Europa Universalis 4: Console Commands

It is very difficult to find such a powerful tool to recreate and educate regarding the history of humanity as video games. A great example of this we have with Europa Universalis 4 that transports us to a era where wars for territories and the exploration of new worlds were just beginning . That is why if you want to join this adventure you will need some of the most important Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands .

With them, you can access a completely new universe of democratic and strategic possibilities that will allow you to build the world as you want it to be. The rest of how you will govern it will depend on you.

What is Europa Universalis 4?

To start our journey through the fascinating world of the Bronze Age and shape a world in our image and likeness using the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands that you will learn below. It is important that you understand the basic idea of ​​this amazing game.

In this sense, we can define Europa Universalis 4 as a strategy game where we will live in a world without borders and where each kingdom will seek to gain as much territory as possible. It should be noted that it takes you back to those post-Byzantine centuries and that you will have to develop an incredible political and negotiation capacity to be able to build your empire.

Likewise, it has a multiplayer mode with which you can share the experience with your friends and thus forge an increasingly competitive world, always respecting historical processes such as war and politics that stood out so much during this period of the history of mankind.

What are Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands?

After knowing the ideas that make Europa Universalis 4 an incredible offer within the gamer universe, it is relevant that you know the dangers and the difficulty of managing a kingdom to turn it into a great power.

From alliances to war decrees, popularity with your inhabitants to the use of spies to endorse or deflect international regulations . All this makes up an incredible number of obstacles that will give you long days of fun.

But, as it is quite difficult to try to control everyone, which, in essence, is the objective of this game. There are a series of commands or Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands that will make your campaign a success, or a tyranny.

In this vein, we can say that these Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands are just a set of cheats that will make the game respond in the way you want it to to achieve your goals. Likewise, they will offer you a panel of options to manage your resources and human personnel. Without a doubt, they are a tool that will end up being very useful as you discover that democracy is not something so easy to understand and execute.

trucos de Europa Universalis 4

How to activate Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands?

After knowing the basics of the game as well as the reason for using the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands , it is time to talk precisely about how to start using these cheats to your advantage. In this sense, the first thing you will have to know will be how to open the panel where we will enter each of these commands.

To do this, just use the `, ~ keys or the SHIFT + 2 combination to open the game console. Once in it, you only have to write any of the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands that you will learn about later.

Later you will have to press the enter key to finish the process and start enjoying these incredible tricks that we are sure will be of great help to write your own ending in Europa Universalis 4 and become the master of the world.

Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands

Now that you know all the necessary basic points about the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands , the expected moment has arrived. From this point on, we will present you with more than 200 commands that will make your game an incredible adventure.

This command will create an admiral with the specified hit, shot, maneuver and siege level. If the country tag is specified, the newly created admiral will be added to the country, if not specified, the admiral will be added to the country you are using.

Commands Description


Use it when you want to change the age of the game to any of its eras:

