Pillars of Eternity: Console Commands 2021

The role-playing genre always brings us great adventures in stories as rich as only imagination can limit . It is here where we find examples as complete as Pillars of Eternity with a unique and extensive plot that will provide us with long hours of game and entertainment trying to overcome each obstacle . Therefore, we are going to need the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands for this.

It will be thanks to them that we will be able to overcome a series of missions and adversities that will make us think that our journey will have come to an end when it is only the beginning of a new chapter of a life within Pillars of Eternity .

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What are Pillars of Eternity Console Commands?

Like any good role-playing game , in Pillars of Eternity we will have the possibility of creating a character with which we will live an incredible adventure traveling through a magical world. But don’t let this distract you, since in every corner you will find dangers that threaten your departure.

Likewise, as the game progresses, you will come across really complicated missions and situations that will make you think that there will be no way out beyond restarting the game ; however, there are always more options.

This is where a series of tricks that we know as the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands make their appearance and that, in short, are some small tricks that will give us access to such an extensive accumulation of benefits as the same plot of the game.

How do I activate the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands?

Now that we know what the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands are, it is time to begin the journey of knowledge through this peculiar world. For this, we have to put as our starting point the correct way to execute them.

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In this sense, we have to tell you that it is something out of this world. In fact, is quite simple since you only need to open the game console to start enjoying all the commands of the game.

To do this, all you have to do is press the tilde key on your keyboard with which you will activate a dialog box . This is the game’s developer console and this is where you will have to type each and every Pillars of Eternity command that you want to run. Later, you just have to press Enter and with this they will already be activated.

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comandos de Pillars of Eternity

The Pillars of Eternity Console Commands

Next, we will introduce you to all the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands that are available in the game.

AddAbility (character) (abilityName)

Use this trick to instantly learn any skill. Consider that you must know the name of this to be able to use it.

AddExperience (#)

Add the desired amount of experience we want to the celebration.

AddExperienceToLevel (#)

With this command you can go up to 12 levels each time you use it; however, remember that you must always use a value between 1 to 12 for it to work properly.

AddItem (itemName) (#)

Add item quantity item name to inventory.

AddToParty (objectguid)

Activate this command if you want to add the specified character (or creature) to your team, but it must be on the same map.

AdvanceTimeByHours (hours)

To advance the time by several hours, this code must be redeemed.

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AttributeScore (character) (attribute) (#)

Enable this command to set the target’s attribute to score value, for example AttributeScore Companion_Eder (clone) strength 18 will make Eder’s base strength 18).

Cosmic Bird

Allow this command if you want to add a cosmic bird to our inventory.

Cosmic Cat

Open if you want to add a cosmic cat to our inventory.

Cosmic Dog

Redeem this command to add a cosmic dog to our inventory.


If you wish to add large quantities of all the handmade ingredients to storage, you must change this code.

FindGameData (name)

Prints the DebugName of all named GameData objects as the input string.


Its activation allows us to create any object without usingthe necessary materials for it.


Redeem to provide the subject with an item from your inventory.

GivePlayerMoney (#)

Use this console command to quickly get the amount of money you specify.

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Each time you call this code, you can activate God mode. In short, you will be invincible.


With this command you will heal both the health and the energy of the entire team.


Use it alternately if you want to make the gaming team invisible or visible.


Through this command the cheat mode is activated, you must write it first and then you must enter the rest of the tricks to unlock.


This code removes the fog of war.

NoDamage 0/1

This command makes everyone vulnerable by checking (0) and invulnerable by setting (1).

RemovePlayerMoney (#)

If it is exchanged, an amount (#) of money or coins is eliminated.


With this instruction the team will be able to rest its forces anywhere without the need for supplies or camping materials.

Skill (player) (field)

Activate it if you want to increase the skill level of a character. Activate it, placing in (player) the name of the hero and in (field) the skill you want to raise.

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setzoomrange (min) (max)

This command replaces the zoom range in minimum (min) and maximum (max)


Open this instruction if you want to cast any spell without any limit per combat.


Enable it to open all chests.


This command is used to unlock all the bestiary entries.

Latest recommendations on the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands

To end our tour of the secrets of the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands , we have decided to give you some recommendations so that you can enjoy this great adventure with the odd trap.

The first one is that you try to continually back up your game . This is because the excessive use of the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands can cause an error within the game that leads to its closure due to a malfunction.

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Likewise, it is important to always have at hand the name or ID of the objects, places, NPCs and abilities since, in most cases, the commands will request them so that they can function.

Finally, it is extremely relevant to understand that as beneficial as the Pillars of Eternity Console Commands may be, the most important of the game is to face the adversities of a world that will put them at every turn. Only in this way will you forge a character as strong as the steel of your sword and surpass your limits and owe all the secrets of Pillars of Eternity .

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