The Most EPIC Minecraft Build You’ll Ever See

Minecraft is a game that has taken the world by storm. It’s not uncommon for gamers to spend hours and hours building houses, mansions, castles, and even entire villages in Minecraft. Some people take this to the next level with some of the best Minecraft builds you’ll ever see.

TrixyBlocx is one such person who will be showing us how to build the perfect underground Minecraft Build in their YouTube video The Most EPIC Minecraft Build You’ll Ever See – or at least we think it will be epic!

The project itself took hours and over 1 million blocks to create—and it’s worth every minute spent on it! Not only does this super-creative masterpiece look awesomely cool from all angles, but it also has tons of hidden secrets inside that are waiting to be discovered.

However, we only covered the main aspects of the video to keep things precise and to the point. You can explore the building like never before with your own mini-game or take some sweet screenshots to share with friends.

Let’s start uncovering the mystery without any further ado!

Custom Cave Setup

Custom Cave Setup

The first thing that you need to do to build this majestic underground build is to have plenty of space for the job. Well, there could have been nothing better than setting up a separate cave for this purpose.

For this purpose, the designer utilizes Worldpainter to create a spacious cave with lots of customization possibilities. This program is highly suitable for massive amounts of terrain editing in your Minecraft world.

He uses stalagmites to raise the surfaces of the cave, as you can see in the video. After the creation of the cave, he adds a few layers of water at the bottom for enhanced quality. Then, he changes the biome to a swamp to make it a little dingy and murky.

Finally, he adds some combinations of mighty, colorful mushrooms around the cave to lighten up the overall surroundings.

Setting up Things for the Main Castle

To set up a complete base for the kingdom, you need to use the large raised section at the rear side of the cave to get things done. For building walls and other related structures, you must follow a circular guide to ensure you stay on point. TrixyBlocx decided to create a castle as the center piece, remember though, there are many other Minecraft castle ideas that you can use, you don’t have to follow his tutorial block by block so try to add your own unique twist/

For this purpose, you can start building guide towers to intimidate any intruders. You can also set up a stone brick intersecting support besides raising the walls for the enhanced sturdiness of the entire kingdom.

Bridge Creation

After the successful creation of a sturdy build, it’s time for a bridge that connects multiple parts of the cave with the main entrance to eliminate the difference. To hold the bridge in place, you will need cylindrical-shaped bottom support.

After completing the bridge, it’s time to make some design improvements in the guard towers to match the overall look of the fortress tower design. Once you are done with the guard tower changes, you are all set to go for pathways that will help you connect multiple islands with the bridge.

Multiple Foundations

After designing all the pathways and bridge foundations for a single setup, you will be replicating the same process for creating similar structures around. As a result, you will have multiple brides coming towards the main building.

To accomplish the job surrounding these towers, you can now set up things on the interior side of the main tower. It all starts with the creation of a stunning floor in the main tower and goes all the way to designing a circular balcony for the next floor.

Introduction of Statues

A fortress kingdom without any statue seems incomplete. To make things more interesting, you would be focussing on designing some statues for this kingdom. These structures would look like knights plunging their swords into the grounds – a symbol of power and might for the whole kingdom.

After successfully obtaining the design of your choice, you can now focus on improving the overall interior to see how far you have come. This step would conclude the first chapter of the video. You will now have a stunning fortress kingdom with an eye-catching design and outlook of both exterior and interior.

The following chapters of the video discuss how to improve things further to make things more interesting and stunning for us and the visitors.

Chapter 2

The first thing you will do in this part is to add some more light into the cave by chiseling away the top of the cave. In this way, you will split open a huge portion of the cave to add more brightness and color to your kingdom. Use shader packs to make the lighting look perfect

As a result, you will have a more appealing fortress build than the dark gray wasteland that was primarily built in the previous part.

Moving forward, you will create a stunning man-made statue and multiple trees within the main building to give it a more natural look. Then, the creation of multiple village houses with stunning exterior and further changes on the exterior of the main building further enhances the overall outlook of the kingdom.

Chapter 3

For the changes required in the third section, you will need the 1.16 version of the game or above. Due to the availability of highly attractive blocks, you are going to love the changes made in this part of the video.

The creation of a couple of buildings with contrasting exteriors makes the kingdom stand out. After incorporating the changes discussed in the 3rd chapter, you will have an array of colorful elements throughout the project.

The most important aspect of this video is the redesign of the main building to make it more spectacular and eye-catching.

Chapter 4

In chapter 4, you will be focusing more on alleviating the grayish outlook of the cook by transforming it into a more colorful environment. There will be some additions of ships and docks in this part to add more versatility.

You will also see a massive tamed dragon resisting a water snake in this part of the video, which will ultimately help protect the kingdom’s riches.

By now, you’ll have created or imagined an Epic Minecraft build!

To conclude, this video can help you create the biggest Minecraft build. I hope this blog post helps you and best of luck on your next Minecraft project!

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