CSGO Console Commands – Updated 2023

Competition will always be a characteristic feature of every player who will always seek, beyond the satisfaction of entertainment, to demonstrate that he can become the best. All this without losing the essence of enjoying the company of friends which, in short, is what made titles like Counter Strike one of the most popular in the world. history. That is why today, in HDGamers, we bring the CSGO Console Commands ( Counter Strike Global Offensive ) so you can enjoy one of the latest major expansions in the game.

In it, beyond continuing to have the most representative elements of the saga, you will be able to enjoy a more pleasant and entertaining visual interface. Not to mention that it will allow you to change weapons faster which is a huge advantage on the battlefield.

What is CSGO?

At this point it is difficult to meet someone who does not have knowledge of what the Counter Strike saga is about, mainly because it is possibly the most important and popular shooting video game of all times in the gaming industry.

Therefore, we can start by saying that CSGO is one of the latest versions of the game released in 2012 which has important improvements. The first one is that it has new characters for the terrorist camp.

Likewise, regarding the weapons section that ends up being the strongest point of the game, we can say that in this edition we will have much more realistic models. Adding the use of a new graphic engine, it will give us a unique experience with each shot or combat we enter.

As if that were not enough, CSGO is one more step in the evolution of one of the largest eSports that the world knows to date. The reason for this is the inclusion of new game modes and character rankings within teams.

All this with the sole purpose of promoting healthy competition among users and, of course, calling more gamers in the world to try their luck in the different competitions around the world..

What are CSGO Console Commands?

Although it is possible to consider that the gameplay of Counter Strike does not change over time, it is possible to find players whose skills need more entertainment to enlist in the forces.

In addition, with new missions and obstacles of greater demand that CSGO has in store for us, the execution time and the reading of the map are crucial. For this and much more is that we need some tools to try to tip the balance of power always in our favor in each game.

Therefore, as in all previous installments of the saga, a series of CSGO Console Commands were developed that will give us that access to a completely new universe of possibilities within the game.

Consequently, we can affirm that the CSGO Console Commands are just a series of cheat codes available in the game to help us at certain moments of the game. A very useful idea considering the difficulty of trying to carry out a mission while a group of shooters is chasing us.

How do I activate the CSGO Console Commands?

After learning about the ideas that make up the Counter Strike Global Offensive concept as well as those of the CSGO Console Commands, it is time to start taking the first steps along the way. to discover what these traps are that will give us a huge advantage on the battlefield.

For this, the most important thing we must know is the procedure necessary to execute each of these commands. To achieve this, you just have to open the game console and start writing them. However, to be able to access it if you are going to need some previous steps. So, to enter the console you just have to follow the following instructions:

  • First, you have to open the game.
  • Then go to the options or settings menu of it.
  • Then select “game settings”.
  • By default, it should appear without selecting the “Enable Developer Console” box. Obviously, you have to mark it.
  • Save all changes and return to the game.

After this, you will already have the option of being able to access the game console enabled. To do this, by default, you just have to press the tilde key on your keyboard. This will open a gray dialog box on your screen with the cursorat.

Next, we will leave you a short video tutorial on how to open the console and enjoy these commands.

CSGO Console Commands

Now that you know the basics of the game as well as a brief description of what CSGO Console Commands are and what you need to activate them. The moment you were waiting for has arrived since, from now on, we will begin to navigate the sea made by each and every one of these tricks.

For this we have decided to divide it according to the aspect that it alters in the game. All this in order to facilitate your navigation and selection of CSGO Console Commands when using them.

