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The path of force between good and evil is so similar that many times we forget what the difference is. That is why in games with the theme of Star Wars they become so entertaining since you have to build your character day by day. But in the case of Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II it is not that easy so you will need a series of Kotor 2 Console Commands to find your way.

That is why at HDGamers we have taken on the task of building a guide like this so that you can explore each side of the force without having to take part, in the first instance, right off the bat. After all, knowledge is power and every side of life will tempt you to join their side.

What is Kotor 2?

Before going into the subject and knowing what those traps will be that will make us evolve faster in the world of the old republic of Star Wars , it is necessary to understand some ideas that will make you easily travel through this impressive universe.

The first of these is that Kotor 2 , as we are going to summarize the name of the game, is the second installment of the successful video game saga Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II where you can grow as a member of this republic and face all the adversities that the galaxy has prepared for you.

Likewise, we can define it as a role-playing video game where your character will have to overcome multiple missions , putting his life at risk in practically each one of them, in order to increase your power.

On the other hand, it has a third-person pause combat system that will make you enjoy a true experience to the fullest in your quest to find your way to the Jedi or Sith side.

What are the Kotor 2 Console Commands?

After knowing the theme of the game and understanding that it is a role-playing game within the world of Star Wars , we can say that the Kotor 2 Console Commands are not more than just a few commands that will give you access to a universe of possibilities to improve your experience to unsuspected levels.

Likewise, with them you will be able to climb faster, find incredible power as well as explore more efficiently all the vast galactic territory full of missions and challenges for you. But remember that these obstacles will not always be of a low caliber so having these Kotor 2 Console Commands will always be a good idea.

How do I enable the Kotor 2 Console Commands console?

Now that we know the concepts that make this game and its tricks a very attractive combination for any player, and more so for a true fan of the Star Wars saga, it is time to get down to business.

In this sense, the first thing we need to know about the Kotor 2 Console Commands is, precisely, how to activate them to be able to enjoy all their power and versatility within the game. To do this, the most important thing is to access the game console.

If you have already played the first version or if you are just starting to enjoy Kotor 2 , to enter the console you have to first search for the file < em> swkotor2.ini inside the main folder where the game is installed and open it with the notepad tool corresponding to your operating system.

Once you enter it, we look for the section related to the game options that will appear, by default, as Game Options. Here you just have to add the command line EnableCheats = 1 to be able to enable the game console. Obviously, we are talking only for computer users since the Kotor 2 Console Commands are not available for Xbox or Android.

How do I enable the Kotor 2 Console Commands?

After doing all the previous procedure we will have the kotor2 console ready to be used. To open it within the game, we just have to press the ~ (tilde) or `(grave) keys. It should be noted that this will depend on the language in which you have configured your keyboard.

At this point you may not see any type of window alluding to this console and you think that you did something wrong during the process. However, in HDGamers we call for calm by telling you that this panel is invisible, and that is why you will not be able to see it but it will be active as long as you have carried out all the steps previously explained.

Consequently, to activate the Kotor 2 Console Commands onlyjust type the commands that you will see below after having the console active. After entering them, you must press the Enter key and with this you will have already executed the trick you want.

Kotor 2 tricks

The Kotor 2 Console Commands

As we have previously announced, it is time to introduce you to all the Kotor 2 Console Commands.



