Dragon Age 2 Console Commands – Updated 2022

It is really difficult to imagine what it would be in the gamer market without the role-playing genre. In it we find a huge variety of titles, such as Dragon Age 2, that will allow us to incarnate great battles in incredible worlds full of dangers. Therefore, we will need the right equipment and knowledge to survive as well as allies as powerful as the Dragon Age 2 Console Commands. With this power we can frame ourselves in a crusade full of mysteries and dangers that will surely keep us on our consoles for long hours of play. Without a doubt, an experience that you must try and more with the eye-catching tricks that we bring for you.

What are Dragon Age 2 Console Commands?

It should be noted that this genre is characterized by being, precisely, a series of challenges with different levels of complexity. So, in most cases in Dragon Age 2, you will find quite simple missions that will take away your desire to play. On the other hand, you will also have the opportunity to face challenges so great that you will think they are impossible to overcome. It is in this case where using tricks or tricks ends up being a great idea. In this order of ideas, this situation is the cradle for the Dragon Age 2 Console Commands to emerge as a tool that will allow you to access all the traps hidden in the game code </ strong >. With them you will be able to level up faster or obtain incredible and valuable resources. All this and more is what the Dragon Age 2 Console Commands that HDGamers brings you this time keep.

How do I activate Dragon Age 2 Console Commands?

Now that you know a bit about what it’s all about when we talk about Dragon Age 2 Console Commands, you may be more drawn to the idea of ​​using them in each of your games. In this case, it is important to learn all the necessary prior considerations to be able to enjoy these tricks without problems. It should be noted that the only way to run these codes is through the game developer’s console; however, Dragon Age 2 has quite strict restrictions on the use of these tricks. Therefore, you are going to require a series of permissions to open this panel. Fortunately for fans of this saga, there is a way to do it without having to go to the game studio. The truth is that it is not easy, but it is not an impossible process either. Consequently, at HDGamers we set out to explain, step by step, everything you need to activate the game console. To do this, you just have to follow each point that we will present below:

Create a shortcut

When you read this point it may sound a bit strange to you since, by default, the game installation will create it; however, there are cases where for one reason or another it is removed from our desktop. So, the first step to enjoy Dragon Age 2 Console Commands is to make sure we have the shortcut on our desktop or the start menu in that case. Once we have it, we must right click and go to properties. When you are in those options, look for the field line called Target and write, leaving a space at the end, –enabledeveloperconsole.

Note: You should have something similar to this “C: \ Program Files \ Dragon Age 2 \ bin_ship \ DragonAge2.exe” -enabledeveloperconsole Note: It doesn’t matter if you downloaded the game from Steam or Origin, this step is the same and will only change the folder where it is installed.

Configure the command

Now that you have enabled the game console through the previous steps, all you have to do is assign a key to access it within Dragon Age 2. In this case you will find two ways to do it.

From the pause menu

  • Run the game as administrator.
  • In the pause menu, go to keyboard settings and enable the Allow Access to developer console option.
  • Then, in advanced options, find the option Open the console and assign the key of your convenience.

Note: This method will not be available all the time. So you will always have to perform these steps.

From the game folder

  • Go to My Documents and find the folder where Dragon Age 2 games and settings are saved.
  • Inside it, look for the archivo Settings’KeyBindings.ini located inside the BioWare’Dragon Age 2 folder.
  • Open this file using notepad.
  • Locate the line OpenConsole_0-Keyboard: #.
  • At this point you only have to replace the # with the key you want to use to open the console.
  • Finally, save the changes and close the notepad.

Note: This method will ensure that you have that keyboard configuration for each game.

comandos de Dragon Age II

How do I open the Dragon Age 2 command console?

After having enabled the console and establishing the most practical configuration for you to open it, it only remains to go to the game. In this case, it is recommended to run it as administrator and start the game. When you are already in it, it will be enough to activate the key that you have selected in the previous steps to open the console. This will appear as a kind of dialog box, similar to a chat window. Once in it, you just have to type the Dragon Age 2 Console Commands that you want to use and press the Enter key to start enjoying your big benefits.

Dragon Age 2 Console Commands

After having assimilated and carried out each step that we have previously described, you will be able to write each of the Dragon Age 2 Console Commands that we will present to you next without problems.

General commands

runscript healplayer

  • With this trick you will be able to recover the HP points of each member of your squad.

runscript redo injury

  • Use this command to remove negative effects from your squad members.

runscript injury remall

  • It does the same thing as the previous trick. The only difference is that in this trick you will have to select a particular member.

runscript addmoney X

  • When executing this function, copper is added according to the specified quantity X, that is; 10,000 x 1 Gold Piece.

runscript killallhostiles

  • Redeem this key triggers the destruction of all enemies, but be careful as this action can break script encounters and potentially block progress.

runscript addxp X

  • Activating this code increases the experience by the specified amount X.

runscript pc_immortal

  • By enabling this feature you will still lose health, but you will not die.

runscript pc_immortal 0

  • By enabling this function you will not lose health.
  • Warning:
    • In some cases this command does not work, for example fighting a partner during Night Terrors.
    • It is good to keep in mind when using this command to know if it is inside or outside the message.
    • When the message shows “immortal: 1” it shows that the command is enabled.

runscript trick

  • Activating this command gives all party members a white glow effect, with white powder spreading out when you move, temporarily increasing the party’s defense by a significant amount, however the damage still persists.

runscript zz_upgrade

  • Use this code to open the enchantment window.

runscript zz_app_debug

  • Activating this function opens the Approval debugging window to set approval rates and romance marks (this does not work for Sebastian, you must use your personal command zz_seb_debug).