Radar Commands

Within this first section of the CSGO Console Commands you will find all the tricks that will allow you to adjust the radar to always keep an eye on the threats that surround you.

cl_hud_radar_scale 1

  • Use it to vary the radar value bigger or smaller. The default value is 1 and the amounts can range from 0.8 to 1.3.

cl_radar_scale 0.7

  • If you want to change the size of the objects on the radar, use this command and the possible values ​​range from 0.25 to 1.

cl_radar_square_with_scoreboard 0/1

  • By means of this code you select if you want the radar to become square, the marker opens (1) or if it remains round (0).

cl_drawhud_force_radar -1/0/1

  • By this command you get the conditions to show the radar on the screen: never (-1) or when the HUD is disabled (1) or enabled (0).

cl_teammate_colors_show 0/1

  • Used to toggle different colors for your teammates on the radar off / on.

cl_radar_rotate 0/1

  • The radar rotates with your game character (1) or remains stationary (0).

cl_radar_always_centered 0/1

  • Use it so that the radar is centered around your character (1) or not (0).


  • You want to remove the radar, activate it.

CSGO Console Commands to Improve the HUD

With the CSGO Console Commands that you will see below, you will be able to best adjust the HUD settings to facilitate your vision and game.

cl_hud_color 0-10

  • When opened, different basic colors of the game interface are presented.

cl_hud_playercount_showcount 0/1

  • Alternately disable / enable player count menu as live player numbers. In the disabled condition, you will see Steam avatars.

cl_hud_playercount_pos 0/1

Open it if you want to place the player count menu at the top of the screen (0) or at the bottom (1).

  • + cl_show_team_equipment
  • You will observe by enabling it the names of your teammates and their team above their heads throughout the round.

+ showscores or + score

  • The game score will always be visible on the screen when activated.

–score or showscores

  • If you want the game score not visible on the screen, use this command.

cl_drawhud_force_deathnotices -1/0/1

  • When activated with (-1) the information about kills never appears on the screen or is shown when the HUD is disabled (1) or enabled (0).

cl_hud_bomb_under_radar 0/1

  • Enable to carry the bomb, its icon will appear under the radar (1) or will be disabled (0).

cl_hud_healthammo_style 0/1

  • To see information about your health and armor only as numbers (1) or as numbers and the bar (0) you must redeem it.


  • If you want, place the names of the players and teams on the other side of the screen, mark (1) or return them to the default if you mark (0). The command affects the HUD for viewers.

hud_scaling 0.85

  • Toggle this on to make all HUD elements larger or smaller.
  • Use the values ​​from 0.5 to 0.95.

mapoverview_icon_scale 2

  • The icons in the map overview turnsn twice as large. Returns the default condition with the value 1.

hud_showtargetid 0/1

  • Used to hide / show information about opponents when hovering over them.


  • With this instruction the HUD will reload to apply all custom changes.


  • Use this command to cancel all changes to the CSGO HUD and return the default settings.

comandos de CSGO

Commands to improve performance

Unlike the tricks that we saw previously, with the ones that you will see in this section you will have a more general control of the various elements that improve the graphic part of your game. It is ideal when we find ourselves with games that can force our team to a worrying point.

r_eyemove 0, r_gloss 0

  • Enable to remove movement and glare from game characters.

cl_disable_ragdolls 1

  • Use when you don’t want ragdolls technology

dsp_slow_cpu 1

  • Activate the lowest quality of game sounds.

cl_downloadfilter nosounds

  • If you wish to avoid downloading custom sounds (Music Kits), you must redeem it.

mm_dedicated_search_maxping 80000

  • By enabling it you achieve the maximum allowed ping, where 1000 in the value is 1 second.

Commands to improve graphics and sound

If you are determined to improve or adjust to your liking what is related to the graphics and audio of Counter Strike Global Offensive.

mat_monitorgamma 1.8

  • To get the brightness of the virtual world use values ​​from 1.6 to 2.1.

surrounding.volume 1

  • Useful command to adjust the volume of all sounds.

snd_musicvolume 1

  • Use it to control music volume.

snd_headphone_pan_exponent 1

  • Useful to regulate the volume of sounds from a distance.

voice_enable 0

  • A command with this value will disable all sounds in chat. Set 1 to return to standard settings

voice_enable 0

  • Here’s how to mute everyone in CS: make a voice chat, redeem it.

voice_scale 2

  • Increase the volume of the voice chat (use your value).

windows_speaker_config 1-5

  • Enable it to know the audio device you are using. A value of 2 means headphones, 3 means four speakers are used, 4 means two speakers, and 5 means a 5.1 surround sound system. The default team is 1.

comandos de CSGO

Commands to access the Game Functions

One of the most important sections regarding CSGO Console Commands is the one related to the game’s functions. With them you can configure practically all the game modes as well as the gameplay itself.

bot_quota 4

  • This command determines how many robots the CSGO team can accept.