  • Age of exploration
  • Age of reform
  • It was authoritarian
  • It was revolutionary
  • Apply it to change the age of the heirs in your current country.
  • If you specify a country tag, the age of the heir in that country will be changed.
  • Targeting makes the province with the specified ID a supporter (in a supportive way) of the current issue the assembly is running.
  • DLC: common sense.
  • Adds the specified amount to the basic confusion in the specified province.
  • Specify negative numbers to eliminate basic turbulence.
add_cardinalAdd a bishop to your current country (if Catholic).
  • Add the specified Casus Belli to the country / region with the specified tag.
  • Specify a second country tag to ship Casus Belli from that country instead of the country you are currently using.
  • Used to declare that the current country or region has a province with a specific ID or a country / region with a specific country / region tag (if you specify a country / region tag).
  • Attach settlers to countries with designated country tags.
  • Note: If the country already has at least one colonizer, this command can reset the statistics / values ​​of the existing colonizer.
  • With this Europa Universalis 4 trick you can make the spouse join the country where you are playing.
  • If you want me to visit and become part of a particular nation, you only have to specify which one by writing the ID code of that country.
  • Likewise, if you want him to be the architect of some kind of alliance, just enter two nation IDs. The first will correspond to the country where it is already ruler and the second to the alliance prospect you want to have.
add_coreUsed to conquer the province with the specified ID as the core of the country it belongs to.
add_devastationAdds the specified amount of damage to the specified province.
add_diploAdd a diplomatic route to the country / region with the specified label.
add_factionAdd the faction with the specified name to the country you are currently using.
  • Increase heirs to your country, or a country with a designated country tag (if a country tag is specified).
  • If the heir already exists, this order will replace the heir with the new heir. </ li>
add_idea_groupComplements the specified group of ideas to your specified country or country tag.
add_interestAdd the country you are interested in (specified by the country tag).
  • Add the question specified by its ID / password to the tip.
  • DLC: common sense.
add_liberty_desireUsed to add or remove the desire for freedom in a country / region specified by its country tag.
add_local_autonomyAttaches the specified number of local autonomous regions to the province with the specified ID.
add_loyaltyIncrease patrimony loyalty with the specified ID. Enter a negative number to remove loyalty. For the inherited ID, see the description of the parameter. DLC: Cossacks.
add_missionaryAdd missionaries to countries with specific country tags.
add_nativesAdd a local person to the province with the specified ID. The added number is equal to the specified number multiplied by 100 – the number of 1 will add 100 locations.
add_opinionThis order can increase the opinion of one country towards another by 100.
add_paThe cheater uses a designated tag to add 10% of the patriarch’s authority to the country.
add_permanent_claimThis order will permanently declare the province of the specified country / region. Permanent claims will not expire.
add_piThis command will add 100 Influence Potatoes to the country with the specified tag.
add_prosperityThis order can be used to make a province more prosperous. Specify a negative number to reduce the prosperity of a province.
add_reformlevelThis command can be used to increase the level of reform of the Holy Roman Empire.
add_republican_traditionThis command will add the specified number of Republican traditions to the country with the specified country tag.
add_traitThis command adds the specified characteristics to the rule for the country you are currently using. DLC: Human Rights.
admThis command adds a specific number of administrative powers to the county using the specified tag. Specify a negative number to remove management rights.
ai_ministerThe AI ​​of the designated minister will vary.
aiThis command can be used to credit and debunk AI for all countries or specific countries
aiinvalidAfter its execution, it will print a list of invalid AI command counts.
aiviewAlternatively the visibility of detailed AI information will be enabled and disabled.
annexThis cheat method will append a country with a designated label to its own country or a designated country.
army_traditionAdds the specified number of military traditions to the specified country tag.
army_professionalismAdd the specified amount of military experience to the specified country tag.
  • Increase the specified authorized quantity to your own country or a country with a specified tag.
  • Negative numbers will remove permissions.
  • DLC: El Dorado.
autosaveThis instruction will save the game.
balanceRunning this command will print balance information to the game.log file (not to the console).
bearhaslandedThis command spawns Jan Mayen in the specified province.
  • Used to debug the channels on the map.
  • DLC: national wealth.
  • Add or remove currency (USD) from your country’s treasury (or specific country / region).
  • Negative numbers will eliminate money.
change_religionUsed to change the religion of the country or province specified by the country tag or the province ID.
  • Add the specified amount of church power to the specified country / region tag.
  • DLC: common sense.
clearIt will cross out the console, which means that all messages previously sent to you will be hidden (they will not erase the console log files, but only the console in game).
  • Cancel the spouse’s flag.
  • DLC:Human rights.
clr_flagRemove the global flag.
clr_prov_flagThis command clears the flag of the province.
  • Enables and disables the debugging information of the collision box drawn on the screen.
  • This is useful for debugging problems like conflicts.
  • Colonizes the specified province of your current country / region.
  • The colonized province will become the core of the original characteristics of the province (such as religion and culture).
  • Deploy to set the number by which the combat indicator will be cast, which means it will no longer be random. ‘combat_dice 3’ means that the combat dice will always fall by 3.
  • Use the command’combat_dice -1 ‘to restore normal (random) function.
combatsoundUsed to change the frequency of the random sounds emitted from the battle view.
controlImplants the controller of the specified province in the specified country / region tag (if the country / region tag is not specified, the country / region you are playing will become the controller).
  • This command will change the corruption of the specified country to the specified amount.
  • Note that this will not add the specified amount of damage to a country, it will set the damage to the number entered.
country_modifierPrints the value of the specified modifier for the destination country / region.
create_marchThe order allows the designated country to enter the second designated country.
cultureVary the main culture of your country to the culture of the specified province ID.
dateModify the game date to the specified date.
debug_infoAlternately enables and disables the visibility of debugging information.
debug_modeEnables debugging of instrument information, which means that when you hover over a position in the game, the country / region label, province ID, and edge distance will be displayed.
