Doom: Console Commands 2021

The fight between good and evil is a concept that extends from the very origin of humanity but that was conceptualized from the arrival of religion to the world. It is here where we find angelic and demonic images that represent each side. Luckily, in video games like Doom we can arm ourselves to defeat evil. A scenario where the best option will always be the Doom console commands.

Thanks to them you will have invaluable power to annihilate the demons of an incredible world that has evolved over time. All with the sole purpose of providing gamers with a true icon of the industry.

What are Doom console commands?

Before encountering the Counter Strike phenomenon, there was already a shooter game that dominated the market. It featured ​​a simple name like Doom that instilled fear in gamers. Basically because it was an adventure with such a great degree of difficulty that it put even the most veteran of gamers combatants to the test.

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Over the years the game evolved , with the sole purpose of adapting to the needs of a modern market. Likewise, the followers grew who little by little found a way to facilitate the mission of eliminating a race of demons on the verge of escaping from their prison.

It was thanks to these innovative players, and a bit cheats, that today we have the Doom console commands as a great alternative to facilitate our game. So we can see them as a series of codes that will enable various tricks with which the demons themselves will have to fear our sole presence.

How do I use the Doom console commands?

If you are a fan of Doom or if you want to take your first steps in this adventure and you have the idea of ​​using these tricks, this post is for you. In this order of ideas , the first thing you have to know to execute the Doom console commands is, precisely, how to activate them.

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The truth is that it is a fairly simple procedure like opening the console; however, this will depend on the configuration of your keyboard. Therefore, in HDGamers we bring you the different methods , or combinations, that will activate the developer panel:

  • By default, by using ~ you activate it with the key combination ALT GR + 4 you should be able to open the console.
  • In case that doesn’t work, use CTRL + ALT + 4.

Once you activate the game console with any of these methods, you will see a dialog box where you can start typing each of the Doom console commands that we will present to you then and press the Enter key.

Doom console commands

After knowing a little about what the Doom console commands are about as well as the correct way to execute them, there is not much more to say than to present all these tricks that will make your adventure an unforgettable trip.

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By activating this cheat you can be a true God. That is, you will have infinite life, shield and ammunition.


Use this cheat to activate all the costumes and mods available in your inventory.


This command will open a temporary mini map.


The trick that makes you invisible for a while.


When you enter an area with no lighting, activate this cheat and nothing will hide in the dark.


A classic of the Doom saga is the presence of toxic waste. Use this trick to get a radioactive suit.


This trick will enable temporary Berserker mode.


If you don’t want to be a God for the entire game, use this cheat to activate this mode temporarily.

Idbehold #

By activating this key by replacing the # with one of the letters below, the powers of the enhancers are obtained:

  • A: Computer map.
  • I: Partial invisibility.
  • L: Light amplifying viewer.
  • R: Radiation suit.
  • S: Pack of Madness.
  • V: Invulnerability.
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If you enable this code you can use the chainsaw.

Idchoppers idclev ##

With this trick you can jump from one level to another within the game.

Consider that it has the following side effects:

  • The player’s state is restored to 100% health, without armor, with pistol in hand and 50 bullets.
  • If the second digit of the level number to jump is 1 (and if it is written in rapid succession, even if the first digit is 1), the player will switch the weapon to the fist when entering the new level.
  • His attack frequency returns to normal, although the speed increase of Daemons, Wraiths, and certain projectile attacks remain the same when manipulating fast monsters before the jump at a difficulty level other than NM,
  • If activated while the menu system is in use, only half of the screen is updated. The other half will continue to show a view of the old level until the menus have exited.

Note: Do not enter a level within the range 32-41 as it will block the game.


With this trick you will be able to explore levels from 1 to 19.

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Use this command to become a ghost and go through walls.

Idmus (xx)

If you want to change the background song, replace xx with the melody number when enabling this key.


This command also toggles God mode and you will be Invulnerable.

Consider that if you activate it with the nightmare mode you will make your health drain slowly at all times.


Use this code and you will regenerate armor, health and ammunition.


By using this code you will unlock all available modified weapons and armor.

Note: If you apply this code you will activate all the tricks of the ida, idfa, idka commands at the same time.


Enabling the present key grants the player all fully perfected weapons and their modifiers will be at the maximum level.


With the activation of this code all secrets, objects and any unexplored areas of the map are revealed and the following additional information is displayed in the automap:

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Displays the entire map where unexplored areas are exposed, including invisible linedefs that do not appear on the computerized map.

This auto map displays items, monsters, players, obstacles, and decorations.

If you activate it again, the automap returns to normal.

idmus ##

Using this code will change the weapon in the player’s hand to the available weapons, based on the numbers you enter.


If you enable this key, you activate the compass and indicate the coordinates and direction of the player.


Activating this command renders all enemies immune to both fire and normal weapons, requiring the player to kill them with Glory Kill animations.


By enabling this key, the player will be able to do any of these actions:

  • Go through walls, monsters and obstacles.
  • Climb high ledges instantly.
  • Pierce through objects and on all tagged boundaries with no effect.
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Latest recommendations

Now that you know all the Doom console commands it is important to know some ideas that will allow you to improve your in-game experience.

The first one is that some Turks , like all those who activate God mode, you can only deactivate its effect by executing the command again.

On the other hand, it is advisable to make a backup of your game since, on occasions, excessive use of them can cause crashes in the game that will prevent you from opening it again.

To conclude with this guide, we invite you to overcome the challenge that this game represents and, if necessary, use the Doom console commands as a last alternative. Only then will you be able to live the experience of one of the most outstanding games of all time.

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