  • Robots will be added to teams with fewer players.


  • The terrorist team will get a robot.


  • The counterterrorism team will receive a robot.


  • This is how to remove all bots in CSGO.


  • Robots only fight with knives.


  • The robot only fights with a pistol.


  • All weapons can be used on CSGO robots.


  • The robot cannot shoot.


  • The robot cannot move.

bot_zombie 1

  • Make the robot completely indifferent to everything around it.

bot_crouch 1

  • This command makes the robots squat.

bot_mimic 1

  • Make the robot copy your actions.

bot_difficulty 1

  • Set the difficulty of the robot. Possible values ​​are 0 to 2.


  • This command killed all the robots mercilessly.

hud_showtargetid 0

  • Disable the player name when you point the CS GO crosshair at the character.

cl_draw_only_deathnotices 1

  • Redeem to see only death notifications during gameplay.

v_showbullethits 0

  • With this command, there will be no blood in the CSGO virtual world.


  • Removes all damage and spilled blood when applied.

con_filter_enable 2-> con_filter_text Damage-> con_filter_text_out Player

  • This combination of commands from the CS: GO console can be activated to display statistics on the damage caused by the death of the character.

cam_idealdist 150

  • The distance between the camera and the game character, you open it with this code.

cam_idealyaw 0

  • Determine the position of the camera in a circle around the character.

cam_command 1

  • Activate the game view from the third person perspective.

cl_righthand 0-1

  • Change the weapon’s hand (left and right) when opening it.

viewmodel_presetpos 1

  • Command to change the weapon’s vision. The value 1 is the default, 2 is the closed view, and 3 is the classic CS 1.6 view.

viewmodel_offset_x 1 / viewmodel_offset_y 1 / viewmodel_offset_z 1

  • These commands can change the position of the character’s hand on the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. Possible values ​​are -2 to 2.5.

viewmodel_fov 33

  • Determine the distance at which the character holds the weapon. Allowed values ​​from -54 to 65.

hud_takesshots 0/1

  • Disable / enable automatic screenshots at the end of the game.

Commands to manage Practice Mode

If you want to start little by little in this incredible shooter world without having to perform at the highest level in a game at the first turn. It always ends up being a good idea to find a place where you can practice freely.

That is why we come across these curious CSGO Console Commands that will give us adequate space and time to improve our weapons skills.

mp_do_warmup_period 1

  • There will be a warm-up period for the game competition. This is a great way to prepare for a shootout.

mp_warmuptime 180

  • With this command, your warm-up time will be 3 minutes. Set the value in seconds to change the time.


  • Start the warm-up period manually.


  • The command is done manually.


  • Use this command to complete the warm-up phase immediately.

mp_endwarmup_player_count 7

  • The warm-up period will last until the designated number of people join the game (replace your number with 7).

comandos de CSGO

CSGO Console Commands: Weapons

If this game can show off something, as we discussed previously, it is in the use of real weapon models. But the big problem that was always present in each installment of the saga is in the control and dominance of each one of them. This is why these commands exist, to always have them in our favor.

mp_buytime 30

  • This order requires 30 seconds to purchase weapons before the start of the game. Change the value to set another time.

mp_buy_anywhere 1

  • Both teams can buy weapons anywhere on the map. ChangedSet the value to 2 to enable this feature for terrorists only and change 3 to target counter-terrorists.

mp_freezetime 30

  • The start time for non-moving players is 30 seconds. Change your time value. For those players who already have the previous round of weapons and do not need to buy anything new, this time is of great importance.

