Mass Effect 3: Console Commands 2021

Video games have the enormous potential to transport us to incredible worlds in the distant past or in the remote future, with the sole purpose of making us live stories that are only limited by the imagination. This is the case of space games like Mass Effect which has a plot as extensive as it is entertaining that requires several installments to explore its full capacity. That is why we bring you the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands.

With these codes you will be able to go on a space adventure as a true interstellar soldier and preserve the peace in the galaxy. But be very careful as dangers abound in every corner of the cosmos.

What are Mass Effect 3 Console Commands?

Regardless of how much experience you have in terms of space games, when we talk about Mass Effect we are referring to one of the most exciting game sagas with this theme on the market.

Not only for its great graphic quality or its optimization for any console where it is available. Its true value lies in the story that it tells that it ends up representing a real challenge for any gamer who wants to test their skills with blasters.

In addition to this shooter trait, it also has survival gameplay and puzzle solving qualities that will make your adventure a true obstacle course to overcome. In this sense, you will need tools, such as the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands , to get out of all of them.

It should be noted that when mentioning these Mass Effect 3 Console Commands , we refer to a series of codes that will enable all the hidden plots in the game in your favor. Basically they will give you the advantage in almost any situation that comes your way. Without a doubt, quite a striking idea for any space cadet.

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comandos de Mass Effect 3

How do I activate Mass Effect 3 Console Commands?

Now that you know a little more about Mass Effect 3 and its commands , you may start to feel a certain attraction to them and begin to consider adding them to your weapon repertoire.

Before starting to unveil each and every one of them and have such an extensive arsenal of ammunition, it is really important to find the weapon that will load them. In this sense, we refer to the game developer’s console.

It should be noted that in order to use it you must first enable it. This is not such a simple task since there are various methods thanks to the security measures that the game has. Fortunately, HDGamers brings you the simplest techniques to be able to enjoy all the commands of Mass Effect 3.

Next, we will show you the two easiest and most effective ways to access the game console. In one of them, you will only use the notepad. On the other hand, in the next one if it will be necessary to use an external program to modify the game’s permissions.

First Method: Without downloading external program

This first method is possibly the easiest to use since you will not need an external program, with all the risks that this entails; however, you must be very careful as any mistake in it can cause a catastrophic error in the game.

Outward: Console Commands 2021

To enable the Mass Effect 3 console without having to open a third program, you just have to follow these steps:

  • First, go to the folder where you have Mass Effect installed and look for the BIOInput file.
  • Then proceed to open it using the notes blog.
  • Now you have to find the line Engine Console.
  • When you get it, write ConsoleKey = X under it. (Replace the X with whatever key is more convenient for you).
  • Next, save the changes to the file.
  • Finally, run the game as administrator.
  • Now you can open the console using the key you assigned for it.

Second Method: Using Binkw32

For those who are not so comfortable with the idea of ​​manipulating the game files, we bring this second method which consists of installing a mod that does the job. This is the Binkw32 file that you can download directly from here. Then, to use the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands simply follow these steps:

  • Download the Binkw32 file.
  • Then you must install it in the folder where the Mass Effect 3 is using Mod Manager.
  • Run the game as administrator.
  • Now you can open the console using the Tab or Tilde key on your keyboard.

Regardless of the method you choose, once you open the developer panel you will only have to type any of the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands that you want to use and press Enter to start enjoying its great benefits.

comandos de Mass Effect 3

Mass Effect 3 Console Commands

In this vein, now that we already have the necessary knowledge to be able to open the game console and execute the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands, the only thing left to do is show you each and every one of these incredible tricks that will turn you into an interstellar legend.

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This command enables or disables the global cooldown. This makes you one of the enemies, especially the Geth Prime Drone.


Redeem this code exposes various debugging statistics on the screen.


Hides all the statistics shown by the previous command.


With its activation, all the profile command parameters that you can use are displayed.


By enabling this trick, the multi-player menu begins to load.


Use this key to turn AI on or off, for both teams and pets.


If you want to duplicate your character and place it at the spawn point, you must enable this command.


When this function is activated, a message is sent to all the players in a lobby.


If you want to open the miniconsole with the word Say, redeem this code.


With the application of this function the existing wave is eliminated immediately and the next wave is established from the parameter.


Activate this code to restart the current wave with the given faction.


With this command the existing wave is immediately killed.


Redeem this feature to send the wave clear resuscitation command.


If you enable this key, the size of the player is scaled.


Activate this feature to switch teams immediately in single player mode. In multiplayer, she immediately reduces the player and then places them on the opposing team.


Redeem it puts you in speculum mode, or takes you out of it.


Activating this cheat enables the debug chamber which flies like the flight chamber.


Use this feature to respawn at your starting point on the map. In single player this typically puts you aboard a discharged Normandy.

Portal 2: Console Commands 2021


Activating it creates a test bot so you can replace your current character with a bot.


By enabling this cheat you can change the position of the camera to follow the enemy AI.


Use this key to return the camera to your player character.


Enabling this cheat exposes the hitboxes for the body parts.


Enabling this feature displays the AI ​​cone of sight, line of sight, and last known target location.


