Best games like Age of Empires to quench your thirst for battle

games like Age of Empires

The strategy genre is the favorite of many gamers around the world, why? Well, among other things, because it allows you to put yourself in the shoes of the civilizations that you admire or fear, that is why we present you the best games like Age of Empires .

But unfortunately for many fans, the classic game is getting old, or after so many years it doesn’t catch them as much as before. To these seekers, strategists, planners, geniuses of the trade and masters of the sword, is that I share this list with others 5 games like Age of Empires that you will surely enjoy:

Starcraft 2

Starcraft 2

Released July 2010 and free since 2017 , StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty was the world’s best-selling RTS (Real-time Strategy) game at its launch, with 3 million copies in the first month and 93% on Metacritic.

The game is based on space in the 26th century and there are three main races:

  • Humans or Terrans.
  • The Zerg, the main antagonists, xenomorphic beings that mutate all the time to improve their abilities. < / li>
  • The Protoss, an incredibly technologically advanced species with psionic powers.

The campaign contains missions with special situations , such as lava that appears in the battlefield every five minutes and forces the player to place their units strategically, or enemies attack only at night.

Between each group of missions the player must decide what to spend their resources on. Upgrading units, constructing buildings, increasing the size of your army are just a few examples of what can be done only in the campaign. Then you have all the PvP.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

The most recent and according to its creator perhaps the last title in the Civilization saga is a turn-based game that is the dream of any fan of history.

A number of civilizations thrown on a map with finite territory and resources . You can be a rampage and develop nuclear weapons that destroy cities in one fell swoop, or go on the side of politics and diplomacy. You can buy and bribe friends with gold, or you can create your own religion and gain power without ever having to raise your hand. It is up to you.

They continue to release DLC’s, adding new civilizations with special abilities and influences that can be chosen from the main screen by making each game customizable at the same time unique . Also, it’s probably one of the prettiest games on this list,

You’ll see your civilization grow from hand-picking rice to sending satellites to earn Influence Points within five to six hours. It is the definition of replayable.


The game Cossacks is based on the epic confrontations between two majestic, so it has a great amount of customization and strategy when it comes to combat < / b> as such. Then, it is quite similar to the rest of RTS’s, being necessary to expand your territory, build a variety of buildings and get increasingly scarce resources for which you will end up facing.

The main game, Cossacks European Wars, is based on the battles that hit the continent between the 17th and 18th centuries.

The second installment covers everything about the Napoleonic wars.

And the third is a remastering of the first. Launched in 2016, its 3D graphics are spectacular.

In its five main campaigns, the battles are represented very accurately. Sometimes they put the player in front of virtually impossible to defeat targets on their first attempt.

The game has 17 nations, each with special units. Artificial intelligence was sometimes criticized and sometimes praised, as was the extension of the map and the management of resources in such a complex territory. You should see it for yourself.

The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-Earth II

This is a title that will make fans of the novel happy who want to be responsible for saving (or destroying) Tolkien’s world. The Battle for Middle-Earth II is a sequel that expands and improves on almost all the features of its 2004 predecessor. Released in 2006, it received a multitude of awards and mentions, reaching fourth place in Game of the Month. for PC.

There are two campaigns, simply called Good and Bad, in which you continue Glorfindel on the one hand already Sauron on the other:

  • In the first, you must eliminate Sauron and restore peace to Middle-Earth while defending an Elven shrine of a gigantic siege.
  • In the other, with the help of the Nazgul and evil Goblins you must advance in your conquest and destruction of the remaining forces of the Good.

Its multiplayer mode was harshly criticized for being unfair. And for having errors like invisible units, units that go through walls, frozen AI and… troops that fail to find the shortest way to their objective, but the campaigns were so well received that it did not matter much and even memes were made about it.

Its soundtrack composed by Jaime Christopherson was hailed by many fans as the best in the game.

Unfortunately the servers were shut down between 2010 and 2011 due to license expiration, but you can still get it and play it on community-made servers. But watch out for the Ring.

But if you want something more like the classic Age of Empires still, I will finally tell you one developed by the same company and everything:

Age of Mythology

While the classic AoE is more realistic and based on real historical events, with this installment they decided to be a little more fanciful .

The AoM features Egyptian, Norse and Greek Gods and legends for the player to decide which place to take in -another- type of story, One in which you can handle similar resources and armies to the classic, but with the help of Gods and demi-Gods.

In the campaign, you follow an Atlantis general in search of a cyclops who had stolen Poseidon’s trident, fighting krakens, minotaurs, and ending the extensive campaign of 32 scenarios turning you into … You better find out.

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