  • This command has two different functions.
  • If you don’t specify a number of dark side points to add, it will give you the maximum possible number of dark side points.
  • If you specify a number of dark side points to add, that number will be added to the existing number of dark side points.
  • Very useful for adding the desired amount of experience to your character.
  • Unlike the set commands, this command adds the amount that you specify to your existing experience (addexp 10 would add 10 experiences, it would not set your experience to 10).
addlevel This command adds the “required” amount of experience to your current experience level (ie, leveling up).
  • This instruction has two different functions.
  • If you don’t specify a number of light-side points to add, it will give you the maximum possible number of light-side points.
  • If you specify a number of light-side points to add, that amount will be added to your existing number of light-side points.
  • Alternately enable and disable full brightness.
  • With full brightness enabled, all locations in the game are at maximum brightness, so all dark areas will be light.
  • You must run this command just before entering the final battle of KOTOR 1 for it to take effect.
  • It will turn Malak into a dancing Twi’Lek in the final battle, an alternate ending for sure.
  • Like the dancedancemalak command in KOTOR 1, this command must be executed just before the final battle in KOTOR 2.
  • Will turn Revan into a dancing Twi’lek.
givecredits This command gives you the specified amount of credits.
givecomspikes Activating it gives your character 100 computer picks.
giveitem This command adds the item with the specified item ID to your inventory.
giverepair With this command you can get up to 100 instant repair kits.
givemed Using this command gives your character 100 medical kits.
giveparts This command will give your character 100 spare parts.
givesecspikes By activating it you will achieve 100 safety peaks for your character.
givesitharmour This command gives your character 100 armor.
heal This order recharges all your health and strength points (to the maximum).
  • This command will alternately enable and disable the infinite uses cheat.
  • With the infinite uses cheat enabled, limited use items will not expire.
  • Successively enable and disable god mode for your character.
  • In God mode, you are invincible and take no damage; As a result of this, you cannot die in god mode either.
restartminigame Very useful for restarting your current minigame, as long as you are in one when you execute the command.
revealmap Activating it will fully reveal the map of the area you are currently in (all hidden areas are shown / unlocked).
setawareness This command creates your character’s Consciousness ability at the specified level.
setcharisma This faction sets your character’s Charisma ability to the specified level.
setcomputeruse This command sets your character’s computer use proficiency at the specified level.
setconstitution This order sets your character’s Constitution ability to express level.
setdemolitions This command implants your character’s demolition ability at the specified level.
setdexterity This order sets your character’s Dexterity proficiency at the designated level.
setintelligence This command constitutes your character’s Intelligence ability at the specified level.
setpersuade This instruction sets your character’s Persuasion skill at the designated level.
setrepair This command creates your character’s repair skill at the specified level.
setsecurity To establish your character’s safety ability andAt the level described, it should be enabled.
setstealth This command sets your hero’s stealth prowess to the specified level.
setstrength If you want to set your character’s Strength ability to the specified level, you must activate it.
settreatinjury This command sets your character’s injury treatment experience to the explicit level.
setwisdom Used to set your character’s Wisdom ability to the specified level.
  • Alternately enable and disable turbo mode.
  • In this mode, the characters move at 3 times their normal speed; things will seem to have moved on quickly.
warp If you want to change your character to the specified location you must activate it.
whereami This command only works in both versions of the game, but since there is no visible console in KOTOR 2, it only has one use in KOTOR 1. It will print your current coordinates to the console.

Kotor 2 tricks

How should the Game Option of the game look to use the Kotor2 cheats?

Likewise, we can alternate the representation of these commands with the table view or card view mode with the buttons that the game has for it. On the other hand, if we want to create a gallery of images of our progress in the game, in the Game Options section we look for the line EnableScreenShot = 0 and change the value from 0 to 1 in order to use the PrintScreen key and thus be able to take various screenshots whenever we want.

In addition, we can modify the views of the game to have practically total control over the game beyond the use of these commands. However, for all these settings to take effect it is necessary to accommodate the game options file appropriately.

In this way, if we want to opt for window mode or to be able to switch with the full screen view, we only have to play with the FullScreen line where it will take the value of 0 for window mode and the value of 1 for full screen.

Also, if you want to create faster access to this option from the keyboard, add AllowWindowedMode = 1 inside this document to be able to use the Alt + enter key combination to achieve this end.1. Just remember that for this, you have to have the configuration described above. Otherwise, the game will throw an error and stop working or just shut down automatically sending you back to the desktop.

Last observations about the Kotor 2 Console Commands

After having made this extensive tour where we discovered all the Kotor 2 Console Commands we could think that everything necessary was already discussed. However, in HDGamers we have left some recommendations for the end of this guide to improve your experience traveling through the Star Wars galaxy.

The first one refers to the activation of these commands since it is usually difficult to visualize something that is invisible. That is why in the event that hot keys do not open the console, we recommend that you click on the button above the dialog to be able to enter the detailed guide window on the use of this tool.

Likewise, it is wise to always back up your progress in the game since in some cases the command may malfunction and end up blocking or damaging your game. So it is always advisable to have a backup so as not tolose progress.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Kotor 2 Console Commands or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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