debug_noguiThe visibility of the game GUI varies; using this option in the game will hide things like menus and toolbars.
debug_reload_areasThis command will reload all areas on the map, useful for debugging and correcting errors.
declare_warThis type of trap causes two designated countries (countries) to declare war on each other, without the need for reasons of war.
  • End all wars in the designated country.
  • Note: Only the war in which the country is an aggressor or defender will end, not the war it is witnessing (for example, a war against an allied country).
  • The armistice is not affected by this order.
dipAdd or remove diplomatic powers in a country.
diplocountPrints the debug information and statistics of diplomatic operations in the game.log file.
diplomacy_infoSends information about diplomatic relations to the game console.
disasterWith this trick you can start a natural, social or political disaster in the nation or region you want. You just have to type her ID to get it all started.
discoverUseful to know the capital of a specific country / region in a specific country / region.
  • Add a specific amount of fatality to the country / region of (Nahuatl religion).
  • Specify a negative number to eliminate bad luck.
  • DLC: El Dorado.
economyRunning this command will print the debugging information on economics to the game.log file.
  • The order will include designated agencies in designated provinces.
  • If you do not specify an institution, all institutions in the province will be covered.
epicfailVery useful for all spies belonging to the specified country to fail.
  • Will raise the event with the specified ID.
  • If a country / region tag is specified, it will be implemented in that country / region.
exhaustCommand that will add or remove war consumption for the specified country / region.
fast_diploCancel the waiting time required for the appointment of diplomats.
  • Increase support for the country / region you are currently playing in from the specified country / region.
  • DLC: Cossacks.
  • Add the specified amount of excitement to the country using the specified country tag.
  • DLC: national wealth.
form_unionForms an alliance between two designated countries.
  • Alternately enable and disable Fog of War (FoW).
  • If a province ID is specified, it will be changed in that province; if not specified, it will be changed in all provinces.
frenzyEnable “High Power Frenzy” and disable with “frenzy_off”.
  • Turn off the “high powered frenzy”.
  • Use the command “frenzy” to enable.
fullscreenSuccessively enable and disable full screen mode for the game.
  • Used to change the speed at which the game runs.
  • 5 is the fastest, 0 stops (paused).
godAlternately enable and disable God mode.
  • This command starts the golden age within the country / region specified in the country / region tag.
  • DLC: Destiny.
  • The harmony process of the Confucian state varies.
  • DLC: Destiny.
  • Adds the specified harmony volume to the specified Confucian country.
  • DLC: Destiny.
  • This command is quite useful when writing the rest of Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands since it will give you all the information related to each of them.
  • However, you should always remember to type a command for it to work properly.
helphelpJoke command: send joke response “not useful for you” to console.
helplogPrints a list of all console commands in the game.log file.
  • Used to set the tribe unit of a country to a specific value.
  • DLC: Cossacks.
humansAdd the specified number of people to the current country / region.
ideadumpPrint a list of all countries / regions and their general ideas in the game.log file.
imperial_authorityIt increases or decreases the pilgrimage authority of the emperor of a specific country.
infinite_combatEnable infinite battle mode (unknown).
inflationIncrease or reduce inflation in a specific country / region.
  • Used to initiate the integration of one country into another.
  • If the two designated countries / regions have been integrated, the order will immediately complete the integration process.
  • Add and remove karma from the designated Buddhist country.
  • DLC: common sense.
killAuthorizes to kill the ruler of the specified country.
kill_cardinalThis command kills the first cardinal in the country / region specified in the cardinal list.
  • Kill the spouse of the designated country.
  • DLC: Human Rights.
kill_heirOrder to remove the heirs of the specified country.
kill_leaderAssassinate a random leader (from any country in the game).
leaderYou will organize generals (warlords) with designated firing, attack, maneuver and siege characteristics for designated countries / regions.
  • Debugging instrument used to test GPU memory leaks.
  • You can block the game.
legitimacyUsed to change the legitimacy of the leader of a specific country / region.
low_memoryTry to reduce the amount of RAM (memory) used in the game.
  • Authorize and disallow the lucky national identity of the specified country.
  • If the country tag is not specified, the country you are playing in will be affected.
mandateThis instruction adds the specified authorized quantity to the country / region you are currently using.
  • This command adds the specified labor force to the specified country / region tag.
  • The amount of labor is 1000 times the amount entered (for example, 2 will increase labor in 2000).
map_randomUseful for randomly generating new parts of the map.
map_vertextexturesAlternately enables and disables the visibility of vertex textures on the game map.
mapmodeModifiesthe game map mode to the specified map mode.
memoryIndicates the amount of memory (RAM) currently used by the console game.
thousandUseful for adding or removing military power from a specific country / region.
msgAlternately enables and disables the popup that is displayed every time you receive a message.
native_uprisingStarts a local survey in the province with the specified ID.
navy_traditionAdds the specified number of naval traditions to the country with the specified country tag.
nextsongModify the currently playing song (in-game music) to the next queued song in the playlist.
nolimit_missionsIt excludes the limitation on the number of top tasks you can choose from.
nopausetextAlternately point to and hide the pause banner in the game GUI.
nudgeIndicates the fine adjustment tool.
  • With this trick you can toggle the game’s spectator mode.
  • This means that the AI ​​will be the one who controls the whole game and you will only be able to observe their behavior.
  • It’s basically useful if you want to see how it might respond to any decision you make.
  • To restart it, just rewrite this tip.
  • Desynchronize (OOS) the game client.
  • For debugging / development purposes, not recommended for gamers.
  • This is one of the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands more practical in the game since it allows you to change the property title of a province or region.
  • Basically it is a command that will transfer the property rights of a territory to a character you specify.
  • However, you always have to use a province or region id as failure to specify it could block the game or lose all your lands.
own_coreChanges the owner of the specified province and makes it the country core with the specified country tag.
pietyIncrease and eliminate piety in Muslim religious countries.
pirateStarts the pirates in the province with the specified ID.
pollDebug polls for valid events.
populationAdds the specified number of people to the province with the specified province ID. Note that this order only applies to provinces that belong to colonies.
