Mordhau: Console Commands 2021

The Middle Ages, home to an inexhaustible source of inspiration thanks to the innumerable amount of myths and legends that were forged in it. Based on the strength of the swords and the sweat of great fighters who shaped it. That is why it is irresistible not to aspire to relive those battles. This is where games like Mordhau appear that give us the possibility of living a similar experience. But, you will never be completely ready without knowing Mordhau console commands.

With them you can face any combat and have a better chance of survival. After all, the blood of those mighty men was an important piece of those great stories.

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What are Mordhau console commands?

In this order of ideas, when we speak of Mordhau as a video game, we refer to a title that offers unique combat gameplay with knives. In addition, it has different ways to play and all set to the time of knights, castles and dragons.

As you can imagine, the subject is not exactly easy since you will compete with the character and abilities of other players. Likewise, you can fight against a very tough AI that will not hesitate to kill you at the first opportunity you give it. Therefore, you are going to need some tricks to easily survive this adventure,

This is where the Mordhau console commands appear as a series of codes that will allow you to enable all the cheats developed in the game in your favor. With them you will have the chance to manage your games as well as to improve the skills of your character and much more. Without a doubt, an ally of great importance for any fighter.

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First recommendations about the Mordhau console commands

Unlike many manuscripts of the epic, in HDGamers we will give you some warnings that these Mordhau console commands have so that you can enjoy them in a healthy way.

It should be noted that these cheats are only available for the computer version of the game. Also, you must remember to start the program as administrator if you decide to use these tricks frequently. Primarily because it is the first condition for Mordhau console commands to work properly. After understanding these small details, you are ready to take your sword or ax and go out to a battlefield where death awaits you at every moment.

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How do I use the Mordhau console commands?

Continuing with this idea about the Mordhau console commands it is time to begin to detail more about them. So the first thing we will deal with is how to open the developer console to run them.

The truth is that it is a fairly simple procedure since you only have to press the Tilde or Fin key on your keyboard. After that, a dialogue box will open, similar to the chat, where you can start typing each and every commands that you will see below. Obviously, after having written the trick, all you have to do is do Enter to start enjoying its great benefits.

comandos de consola de Mordhau

Mordhau console commands

After knowing all the previous details about these cheat codes, it is time to start discovering each of them. In this sense, we have decided to create a series of categories to facilitate your navigation through our guide.

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Administrator only commands

adminlogin < password >

This command must be enabled to enter as administrator and to be able to execute the instructions.


Activating this cheat displays the list of all current administrators of the game.

adminadd < STEAMID64 >

Through this code a new user is added to the administration list

removeadmin < STEAMID64 >

This trick removes the specified user from the list of administrators.

changelevel < map name >

Use this key to modify the game map.


This code is used to restart the current game.

addbots < integer >

Enabling this command adds the desired number of bots to your game session.

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removebots < integer >

This key removes the desired number of bots from your gaming board.

kick < user name / steamid64 >

With this command, the user whose name is specified is removed from the game.

ban < user name / steamid6 >

Trick used to ban a user from the game.

unban < user name / steamid6 >

Use this trick to re-admit a user to your games.

Polling Commands


With this command the list of prohibited players is displayed.

Stat FPS

Activating this cheat exposes the FPS counter.

comandos de consola de Mordhau

Cheat Commands

slomo < value >

Activating this command makes the game speed faster or slower, depending on whether the value set is positive or negative.


Using this code will freeze / unfreeze all bots, but allow you to keep walking.

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ChangeSize x

Activate this command to change the size of his character in single player mode.

m.ShowCrosshair 0

To disable crosshair you need to enable it.

m.inverseattackdirection 1

With this trick you can modify the direction of your attacks.

Commands to activate game functions


If you need to exit the Mordhau game program, you must activate this command.


Use this trick to disconnect from the current server.

demorec name

By means of this code a recording is started and recorded.


Use this trick to stop a recording.


With this command the recording is reproduced.

Final considerations about Mordhau console commands

Now that you know all the Mordhau console commands you can go out into battle and bring victory to your side. Something that will fill you with glory until the next game; however, there are still some problems with these tricks that you should know.

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The first one is that excessive use of them can cause problems such as defamation (they will call you a hacker) in the best of cases or glitches in the game. Therefore, it is advisable to use them in a moderate way.

On the other hand, if you have problems using the keys to open the game console, you can modify them from the pause menu at your convenience. That said, we can put an end to our guide on the Mordhau console commands inviting you to enjoy one of the best adventures of the Middle Ages that the gamer world has to offer.

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