Neverwinter Nights II: Console Commands 2021

When we talk about role-playing video games, it is impossible to ignore the importance that the idea of Dungeons and Dragons had in the digital age with games like Neverwinter Nights. An offer that alone represents one of the most entertaining and complex challenges in the gaming world. That is why in HDGamers we bring you the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands to enjoy it.

With these tricks you will be able to overcome several of the obstacles that a game that is designed to make the most of your talent will impose you. After all, his goal is to become a true legend worthy of dedicating songs for eternity.

What are the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands?

To begin to know all the secrets of the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands it is important to start by commenting on what the game is about as such. In this sense, we can summarize that it is an RPG set in a fantasy world in the style of the Middle Ages.

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It is in this incredible world where all kinds of adventures will take place, with levels of difficulty so varied that it will be difficult to adapt to one of them, is the ideal home for some tricks to emerge to make life easier in those challenges where the feeling that reigns is that of an almost impossible goal.

So when we talk about those particular cheats, we refer to each and every Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands which are, in a nutshell, a series of codes that will enable all cheats of the game. In this way, you will find the possibility of getting all the gold you want until you become an immortal being. Without a doubt, an idea that you cannot ignore.

How do I use the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands?

Now that you know a little about what the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands are about, you may start to feel motivated to use them on a regular basis. In this case, we will teach you how to execute them in the correct way.

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To do this, you just have to follow the following steps to the letter:

  • First, you have to open the developer console by pressing the tilde key on your keyboard. Here you will see a dialog box, similar to chat.
  • Once the console is open, you have to type DebugMode 1 to enable the commands.
  • Now, you just have to start typing the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands that you want to use, press Enter and start enjoying them all. and each of the benefits they bring to your quest.

The Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands

After you manage to assimilate all the information we have shared up to this point about the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands , it is the ideal time to start discovering what are those tricks that will make our trip a unique adventure.

Enderal: Console Commands 2021

DebugMode 0/1

Use this command to enable the debugging feature of the game. In other words, without it, none of the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands will be able to function.

  • 0 = It is disabled.
  • 1 = Commands are enabled.

Commands to modify the attributes


By activating this cheat you get 20 in each stat.

givefeat #

This cheat adds an amount # of feat to your selected character.

givexp (#)

Activating this command decreases the player’s experience points according to the # value entered.


Use this cheat to disconnect the level if the player’s experience points are close to 0.

rs ga_influence (x, y)

With this trick you can increase the level of influence for a certain partner.

removefeat #

Use this cheat to remove the feat corresponding to that number.


If you activate this function, the controlled character returns to normal.

rs ga_alignment (-1,0)

By enabling this code it is possible to move a point towards evil.

rs ga_alignment (1,0)

Use this function to move a point towards good.

rs ga_alignment (1,1)

By means of this key a point can be moved towards the Law.

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dm_givelevel X

If you need to level up, use this trick and replace X with the level you want to have.


Activating this command will restore the game’s combat points.

ModSpellResistance X

Use this command to increase your Spell Resistance or Magic Defense x points.

setCON X

Use this command to increase your Constitution x points.

setCHA X

Use this command to increase your Carisma x points.

setDEX X

Use this command to increase your Skill x points.

setSTR X

Use this command to increase x points you Strength.

setAge X

Use this command to increase x points you Age.

setWIS X

Use this command to increase your Magic x points.

setINT X

Use this command to increase x points you Inteligencia.

setattackbase X

Use this command to increase your Base Attack x points.

setappearence X

Use this command to increase your Race x points.


Use this command to increase your Willpower


Use this command to increase your Reflections


Use this command to increase your Strength.

comandos de Neverwinter Nights II

Utility Commands

rs ga_global_int (“01_Mineral_New”, “1”)

Redeem this key earns “1” more gold find.

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givespell #

If you want to give a spell you must identify it by its number # to the character.

giveitem (item tag) #

With the activation of this cheat the active player is given an item.

dm_givegold #

By enabling this key the player reaches the desired amount # of gold.

dm_allspells 1

Use this key to have access to all the spells in the game.

rs kr_roster_edit

By means of this command you will be able to open a debugging dialog with an option to open the group list, in order to change the group member at any time.

rs ga_party_limit (6)

Using this key, the number of party members you can have at the same time is increased to 6.

rs gr_dm

Activate this command to spawn a Dungeon Master NPC that will allow you to spawn items, add journal entries, open shops, add or remove party members, and teleport.

rs ga_alignment (-1,1)

If you need to move a point into Chaos, you should use this trick.

polymorph #

Use this trick to turn your controlled character into a different creature.

Ark: Console Commands


With this trick you activate the God mode and you will be invincible.


If you want to ride a horse you must enable this function.


You need to get flying cows you must activate this code.

Commands to modify game functions

rs kr_influence

This command activates a simple influence editor, in the form of a dialog.


Use this trick that allows you to use the camera with better scrolling.

rs ga_time_advance (Hours, Min, Sec, Milli)

This command replaces the hours, minutes, seconds and milliseconds with the time you want to advance.

Commands to modify the appearance

Set Appearance #

If you enable this command to make your character look # specified from the lookup file reference table.

Latest recommendations on the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands

Now that you know all the commands in Neverwinter Nights II you may feel completely ready to go on an epic crusade; however, it never hurts to have some tips to improve your experience.

The first one consists of regulating the use of these tricks. Primarily because excessive use of them can lead to catastrophic failures within the game that prevent you from being able to fully enjoy it.

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On the other hand, some commands will generate a kind of portal in the shape of a blue star within the game , we recommend setting the graphics to a medium level, at least, to be able to view them. If you don’t direct your character to him, you won’t be able to activate the trap.

To finish with the Neverwinter Nights II Console Commands , only remains to invite you to make a backup of your progress frequently to avoid losing your game. That said, we invite you to enjoy an adventure that we are sure you will enjoy to the fullest, especially if you are a lover of one of the largest and longest-lasting game genres in history.

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