powerThis command adds the specified number to all “energy points”. The point of power is the administrative power, the military power, the diplomatic power and other powers of the country.
  • Add the specified number to all “energy points”.
  • The power points are the administrative power, the military power, the diplomatic power and other powers of the country.
powerspendPrints the electricity consumption statistics available in all countries / regions.
prestigeUseful to increase or decrease the reputation of a specific country / region.
prices pricesIt will post the price information in the game.log file.
print_flagsList the global flags in the console.
print_prov_flagsThis command will print a list of province flags with the specified ID to the console.
PrintSynchStuffPrint the “random number” of the game and the map seed.
  • With this command you can take over another country without the need for military intervention.
  • It is quite useful when you want to advance quickly in the game.
  • However, it could make the game lose meaning, so use it responsibly.
province_modifierPoints to the modifier value of the specified province ID (impulse, etc.).
reformUse the specified province ID to initiate reforms within the province.
refreshknowledgecountUpdate the value in the performance calculator (this command has not been tested by EU4Cheats, so it may not work as expected).
reinitchatRestart the chat.
  • Reload the specified file.
  • If you make changes to the lua or GUI files, this command can reload the file and apply the changes without restarting the game.
reload_canalsIncrease the channel bitmap.
reload_heightmapFill in the height map of the game.
reload_lakesReload all existing lakes in the game.
reload_mapThis command reloads the map.
reload_provincemapCommand that fills the map of the province.
reload_straitsReloads all narrow vertex buffers.
reload_treemapThis command reloads the tree view of the game.
reloadfxIt will reload the game’s shader. You can choose to specify the map name, postfx, or the file name (ending in .fx).
reloadinterfaceUseful for reloading the game GUI (HUD element).
reloadlocIncrease the language files of the game.
reloadtextureTo reload the texture with the specified name.
reloadtradewindsThis command reloads the tailwind of the game.
remove_cbOrder that removes the casus belli (specified by its ID and the flags of the two countries involved).
remove_claimUsed to remove the declaration made by the specified country / region against a province.
remove_coreMandate so that the specified province is no longer the core of the country to which it belongs.
remove_defender_faithPrecept will remove the title of defenders of religious beliefs from your country.
remove_interestOrder removes a country from the interests of your country.
remove_marchDisposition makes a country no longer a march of another country.
remove_rivalArtifice so that the designated country is no longer a competitor of its current country.
remove_traitExclude the specified characteristics of the rule for the country you are currently using. DLC: Human Rights.
rendertypePrints the backend currently used for rendering graphics.
reset_economyRestores the economic statistics that are displayed when the economic console command is executed.
reset_godHe will restore his personal gods to his present country. DLC: national wealth.
reset_migrateTo culminate thecooling time, which limits the migration rate.
reset_mission_cancelClear the cooldown, which limits the time a country can start another mission after canceling the previous mission.
reset_powerspendResets the statistics shown in the “powerspend” command.
revoltTo start a survey in the province this command uses the specified ID.
revolution_targetThis order makes the designated country the “revolutionary target” of the game.
rgbStamps the specified number of random RGB (color) values ​​in the game.log file.
  • Make a list of commands in the specified file.
  • The file must be located in the root directory of the game (the main folder of the game where EU4.exe is located).
russianAdd a specific number of government capacity points to the current country / region. DLC: Third Rome.
sailorsIt will add the specified number of sailors to the specified country / region.
savegameSave the game.
scoreAfter running this command, the score information will be printed in the game.log file.
selflearningaiEnable and / or disable the game’s self-learning AI (artificial intelligence).
  • Is a specified rank indicator for the specified country / region indicator.
  • Use clr_consort_flag to remove. DLC: Human Rights.
set_flagSets the specified global flag. Use clr_flag to remove.
set_leader_traitIt will build the characteristics of the military leaders in your country / region to the characteristics with the specified characteristic ID.
set_prov_flagEstablish the designated flag for the province with the designated ID.
setmissionaryprogressUse to advance the advancement of missionaries in designated provinces.
  • To set the random count to 0.
  • If a number is provided as a parameter, the random count will be set to this.
show_ideasUseful to print a list of ideas marked by country/ region specified in the game.log file.
siegeQuickly the cheater will win the current siege of the designated province.
smoothframelogAlternately enables and disables smooth frame recording.
spawnGenerates a unit with the specified ID in the province with the specified ID.
spawnactorOrder that generates actors with the specified name and in the specified province.
splendorThis instruction provides 1000 splendor for your current country / region.
spritelevelCommand that sets the assistant level for your country.
spynetworkThe trick adds spynet points to the specified country tag.
stabilityThis trap will add a specific amount of stability to the specified country / region tag.
stateUseful to configure the specified province is a state; if it’s a state, set it as a region.
statsPrint statistics to the game.log file.
surrenderThis order will make your current country surrender.
tagUseful to replace the specified country label.
techThis command adds a specific number of tiers to all types of technology.
test_achievementThis is a debug statement in testing the specified achievement.
testeventUse it to test filter the specified event.
testmissionFor debugging, test the specified task.
texture_usagePrints the information about the use of the game texture on the console.
  • Ideal for alternatively opening or closing the stealth of the terrain.
  • The unknown terrain is the concealment of the unknown part of the map.
timeIllustrates the current time on the console.
timerIt is a debugging tool to print the data collected for the ‘timer_start’ command.
timer_resetIt will reset the debug timer (after starting with the “timer_start” command).
  • Restart the debug timer.
  • Use “Timer” to view collected results / data.
timer_startUseful for starting the debugging timer.
timer_stopPrevents the debug timer from collecting data.
touch_testUsed to test touch / collision.
trustAdds the specified amount of trust.
update_locIt will update the localization file for the specified language tag.
validateeventsUsed for debugging, it will check for all events and not trigger them.
vassalizeApply to make the specified country tag a vassal of the second country tag.
versionTo print the version of Europa Universalis IV that you are running.
victorycardUseful for crediting the victory card in single player mode.
windowYou will activate or deactivate the specified window.
  • Will activate and deactivate yesman mode.
  • In this Yesman mode, AIs in all countries will immediately accept any proposal you can make.