Runscript zz_supercrit (Player name)

  • Performing this function adds 1000 stamina and health, 50 dexterity and strength to Hawke. Please note that this effect is irreversible.
  • This effect is irreversible, but additional attribute points can be redistributed using the Creator’s Sipiro.
  • In certain versions, this effect does not restrict loot collection. The effect can also be repeated. Use Maker’s Sigh and re-enter the code. Your character will have mores 50 to strength and dexterity and you will have more than 100 points to distribute
  • To achieve this effect with any partner, prefix the chosen partner’s name with gen00fl_ instead of the player. ex: runscript zz_supercrit gen00fl_anders
  • To achieve this effect with Tallis, the command is runscript zz_supercrit eye00fl_tallis

runscript dbg_setattrib (Attribute) (#)

  • Activating this code grants the selected party member an attribute buff / debuff of 180s, where (attrib) is a number from 1 to 6 (1-Str, 2-Dex, 3-Mag, 4-Cun, 5-Wil, 6-Con) and (value) is the amount you want to raise it by which can be a negative amount if you want to reduce the attribute.

runscript bowlingforferelden

  • This command surrounds you with an energy ball and allows you to hit almost any NPC (party members included) like bowling pins.
  • Make sure to save before doing this as it can have unintended consequences (pushing NPCs into unreachable areas, for example). It disappears after 50 seconds.

runscript zz_party

  • Enabling this key keeps the current squad and you can activate some bots.


  • If the bots don’t respond, you can call on 3 other players to attach them to your unit.
  • This cheat is used to fill the 6 quotas of a squad.

Note: Every time you use this trick and activate the bots, their enhanced attributes will disappear.

comandos de Dragon Age II

Debugging commands

runscript zz_ave_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Aveline Vallen. (assembly approval, jump to dialog boxes, set plot marks)

runscript zz_and_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Anders.

runscript zz_bet_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Bethany Hawke.

runscript zz_car_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Carver Hawke.

runscript zz_fen_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Fenris.

runscript zz_isa_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Isabela.

runscript zz_mrl_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Merrill.

runscript zz_seb_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Sebastian Vael (Requires the exiled prince downloadable content)..

runscript zz_vrc_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Varric Tethras.

runscript zz_dre_debug

  • Activate this code to run the track action for The Deep Roads Expedition.

runscript zz_lgt_debug

  • Activate this code to run the lightweight content action and debug various side quests.

runscript zz_mer_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on the merchant missions.

runscript zz_mag_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on various main mage / templar missions of the plot.

runscript zz_qun_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on several missions qunari of the main plot.

runscript zz_qcr_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on the Qunari crisis. (Final graph and variables of act II)

runscript zz_mcr_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on the magician’s crisis. (Final graphic of act III and variables)

runscript zz_per_debug

  • Activate this code to execute the action on Hawke’s personality / dialogue tone.
  • Shows current ringtone and allows hard reset.

runscript zz_otl_debug

  • Run this trick to jump to char / plot for On the Loose.

runscript load warrior (#) </ h4>

  • Activating this key changes the player to a level warrior #

runscript chargen mage (#)

  • Activating this key changes the player to a level # wizard.

runscript chargen rogue (#)

  • Activating this key changes the player to a level # rogue.

runscript zz_vault_debug

  • With this command you will be able to save the game in the debug memory.
  • Once you activate it, you can use any of the tricks that you will see below:
    • runscript zz_rdr_debug
    • runscript zz_rdr start (runscript zz_rdr start) goto? day night? set? get Talk
    • runscript zz_rdr
    • start:
      • 1
      • 2
      • 3
    • goto:
      • tavern 1
      • tavern 1 night
      • docks 1
      • docks 1 night
      • warehouse
      • keep 2
      • stay 2 nights
      • tavern 2
      • tavern 2 night
      • springs 2
      • docks 2 nights
      • ambush
      • hiding place
      • stash
      • final
    • dae

runscript zz_dae_debug

  • Activating this command will modify the group, Act / area / path jumps and Map debugging.

runscript zz_drk_debug

  • Enabling this trick opens the debug wheel with teleport and search stage options for the legacy DLC.

runscript zz_eye_debug

  • Enabling this trick opens the debug wheel with teleportation options and search stage for the downloadable content Mark of the Assassin . </ em >

Latest recommendations on Dragon Age 2 Console Commands

When you get to this point you could say that you are already an expert in the field of Dragon Age 2 Console Commands ; however, we can give you some final recommendations to improve your experience. In addition, they will help you preserve your game and take care of your game. In this sense, we can start by saying that you should use the tricks you just learned in moderation. Primarily because excessive use of them can cause game crashes that lead to general malfunction. On the other hand, you probably saw some commands with an instruction in parentheses. These orders must be replaced as follows:

  • (#):
    • A numeric value
  • (Attribute):
    • Indicate the appearance of your character.
  • (Character name):
    • Here you can use the name of a partner or the ID of any npc you want to benefit.

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