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Jump Force: Tier List - January 2022 (Complete List)


In science there is the belief that we live in a world that coexists with others in a vast infinite multi-universe. An idea that is more than proven in the series that entertain us so much. In this way the idea of ??a Jump Force to defend the universe arose. And for this, HDGames brings the Jump Force tier list .

What is Jump Force?

Before getting into the subject, it is important to know the idea that Jump Force constitutes as one of the most popular video games. In this sense, it is about the creation of an elite force made up of the best manga characters. Which will fight in epic 1 vs 1 battles against enemies from another dimension who want to take over our world.

It should be noted that Jump Force will allow you to create teams of up to 3 characters. However, you can only control one at a time to fight your enemies. However, the rest of the team will support you and you will be able to exchange fighters when you consider it necessary during the contest.

Likewise, it has an impressive graphics engine with which you can see and control everything around you in fantastic 3D. A system that offers you a much more realistic experience within the video game and that will allow you to spend long hours of endless entertainment.

What is the Jump Force tier list?

If the idea of ??playing Jump Force is starting to catch your attention, it is important that you know that you will have a universe of incredible characters to select from in each game.

A situation that can become a real headache by not knowing the characteristics and qualities of each of these fighters. Even more so when we are not experts in the Japanese art of heroes.

That is why it becomes really important to have a guide or a tool that offers us, precisely, all this information in order to have the certainty of selecting the

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