trucos de Europa Universalis 4

Common problems with Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands

Continuing with our journey through the fascinating world of Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands , it is time to do a special segment where we will touch on the possible solutions to some problems that arise in the game.

The first one is that in most of these commands you will run the risk that your game will be blocked and stop working. Therefore, it is always advisable to make frequent backups in order to save your progress.

In case when using window or full screen mode you throw up a problem, go directly to the game directory and verify that the Game Option parameters are 0 or 1 . Any other value will cause your game to erroneously execute these commands and, obviously, will generate catastrophic crashes that will end up closing the game.

Another tip for computer users that is quite useful is to configure your computer’s firewalls so that you can develop cooperative campaign modes without major problems. Most of all to prevent the antivirus from coming into play and censoring. In this sense, it is advisable to create an exception for the game folder to avoid further problems.

With this we have covered most of the most common errors when running the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands . However, there is the possibility that another problem occurs that we have not touched. In this case, contact the support system of the platform from where you purchased the game immediately.

Last observations on Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands

After having made this extensive journey in which we hope to have covered all the main points of interest related to the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands . At HDGamers, we can only make some final recommendations so that you can fully enjoy the experience of this great game.

First of all, we can advise you to always have a file where you save the IDs of the provinces or characters. In this way, you can more efficiently locate the place or inhabitant with which you want to apply any of these commands. After all, the vast majority require the use of these identifiers.

On the other hand, it is always a good idea to start a solo game to adapt to the controls and the idea of ​​this game. However, there are already numerous communities where you can find a kind of tutor or teacher to guide you along the path of the game in a better way. To do this, in the event that you feel completely lost, you can start a cooperative campaign with someone more experienced.

To finish with our guide on the Europa Universalis 4 Console Commands , we only have to invite you to start your journey through the old world and build an empire so great that you can conquer it completely. After all, in this great game you will be able to create a society as you would like it to be while learning a little about the history of mankind. Without a doubt, a title that you have to try.

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