sv_grenade_ trajectory 1

  • This command improves your skills with grenades since you can see the trajectory of the grenade and the point of impact.

sv_grenade_rajectory_time 9

  • The path of the grenade will only be shown for 9 seconds if you change the value of this command and you will change the time.

sv_showbullethits 1

  • This command helps improve the accuracy of the shot by showing you where the bullet hit the game character.

sv_showimpacts 1

  • Using this code you can see where the bullet enters various objects on the map.

sv_showimpacts_time 9

  • Using this value, you will see the impact of the bullet in 9 seconds, you can set your value by changing the time.

sv_infinite_ammo 1

  • By redeeming this instruction you can equip your weapon with numerous ammunition, but it needs to be recharged. Use * ** 2 ** * to change the value to fire without reloading.

Commands to manage games

After going through long hours of practice, it was time to get into the combat maps and show who is the best. But even for the most experienced soldier, having some of these CSGO commandos out of the game always ends up being one of the most important weapons in his arsenal.

mp_roundtime 180

  • This round will last 3 minutes. Set the time in seconds.

mp_maxrounds 36

  • In competition, no more than 36 rounds.

mp_timelimit 60

  • The full game will last no more than an hour. Set the time in minutes.


  • No matter how many rounds a team wins, the match will continue for the entire set time.

mp_round_restart_delay 9

  • The game round will restart with a 9 second delay.


  • Restart the game immediately. Add numbers to this command and they will determine the time (in seconds) required to restart mp_restartgame 14.

changelevel de_cache

The matching map will be changed to “Cached”.

  • Replace de_cache with the name of another map, such as de_inferno, de_dust, de_overpass, de_train, de_mirage, de_nuke, or de_cbble.

mp_limitteams 0

  • No team will limit the number of players allowed.

mp_autoteambalance 0

  • Eliminate the automatic balance of the number of players in the two teams.

mp_fadetoblack 1

  • When the character dies, the player sees a black CSGO screen.


  • This command with different values ​​activates various modes after the character dies: for flight mode, 1 is used to watch teammates’ games and 2 is used to observe the game at the place of death.

mp_respawn_immunitytime 30

  • Within 30 seconds after the start of the round, the game character will remain invincible.

mp_respawn_on_death_ct 1

  • The order triggers the rebirth of counterterrorism personnel immediately after death. Terrorists have similar commands ( mp_respawn_on_death_t 1 ).

mp_randomspawn 0

  • Standard spawn on the map. When the value is 1, this command activates the random generation of T and CT equipment, T activates 2, CT activates 3.

mp_friendlyfire 1

  • He can shoot his teammates.

banid 0

  • Always ban someone via Steam ID. Use other numbers in the value to set the ban time in minutes.

banip 0

  • Intellectual property is permanently prohibited. Also, you can indicate the time in minutes.


  • Kick someone out of the game. It should be noted that you will need the IDof the player related to the platform from which he is connected.

kick nickname

  • If you don’t have the ID, you can always kick players out if you know their first name with this command.


  • All characters in the game will die.

comandos de CSGO

Money Commands

It never hurts to have some capital to finance a good campaign. Therefore, these CSGO Console Commands will give you all the monetary support you request.

mp_startmoney 10000

  • The player gets the specified amount. You can use this CSGO money command at the beginning of the game.

mp_maxmoney 10000

  • The amount that the team can win in the game does not exceed the specified amount.

mp_afterroundmoney 10000

  • The team gets the amount entered at the end of the round, so this is a CS: GO unlimited money command.

Commands to access extra tricks

A good soldier will always have the odd surprise to take into battle. In general, it is one of these commands that, in certain games, can mean the difference between defeat and victory.

mp_death_drop_c4 0

  • Death of the bomb character will not cause the bomb to drop.

mp_death_drop_defuser 0

  • The character’s death caused by the diffuser will not cause him to fall.

mp_c4timer 30

  • It will take 30 seconds for the bomb to explode (or its value).

ammo_grenade_limit_total 3

  • Players can only carry three grenades. You can set your value.

ammo_grenade_limit_flashbang 3

  • Players can only obtain a specific number of flash grenades.

mp_buy_allow_grenades 0

  • This command disables the ability to buy grenades.

mp_free_armor 1

  • Free armor (Kevlar and helmet) for all players at the beginning of the game.

