Kenshi: Console Commands 2021

The adventures that we can imagine in a post apocalyptic world are practically endless. In this scenario, where resources and risks grow exponentially every moment is ideal for the birth of games as popular as Kenshi to give us an idea of ​​how difficult it will be to survive later of the end of society. Therefore, at HDGamers , we set out to bring you all the Kenshi console commands to live a great journey.

Thanks to them you will be able to overcome several of the complicated obstacles that this amazing world will present you. Each and every one of them will shape an extraordinary adventure that every gamer must try.

What is Kenshi?

To understand a little better what Kenshi is about as a video game we have to start by saying that is a title that belongs to the role-playing genre. In addition, it has a series of features, such as an open world and in real time, that make it an incredible option to enjoy.

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Basically, in it you will have to find resources to build from tools to shelters while trying to survive as many days as possible. On the other hand, you will have the opportunity to choose the profession you want to practice.

These range from explorer to thief and many others that will depend on the decisions you make in the game. So in addition to enjoying a great adventure , we also rehearse our disposition in a safe environment. Without hesitation, a game that we blindly recommend to you.

What are Kenshi console commands?

After knowing a little about the game, we can say that surviving a catastrophe that almost completely exterminates the human race should not be easy. That is why we are going to need some quite useful tools to solve this situation.

This is where the Kenshi console commands appear as a series of codes that will open a wide variety of tricks with which no challenge will be complicated within the game. And if we add to this how easy it is to use, we can feel relieved to have found the ideal ally on our trip.

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Consequently, we can define these commands as a series of codes that will enable cheating in the game in our favor. The only detail that these Kenshi console commands bring, with respect to other games, is that it depends on certain mods to function properly.

How do I use Kenshi console commands?

As we have been commenting in the previous segment of our guide on Kenshi console commands , they will depend on some conditions in order to function. The first one is that they are only available for the computer game version.

On the other hand, the only requirement they demand is to have installed a mod called Trainer which, with the passing Over the years, an enormous number of them have emerged. However, in HDGamers we will recommend you to use the one developed by Mr.Antifun that you can download from this page.

  • Once you download the file, you just have to follow the following steps:
  • First, after downloading, install it in the base folder of the game.
  • Afterwards, you just have to start the game and the coach as administrator.
  • Once in them, all you have to do is press the tilde key to activate the console.
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At this point, you only have to type each of the Kenshi console commands that we will present below, give Enter and start forging your empire after the apocalypse and establish yourself as the most powerful survivor in the whole world.

Kenshi console commands

When you have learned everything related to the game as well as what are the Kenshi console commands , including how to execute them correctly, it is the most awaited moment of this guide.

Next, we will proceed to teach you each and every commands that will improve your survival experience within the fascinating world of Kenshi. So enjoy with them.

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Acquire Hashish

With the activation of this command you will be able to obtain Hashish.

Advantaged Or Disadvantaged Start

By enabling this code you can start both beneficial and harmful things.


If you want to cook, you must have the application of this key.

Fast Construction

If you require a quick construction you must activate this command.

Fast Production

Enable this key for fast production.

Fast Research

Need to research quickly use this code.


You can enable Fishmen just by opening this command.

God Mode

With this code you can enable God mode and be immortal.

Hang Onto The Past

You want to go back to the past with the activation of this command you can achieve it.

Infinite Backpack Space

If you need to enable the infinite space of the backpack, use this key to achieve it.

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Instant Buddies

Want to have friends in the game enable this key to make your wishes come true instantly.

Instant Construction

Redeem for instant build and build activity activation, no resources required.

Instant Materials Production

By enabling it, you get the instant material production activity to be activated.

Instant Research

Open to achieve research activity instantly.

Infinite Store Items

By redeeming this code you get infinite items from the store.

Infinite Weight

To achieve infinite weight in the character you must enable this command.

Instant Mastery

This command allows the player to have instant dominance.

No Hunger

When this key is activated, the players are not hungry.

Not So Rare

If you enable this key you can locate common objects.

Oh how the turn tables…

By activating this command you will be able to understand how the tables would be changed.

Raise The Dead

With the activation of this command it is possible to raise the dead automatically.

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Running and Selling

Execution and sale can be enabled with this command.

They Wont Know What Hit Em

When this command is enabled, you will not be able to identify what is hitting you.

Unlimited Blood

If you want the members of the game to have excessive blood it is required to apply this key.

Unlimited Health

To achieve unlimited health, activate this code.

Unlimited Money

You need to have unlimited money, with the use of this command you get it.

Latest recommendations

Now that you’ve finished reading all the Kenshi console commands as well as the rest of the information we’ve provided for you. It is necessary to note some very important tips so that you can play without problems.

In this sense, we can start by remembering the need to download the trainer mod that we described above. Without it, these commands don’t work. Also, it is prudent to back up your game since, on occasions, excessive use of them can cause a problem in the game.

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After all, remember that to use the Kenshi console commands you will need a program external to the game and this is not always a good idea. However, it is worth it as the adventure Kenshi represents, alone, will see considerable improvement when you use them. Therefore, it only remains for us to invite you to start your way in a world beyond the end of time.

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