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The world was not always this terrain full of comforts and opportunities for humanity. At the time, man had to fight and build in order to survive and this is the idea that games like Empyrion try to recreate. But, considering the precarious conditions where all the stories in this game will take place, the degree of difficulty that users will face is notorious. Fortunately, there are already the Empyrion console commands that we bring you today.

And how not to think about taking advantage of each of the opportunities to improve your conditions. After all, you will face a new world full of dangers and threats that will try to eat you and end your game.

What are Empyrion console commands?

In this order of ideas, remembering that Empyrion is a space-themed survival and role-playing game, where we will be forced to survive a new world with nothing more than our imagination.

Possibly the resource that we have seems little; However, this world will provide you with the raw material to make practically anything. From weapons and armor to shelters.

But, if what you want is to live without major problems, we recommend using the Empyrion console commands which are nothing more than a series of cheat codes that you will play with as the developer of the game.

How do I activate the Empyrion console commands?

Now that we know a little about Empyrion and its commands, we might think about starting to use them frequently. If this is the case, you are going to need to know the correct way of how to be able to execute them properly.

As the title of our post indicates, to use Empyrion console commands we will need, first of all, how to access the game developer’s console. To do this, we can run Empyrion and enter any server. Once here, try the comma (,) or tilde (°) key on our keyboard since they are the default options that it brings.

But, if you want to customize your game and access to the console is one of your favorite topics, so using any of them does not seem at all desirable or, simply and simply, you cannot access the console by pressing any of those keys; just follow these steps:

  • Go to the game pause menu.
  • Access the control configuration options.
  • Find the one that says Console and modify its access key.

Once you finish with these simple steps, you can return to the game and enjoy all the Empyrion console commands by entering with the key you specified. Once inside the console, you will only have to write the tricks you want to execute and press Enter to start executing and you can enjoy their important benefits.

comandos de consola de Empyrion

The Empyrion console commands

Now that we know the basics of the game as well as the definition of the Empyrion console commands and the method to be able to execute them properly, it is time to start discovering what these tricks will be that will turn us into a space deity.

Not without first warning them that they have a notable restriction. In this sense, there are some Empyrion console commands that can only be executed by server administrators.

That is, the permissions to use one or another trick will depend on the role you play on the server. Next, they will see a selected list of codes that are available to both users and creators of the game.

Commands for players


  • Continuously enables / disables the ag screen (AntiGrief).


  • Alternatively open / close the AI.


  • When activated, it will allow to generate several AI managed by the AIManager.


  • Used to list alliances or alliance requests and allows to establish alliances.


  • Change a local survival game to creative and vice versa.


  • Enable / disable the mesh combiner.


  • Permiyou turn terrain decorations on and off and get some stats.


  • Defragment a game to save.

destroy me

  • Destroy the local player (Debug command to kill himself).


  • Separate the local player if he has the problem ‘stuck under cockpit’ (debug command).


  • Show / hide additional debugging information.


  • Shows the current difficulty setting for the game.


  • Allows you to perform various operations on an entity.


  • List all entities.


  • Run an executable.
  • Needs documentation.

gameoptions or gopt

  • Lists all current game option values.


  • Generates a 2D map image of the current world.


  • This command displays the current global effects.
  • Not sure what it does exactly.


  • Update grass commands.


  • Use it if you need to list all console commands and show specific help.


  • I become the initial administrator.

loadplayfield or lpf

  • Use it to load a playing field.


  • Combine two structurers into one.


  • Alternatively enable / disable offline protection on a fabric locally.


  • When activated it displays the list of sources


  • Show oxygenated areas on POIs


  • Execute PDA related commands (use ‘help pda’ to see details)
  • Prefabactivate prefabinfo
  • Turn on all the lit blocks

prefabinfo & lt; user blueprint name & gt;

  • By redeeming this key you will get the information about a user Blueprint (specify a name as shown in the Blueprint library)


  • If you want to regenerate the
  • Regenerate the object as a POI restoration


  • Replaces the specified blocks in the specified structure. To replace all blocks, run cmd as follows: replaceblocks & lt; entityid & gt; -alpha4. DO NOT RUN THIS COMMAND ON A SERVER!


  • Removes fuel and oxygen in local structure (may need to target core).


  • Set the specified devices to public


  • Enable or disable structural integrity.

spawnanyblueprint or sbp

  • Toggles spawning of any plane to on / off. Abbreviation: sbp.


  • Prints status information about the current playing field.


  • Apply a status effect to the player.


  • Remove a status effect from the player.


  • On lists all structures on the current playing field (maybe loaded on all playing fields?), with player distance and name.

terraineditor or te

  • Opens the Terrain Editor for SplatMap Terrain.


  • If you redeem it, you can issue the current ticks and allow you to activate, deactivate and configure them.


  • Enable it to get / set global time from server [server only]


  • When you activate it, all traders and permite reload the configuration file.


  • Use it to undock a specified SV or HV.


  • Open it if you need to manage underground resources.


  • Boost a custom weather setting when activated.


  • Activate a custom weather configuration on a server.

wipe & lt; sector & gt; & lt; target & gt;

  • Enabling this command removes specifics after server restart, such as “clearing Akua’s bucket” which removes ora’s buckets.

comandos de consola de Empyrion

Commands for administrators

playfield or pf

  • Activating it reloads the current playing field.


  • Use this key to set the role for a player (give special permissions).

Commands for Moderators only


  • Armor.


  • Ban a player for a period of time.

debugmenu or dm

  • Alternatively this command enables / disables the debug menu.


  • This code destroys an entity from a structure.


  • When activated, it displays the list of all structures of a faction.


  • Give things to the player.


  • Bookmark.


  • POI manager.


  • Repair elements.

comandos de consola de Empyrion

Commands for GameMaster


  • Auxiliary faction change functions.


  • Search for a structure by name within the current playing field and print its id.

finishbp or fbp

  • End current blueprint production.

godmode or gm

  • Successively enable / disable God mode.

itemmenu or im

  • Alternately enable / disable items menu (creative).


  • Kick player (or all players) out of the game.


  • Modify the level, experience points or upgrade points for the current player.


  • When redeemed, it displays the list of special players (that is, with special permissions or prohibited players).


  • Discover all the resources and POIs on the map. Use ‘map hide’ to hide them again.


  • Enabling it jumps to a specific sector.


  • Sets the position of an entity.


  • Sets the rotation of a structure.

teleport or tt

  • Teleports you (and the ship you currently control – if any) to a specified location or enables teleportation on the map.


  • Unban a player.

Latest recommendations on Empyrion console commands

It should be noted that the continuous use of Empyrion console commands can lead to a series of problems within the executable code of the game. A situation that can lead to a malfunction of the same.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Empyrion Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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