Danger Zone Commands

One of the most important points of the entire Counter Strike saga is to be able to identify the danger zones or where you can be an easy target for the rival side. With these tricks, we could say that we will have eyes everywhere.

cl_compass_enabled 0/1

  • Applies to activate / deactivate the compass

cl_tablet_mapmode 1/2

  • The tablet map will rotate with movement (1) or stay still (2).

sv_dz_player_max_health 120

  • Player health.

sv_dz_player_spawn_armor 0/1

  • Disable / enable armor after spawning. by default, it is disabled.

sv_dz_player_spawn_health 120

  • Postpartum health.

sv_dz_zone_damage 1

  • Damage caused by dangerous area.


  • Restart the game.

sv_dz_team_count 5

  • Set the number of players in the team.


  • Used to shuffle players into teams.


  • This command returns the default settings for danger area mode.

Commands to activate cheats

The game, by itself, has a series of obstacles or traps to catch or undermine the will of the users. If you want each map to always be in your favor, just use these little tricks.

sv_cheats 1

  • Basic commands that must be entered first. Without it, all of the following will not work.

sv_cheats 0

  • Use this value to disable all cheats in the game.


  • After entering this command, your game character can use all functions.


  • The same invincible command, but it will affect all players in the match.


  • Este is the CS: GO wallhack command, you can see and go through the wall.

r_drawothermodels 2

  • When you enter it you will see all the characters in the game through the wall. Enter the value 1 to return to the standard view.

sv_specnoclip 1

  • This command has additional abilities in spectacular mode, it can fly and walk on walls.

sv_specspeed 1.5

  • Change it to set the speed of the game character in spectacular mode.

sv_maxspeed 500

  • Enable it so that your character has the maximum speed. The default is 350.

sv_enablebunnyhopping 1

  • This is the CS: GO rabbit jump command, used for special jumps in the virtual world.

sv_staminamax 0

  • Redeem it to remove the character’s energy cap.

sv_staminajumpcost 0

  • Enable him to jump without stamina.

sv_staminalandcost 0

  • If you use this code when landing it does not consume energy.

sv_staminarecoveryrate 0

  • With this command it is not necessary to recover the character after jumping.

sv_airaccelerate 2000

  • Opening the code accepts the acceleration in the air.

sv_accelerate_use_weapon_speed 0

  • The characteristics of the rabbit jumps do not depend on the weapon that is held.

Commands to save game settings

Something that we always tend to overlook is saving the game configuration with which we feel most comfortable. To do this, we will always have these tricks that not only offer us the opportunity to save it, but also to recover the one we already use.


All operations you perform in the CSGO Developer Console will be saved for future play.

  • Steam userdata [your Steam ID] 730 local cfg config.cfg:
    • A different way is to save the console changes in this configuration file.
  • It may be useful to copy existing files before making changes.
  • You can then go back to the default settings more quickly.


  • This command will activate the saving process. Everything you enter in the console will now be part of the configuration file.

Latest recommendations on CSGO Console Commands

With this last segment of CSGO Console Commands we have covered all the ground related to them; however, there are still some overlooked ideas that you can use to improve your in-game experience.

In this sense, we can start by saying that only use the console in safe areas of the game since this represents a moment when you will be an easy target. Therefore, our recommendation is that you know all the CSGO Console Commands and execute them from the beginning of each game.

Likewise, it is important to consider that the excessive use of these tricks can cause an error in your game that leads to its closure. Consequently, it is extremely important that you use them in moderation to avoid these problems.

Before you finish, remember to visit some of our most read articles:

We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about CSGO Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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