Atom RPG Console Commands

Atom RPG Console Commands | Complete List


The new Atom Team RPG: Atom RPG is now available for the PC platform. This title takes place in a post-apocalyptic reality in Soviet lands. To make the game more fun, we leave you at the end of the article a list of Atom RPG console commands.

In this game you will live the adventure in 1986 during which the environment was destroyed by a nuclear bombardment from the Soviet Union.

Your mission will be to survive in this new world and expose the reality behind the nuclear tragedy.

List of all Atom RPG console codes and commands:

Being a survival style game you will need to collect different resources and make weapons and other miscellaneous items on your own in order to progress.

Console Commands for Atom RPG: Complete list

The game can become really frustrating in some parts, which is why to make things easier for you we have compiled a list of commands and game codes, to make it more fun.

The first thing we have to learn is how to activate the command console in this RPG.

How to activate the Atom RPG commands:

  1. Press the “Numpad” key on the numeric keypad and the “0” key (Zero, on the numeric keypad) at the same time.
  2. A text box will appear in which you must write the phrase: “youshallnotpass”
  3. The “cheat mode” will be activated in which you can use the codes.

Atom RPG console commands

Commands of Console for Atom RPG: Complete list

Below are the list of commands that you can activate in the command console.

This command will instantly kill all the people present on the map including your team.
AP [number]
This command allows you to gain more moves, turns to attack enemies. if you enter the command AP 10 you will get 10 action points and if you enter AP 11 you will get 11 action points.
addfuel [number]
This command will allow you to fill your vehicle with fuel. just enter addfuel 100 and you will get the fuel.
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