heroes. You can thank us by leaving us a comment about which is your hero or your favorite faction.

We will divide them by faction and put in order the artifacts that best suit each one. If a hero has multiple artifacts, the former are more effective than the latter.

Artefactos heroes

Artefactos heroes

Hero Artifacts

 Artifacts heroes

 AFK Hero Artifacts

 AFK Hero Artifacts

Artefactos héroes AF

 Artifacts heroes AF

What did you think of this guide on artifacts in AFK? If you have any questions about it, contact us and comment in the comments, we are here to support the entire AFK community.

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