Rivals of Aether: Tier List – October 2023 (Complete List)

Video games have the power to bring people together in exciting games where the only objective is to have a different time. Games like Rivals of Aether always remind us that the most important thing is to have fun with friends. But without forgetting the competitive nature, so you will need a Rivals of Aether tier list to start with an advantage.

Before entering the conversation that will allow us to know the level of the Rivals of Aether characters, it is important to know the fundamentals that make this an extraordinary alternative to share with friends.

What is Rivals of Aether?

We can basically describe it as a fighting game where we will have to demonstrate all our abilities and skills by controlling a series of characters that will give us great moments.

Likewise, we will have the possibility of playing these fights in formats of all against all or by teams. Always remembering that the maximum number of players is 4.

On the other hand, we can travel through dynamic scenarios that will always have the odd surprises to improve the fighting experience. For all this, it is important to know the qualities of these characters in order to have a better chance of finding victory.

The structure of the Rivals of Aether tier list

In this order of ideas is where the need arises to have a tier list of this game as a tool where in HDGamers we gave ourselves the task of describing the detail of power and potential of each character.

To do this, we have decided to structure it in two parts. A first where you will meet each hero by levels based on their classification. And we present it as follows:

Tier S

They are the most complete and powerful characters in the game.

Tier A

They are usually great alternatives and will always give you a good chance of winning.

Tier B

Here we find characters with nothing to highlight, for better or for worse. That is, they are the average of the game.

Tier C

In this last level of classification are the worst characters.

Once we know the level of each character, we will proceed to a second stage of the guide where you will be able to know the abilities of each one of them and thus be able to use them correctly in battle.

Rivals of Aether tier list

The Rivals of Aether tier list

Next, in this first segment of our guide we will teach you the level of each character.

Tier S

  • Forsburn
  • Maypul.
  • Sylvanos.

Tier A

  • Zetterburn.
  • Wrastor.
  • Clairen.
  • Ranno

Tier B

  • Kragg.
  • Etalus.
  • Absa.

Tier C

  • Shovel Knight.
  • Elliana.
  • Orcane.

Rivals of Aether tier list: Meeting the characters

In this segment of our guide we will introduce you to the abilities of each character.


Elemental powers

  • Smoke Screen.
  • Decoy.
  • Consume / Combust.


Elemental powers

  • Watcher’s Mark.
  • Wrapped Up.
  • Sling Shot.


Elemental powers

  • Untamed Growth.
  • Burrow.
  • Vine Pin.


Elemental powers

  • Burn Damage.
  • Wild Fire.
  • Fire Amp.


Elemental powers

  • Winged Flight.
  • Wind Current.
  • Aerial Ace.


Elemental powers

  • Ionized Tip.
  • Plasma Echo.
  • Energy Field.


Elemental powers

  • Poison Stacks.
  • Toxic Trap.
  • Poison Spin.


Elemental powers

  • Rock Hurl.
  • Defense Ball.
  • Earth Pillar.


Elemental powers

  • Home Ice Advantage.
  • Armored Up.
  • Avalanche.


Elemental powers

  • Cloud Control.
  • Thunder Bolt.
  • Condensed Storm.

Shovel Knight

Elemental powers

  • Treasure Hunter.
  • Relics And Armor.
  • Shovel Drop.


Elemental powers

  • Overheat.
  • Letting Off Steam.
  • Abandon Ship.


Elemental powers

  • Puddle Teleportation.
  • Bubble Evaporation.
  • Water Amp.

Latest recommendations

To finish with our guide, we decided to leave some recommendations so you can get the most out of this incredible game.

The first one is that the order of the powers that we have described in the second part corresponds to the level of each one of them. That is, it goes from the strongest to the one that generates the least damage to your rival.

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We hope you have enjoyed this post and that you found the information you were looking for. If you think that we should update any information about Rivals of Aether Tier List or that we have made a mistake, do not hesitate to write to us!

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