Activating this cheat pauses the game, enters debugging mode and thus you will be able to see some internal variables of a pawn.


Use this command to immediately assassinate the player, even if God mode is activated.


Use this code if you want to be invincible as it activates God mode so Shepard does not die, unless you fall off a cliff.


Enabling this cheat will prompt youAllows the player to go up and down with the keyboard arrows.


Redeem this key to disable collisions with the player. If your doll, it will fall to the ground.


By activating this function you return to normal speed and on foot.


Redeem this code by shooting a tracker directly in front of the camera. Upon impact with a solid object, the player will be teleported there.

EnablePowerCooldown 0/1

Influences the function so that the energy cooldown is instantaneous.

  • 0 = This function will be activated.
  • 1 = Will disable the function.


Use this code to assassinate the target under the reticle.


Enable this key to eliminate all the enemies that are on the map.


Activate this feature to kill your squad.

Mass Effect 2: Console Commands 2021


By redeeming this command you eliminate your squadmates and kill nearby enemies.


By activating this key, Shepard’s suicide is achieved.


Use this command to activate the flying cam that flies around.


If you need to take a screenshot you must redeem this key.

ToggleHUD, ShowHUD

Enabling one of these commands exposes most of the HUD.

SlowMo #

Activate this function when you need to change the speed of the game, knowing that if you place the number 2 the speed will be twice as fast, 0.5 it will be reduced to half as fast.

GiveXP #

When redeeming this feature it is necessary to replace with the desired number of experience points.

SetParagon #

When redeeming this function it is necessary to replace with the desired number of paragon points.

SetRenegade #

When redeeming this function it is necessary to replace with the desired number of reneged points.

AdjustCredits #

When redeeming this function it is necessary to replace with the desired number of points of adjustments of credits (can also be negative ).

GiveTalentPoints #

When redeeming this feature it is necessary to replace with the desired number of talent points (can also be negative).

InitGrenades #

Enable this code by substituting # for the amount of grenades you want.

InitMedigel #

Enable this code by substituting # for the amount of medi-gel you want.

InitCredits #

Enable this code by replacing # with the amount of credits you want.

InitAmmo #

Enable this code by substituting # for the amount of munition you want.

InitFuel #

Enable this code by substituting # for the amount of fuel you want.

InitFuelEfficiency #

By activating this function, fuel consumption is charged , considering that if:

  • # 1 is used by default.
  • # 0.5 uses half.
  • # 0 does not use fuel.
Outer Worlds: Console Commands 2021

AdjustCredits X

When you activate this key it will be increased by placing + X and its value is –X, the part credits will be decreased.

GivePower (P)

Redeem this code provides additional P power to the target, see the list below for how to replace P.

Format for powers valid bonus Powers that replace the P

  • Carnage.
  • DarkChannel.
  • EnergyDrain.
  • Marksman.
  • ProximityMine.
  • Reave.
  • Slam.
  • Stasis.
  • Decoy.
  • ProtectorDrone (Defense Drone).
  • Barrier.
  • Fortification.
  • GethShieldBoost (Defensive Matrix).
  • Inferno Armor.
  • GranadaPiercingAmmo.

GiveItem (W)

Redeem this code provides a W weapon to the player, see the list for how to replace W.

Format for valid weapons that replace W

  • Unique Armors
  • Cerberus.
  • Terminus.
  • Inferno.
  • Dragon’s Blood.
  • Collector.

Note: Heavy weapons cannot be acquired this way.


Use this cheat to be able to exit the game.


This command restarts the level.

EnableDamage 0/1

Use this cheat to change the damage your character takes as well as your unit.

0 = The cheat is disabled.

1 = The cheat is activated.

ce Hench_PickAny

By enabling this command you can select any minion from the full list where you are standing.

ce Hench_Empty

Use this cheat only for tapping but don’t do it where a squadmate is required for the mission.

ce Hench_SetupSquad_NoFade

Using this key you can teleport the squad to the Shepard location.


Activating this code unlocks all Codex entries.


By enabling this command, the equipment menu opens.

SetAllWeaponModLevels #

Activate this cheat to set all acquired weapon mods at level # 1 to 5.


Redeem this feature to get 9999 ammo and super damage per equipped weapon.

Latest recommendations on Mass Effect 3 Console Commands

At this point you will come across the end of our guide on Mass Effect 3 Console Commands and you can begin to consider yourself a scholar on the subject; however, there will always be something to be said to enhance your adventure.

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Basically we talk about some tips that can be very useful in your game. Among them is the one linked to saving the game frequently once you start using these tricks. The reason for this is that if you use them excessively, you can generate an error in the Mass Effect 3 code that prevents it from working.

Also, as you may have noticed throughout this material, many commands are identified with symbols such as # or P, W, X among others. Remember to change them for the value that we made known to you at the time. Otherwise the commands will not work.

Finally, remember that beyond the adrenaline rush and how engaging the adventure is with the use of the Mass Effect 3 Console Commands , it is important to moderate your playing time so that you can enjoy an experience in fullness. On behalf of the entire HDGamers team, we can only invite you to enjoy the holidays with your family while you recreate an intergalactic story worthy of bringing to the gaming table.

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